ECIS 2016 Poster Contributes

Index Author Title
P1.1 Campbell Richard Rich interfacial films formed from aggregates in α-cyclodextrin solutions
P1.2 Reiser Beate Ligand-solvent interaction driven self-assembly of ultrathin gold nanowires
P1.3 Munaò Gianmarco Phase diagrams of Janus dimers
P1.4 Daniele Maddalena Designing peptide-based biomaterials: structure and related properties
P1.5 Bomboi Francesca Re-entrant DNA gels
P1.6 Fernández Mariana Morphological changes in gemini surfactant´s self-assembly induced by coordination with metallic salts
P1.7 Koitani Sachi Anomalous formation of the rectangular phase by the GmBOnGm-type triblock copolymer
P1.8 Szczęch Marta Synthesis of polyplexes as nanocarriers for plasmid DNA delivery systems
P1.9 Carducci Federica SAXS Analysis of Stability and Anisotropic Properties of G/GMP Hydrogels
P1.10 Zumpano Rosacelste Self-Assembly of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfates
P1.11 Nouhi Shirin Fixing colloidal particles at solid/liquid interfaces using Moringa oleifera seed protein as ‘glue’
P1.12 Kaczmarek Daria Controlling Non-equilibrium Aggregation of Polyelectrolyte Complexes
P1.13 Ali Abdullah Mucoadhesion - A Prerequisite or a Constraint in Nasal Drug Delivery?
P1.14 Ben Abdelkader Maroua Synthesis and emulsifier properties of a new bio-sourced surfactant based on isosorbide
P1.15 Baâzaoui Mondher Surface-active properties of cationic and neutral amphiphilic beta-cyclodextrins substituted with one or seven alkylamino chains
P1.16 Nakagawa Yasuharu The effect of solvent on the hydrogel composed of a hydrogenated lecithin and fatty alcohol
P1.17 Yalcinkaya Hacer Formation and stability control of well-defined vesicles and their fixation by polymerization
P1.18 Cardelli Chiara Universal criteria for designability of heteropolymers
P1.19 In Martin Pre-transitional structuration of aqueous solutions of ionic liquid based catanionics
P1.20 Wlodek Magdalena Effect of surface properties of the cushion material on supported lipid bilayer formation
P1.21 Xiao Zi-Bing Solubilization effects of a novel hydrotropic agent on perfluorooctane sulfonate salts with high Krafft points
P1.22 Portnaya Irina Mixed kappa/beta caseins associates as a model to Milk casein micelle
P1.23 Segal Merav Enzyme-responsive nanocarriers with tunable release rates
P1.24 Tojinbara Toru Interfacial properties of cationic lysine-based surfactants
P1.25 Mani Ethayaraja Self-assembly of oppositely charged patchy and isotropic colloids binary mixture
P1.26 Oliviero Rossi Cesare Effect of Asphaltene Structure on Association and Aggregation with oleic acid using Molecular Dynamics
P1.27 Pons Ramon Chiral Cyclobutane β-Amino Acid-Based Amphiphiles: Influence of cis/trans Stereochemistry on Condensed Phase and Monolayer Structure.
P1.28 Suchá Lucie Dissipative particle dynamics study of the amphiphilic functionalized polymer dendrimers and their interactions with the linear block copolymers in dilute solutions
P1.29 Prado Enora Control of peptide nanotube diameter by the condensation of acid-basic molecule
P1.30 Månsson Linda Synthesising thermoresponsive colloidal molecules
P1.31 Sakai Hideki Preparation of Novel Oil-in-Oil Emulsions Stabilized by Ion Complexes
P1.32 Ogura Taku Phase Behavior, Hydration, and Self‐assembled Structures of Aqueous Alcohol Ethoxylate and Methyl Ester Ethoxylate
P1.33 Suzuki Taiki Development of a novel amphiphilic lophine dimer
P1.34 Jurásek Miroslav Self-Assembly of Rod-Like Patchy Particles
P1.35 Jidheden Claes Single microgels in core/shell equilibrium: A novel method for limited volume studies
P1.36 Giustini Mauro Anthracyclines gels: chemical structure and functional behaviour
P1.37 Girard Luc Model for phase equilibria in micellar solutions of non-ionic surfactants in the presence of polyoxometalates
P1.38 Iimura Ken-ichi Control of self-assembly in Langmuir monolayers toward fabrication of template surfaces for vertically grown structures
P1.39 Kalaycioglu Gokce Dicle Preparation of Self-Assembled Colloidal Microcapsules by Using Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
P1.40 Yamada Taihei Control of molecular disassembly of amphiphiles with lipophilic ion pair by electrostatic repulsion in non-polar solvents
P1.41 Jones Elizabeth Cationic diblock copolymer spheres as model templates for the production of hollow silica nanoparticles
P1.42 Ghosh Udita Uday Effect of electric field on crack formation in colloidal films
P1.43 Molchanov Viacheslav Growth and branching of cylindrical flexible micelles of ionic surfactant tuned by salts
P1.44 El Achouri Mohammed Interaction of an anionic azo-dyes with mono and gemini cationic surfactants in the series of ammonium bromides
P1.45 Guo Yong Reversible encapsulation of large colloids by oppositely charged small colloids
P1.46 Emelyanova Kseniia Bilayer perforations and self-assembly of spatial networks in solutions of ionic surfactants
P1.47 Sakamoto Kazutami Micro-Calorimetric Study on the Structural Transition in Micellar Solution Phase
P1.48 Wang Dongsheng Red-light-responsive Supramolecules based on Host-guest Interaction between Tetra-ortho-methoxy-substituted Azobenzene and β-cyclodextrin: Design and Application
P1.49 Mańko Diana Adsorption and aggregation activity of sodium dodecylsulfate and rhamnolipid mixture
P1.50 Roger Kevin Controlling water evaporation through self-assembly
P1.51 Buzhor Marina Spectrally active smart micellar nanocarriers
P1.52 Ronti Michela Low-temperature behavior of the dipolar hard sphere fluid
P1.53 Szabelski Paweł Theoretical modeling of the surface-confined self-assembly of functional molecules with directional interactions
P1.54 Medoš Žiga Micellization of long-chain carboxylates in aqueous solutions
P1.55 Wu Cheng Self-organization of rod-like viruses induced by multivalent counterions
P1.56 Stoyanov Stefan Aggregation onset and adsorption layer properties of T2-C8: pH dependancy
P1.57 Stoyanov Stefan Four-antennary oligoglycines and their potential as capturing agents for lipopolysaccharides in aqueous media
P1.58 Vanin Aleksandr Self-organization phenomena and phase behaviour of aqueous and aqueous - salt solutions containing dialkylimidazolium ionic liquids with halide or amino acid anions
P1.59 Dordovic Vladimir Temoresponsive characterization of nanoparticles of polyoxazolines with cobalt bis(dicarbollide) anion
P1.60 Mirgorodskaya Alla Supramolecular systems for enhancing solubility of new arylquinolinones in aqueous solution
P1.61 Mirgorodskaya Alla The solubilization of hydrotropic additives in micellar solutions of cationic surfactants
P1.62 Borowko Malgorzata Self-assembly of hairy disks in two-dimensional films - effects of ligand mobility
P1.63 Totland Christian The co-adsorption of alcohol and surfactants on mineral surfaces: Adsorption sites and aggregate structures
P1.64 Unsal Hande Design of bottlebrush copolymer based micelles for drug delivery applications
P1.65 Sebastiani Federica Alkylglycoside surfactants with oligomeric head-groups: investigation of self-aggregation and its implications for future applications
P1.66 Radavidson Harisoa Design and mechanical characterization of a plant primary cell wall analogue : cellulose/xyloglucan multilayered capsules
P1.67 Di Meo Chiara Self-assembling polysaccharide-based nanohydrogels for drug delivery applications
P1.68 Cunningham Victoria Synthesis, characterisation and Pickering emulsifier performance of poly(stearyl methacrylate)-poly(N-2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl pyrrolidone) diblock copolymer nano-objects via RAFT dispersion polymerisation in n-dodecane
P1.69 Cunningham Victoria Poly(glycerol monomethacrylate)-poly(benzyl methacrylate) diblock copolymer nanoparticles via RAFT emulsion polymerisation: synthesis, characterisation and interfacial activity
P1.70 Carstensen Hauke Self-assembly in a colloidal system with tunable magnetic interactions
P1.71 Kutz Anne Improving Photocatalytic Activity through Electrostatic Self-Assembly: Polyelectrolyte Assemblies for Light Energy Conversion
P1.72 Rogier Faranaaz Colloidal particels at an oil/water interface with an external electric field
P1.73 van Oostrum Peter Biomimetic folding particle chains
P1.74 Kanie Kiyoshi Organic-inorganic hybrid dendrimer with a CdS nano-core: The liquid-crystalline structure-dependent photoluminescence behavior
P1.75 Andreozzi Patrizia Supramolecular nanoparticles based on phosphate polyamine interactions for the encapsulation of anti cancer drugs
P1.76 Rault Damien Peptide nanotube self-assembly in presence of charged surfactant
P1.77 Meszaros Robert Effect of the charge regulation behavior and chemistry of polyelectrolytes on their nonequilibrium complexation with oppositely charged surfactants
P1.78 Chauhan Vinay Carbonate based Nonionic Surfactants for Smart Cleaning of Works of Art
P1.79 Xing Zhongyang Micro-rheology in DNA Hydrogels
P1.80 Rzysko Wojciech Phase behavior of decorated soft disks in thin films
P1.81 Honold Tobias Plasmonic Honeycomb Structures through Self-Assembly
P1.82 León Chaves Marta Synthesis of dimeric surfactants derived from bile salts for preparation of dye sensitizers for solar cells
P1.83 Yoneda Juliana Self-Assembly of Detergent-Solubilized Na,K-ATPase
P1.84 Banik Meneka Confinement induced self assembly and transfer of ordered colloidal particle array
P1.85 Ramos M. Luísa Nanostructuring 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonate and trivalent metal ions in the presence of surfactants for optoelectronics and sensing
P1.86 Prochaska Krystyna Study of interfacial properties of two-component DPPC – silsesquioxane nanoparticles Langmuir monolayers
P2.1 Moehwald Helmuth A high throughput method to determine the selectivity of ion phase transfer in multi-component chemical systems: towards predictive modelling of extraction
P2.2 Samec Zdeněk Kinetics and molecular mechanism of ion transfer across the water-organic solvent interface
P2.3 Li Chunxiang Modification of Sodium Lignosulfonate Acid Using Polyethers into Surfactants
P2.4 Redeker Christian Surface-confined structure and interactions of lipopolysaccharide layers
P2.5 Kurihara Yuya Molecular Simulation of Oxygen Permeation Properties through Ionomer on Pt Surface
P2.6 Michna Aneta Revealing the formation and stability of fluorescently-labeled poly(ethylene imine) monolayers on mica via DLS and electrokinetic methods
P2.7 Mileva Elena Interfacial Layer Properties of Nonionic/Cationic Surfactants Mixtures
P2.8 Liascukiene Irma Bubble stabilization by particles: a microfluidic study
P2.9 Rymaruk Matthew Bespoke contrast-matched diblock copolymer nanoparticles enable the rational design of highly transparent Pickering double emulsions
P2.10 Ugur Saziye Study of Film Formation From PS Latex/AgNPs Composites Via Fluorescence Technique
P2.11 Juhasz Adam Kinetics and thermodynamics characterization of the interactions between kynurenic acid and human glutamate receptor fragments by surface plasmon resonance studies
P2.12 Mańko Diana The comparison of adsorption properties of biosurfactant with classical anionic surfactant mixtures and biosurfactant with non-ionic ones
P2.13 Angeloni Livia Oxidation plasma treatment of fluorocarbon ultrathin films for cardiovascular applications
P2.14 Ferrari Michele Amphiphobic coatings for protection in marine environment
P2.15 Nakahara Hiromichi Binary interactions of a tetrazine derivative with biomembrane constituents at the air-water interface
P2.16 Ramanavicius Arunas Conducting polymers in the design of glucose biosensors
P2.17 Narkiewicz-Michalek Jolanta An influence of α-tocopherol on physicochemical properties of CTAB solutions
P2.18 James Emily The effects of interfacial shear elasticity on droplet spreading dynamics
P2.19 Capocefalo Angela Biomimetic giant vesicles electroformation: biophysical evidences
P2.20 Krasowska Marta Precursor Films from Ionic Liquids
P2.21 Bonomo Matteo Ex-situ analysis of the electrochemical interface NiOx/organic electrolyte with XPS under different
P2.22 Rinaldi Federica The effect of chitosan on the thermodynamic properties of mixed Chol/SPAN-Tween20 monolayers
P2.23 Rinaldi Federica Properties of nanoemulsions and potential applications as nanodelivery systems
P2.24 Pham Quoc Dat Molecular dynamics and barrier property of stratum corneum in the presence of different molecules named as penetration enhancers
P2.25 Boström Mathias The influence of gas and ions on melting of ice within porous materials
P2.26 Shlyapov Rustam The selective adsorption of collectors’ mixtures on Py-Cu-Pb-Zn ore
P2.27 Arjmandi-Tash Omid Blood droplet spreading/imbibition over porous substrates: complete and partial wetting
P2.28 Eslava Valeria Effect on the surface tension of bovine serum albumin in the presence of water soluble resorcin[4]arenes
P2.29 Shkirskaya Svetlana Electrotransport phenomena and hydration effects of nanocomposites based on Nafion membrane and silica
P2.30 Lee Yuh-Lang Preparation of mixed Langmuir-Blodgett films of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/octadecylamine/glucose-oxidase for glucose sensing applications
P2.31 Homs Maria A novel approach to obtain O/W nano-emulsions at constant temperature by a low-energy method without phase inversion
P2.32 Eriksson Emma Effects of Ubiquinone-10 (Q10) in lipid membranes
P2.33 Sikora Elzbieta Study of emulsification properties of rapeseed oil alcoholysis products
P2.34 Hussein Sheik Abdulkadir Fluid transport in free liquid films
P2.35 Werner Arthur Synthesis of surfactant free nanolatex using Cellulose Nanocrystals as Pickering particles template
P2.36 Chen Chieh-Wen Surface treatment on polyimide by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet for electroless copper plating
P2.37 Ahmed Gulraiz Equilibrium of Droplets on Deformable Substrate: Influence of Surface Forces and Surface Deformation
P2.38 Guzmán Eduardo Emulsions containing essential oils: eco-friendly aqueous formulations of potential biopesticides for insect pest control
P2.39 Benková Zuzana Wetting behavior of PEO-grafted silica surface in presence of free homopolymers
P2.40 Kairaliyeva Talmira The principles of obtaining of micro- and nanocapsules based on Pickering emulsions
P2.41 Saker Salima Use of the electrochemical impedance in the study of the inhibition corrosion of the carbone steel
P2.42 Tokarczyk Karolina Combining surface plasmon resonance and quartz crystal microbalance to determine hydration of protein monolayers
P2.43 Philippova Olga Perfluorocarbon emulsions for dual-modal magnetic resonance imaging
P2.44 Kafle Ananda Study on the Phase Behavior of Phospholipids in the Presence and Absence of Phytosterols
P2.45 Botin Denis Electro-kinetic experiments with an improved integral super-heterodyne laser Doppler velocimetry
P2.46 Breitenbach Jan Drop impact on hot surfaces: Effect of surface morphology
P2.47 Kovalchuk Nina Effect of soluble surfactants of kinetics of liquid bridges and formation of satellite droplets
P2.48 Kovalchuk Nina Wetting properties and kinetics of spreading of surfactant solutions
P2.49 Aochi Joji Molecular dynamics study on effects of surface interaction on inomer thin film properties: morphological and proton transport properties
P2.50 Schuster Fabian The design of inkjet inks suitable for the manufacturing of foamed polyurethane materials
P2.51 Khomutov Gennady Langmuir monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films of functional amphiphilic amines and their interfacial complexes with colloid nanoparticles and polyelectrolytes
P2.52 Orczyk Marta The influence of steroidal and triterpenoid saponins on an outer leaflet model of human erythrocytes membrane
P2.53 Derzsi Ladislav Glassy flows in microchannels with structured rough surface
P2.54 Vereecke Guy Kinetics of chemical etching in nano-confined volumes
P2.55 Al-Alwani Ammar Features of InSb QDs-arachidic acid monolayers formation
P2.56 Al-Alwani Ammar Formation of CdSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots with 4’-n-octyl-4-p-cyanobiphenyl Langmuir films at elevated temperatures
P2.57 Koroleva Marina Modelling of Pickering emulsion stabilization
P2.58 Koroleva Marina Nanoemulsion stability and degradation
P2.59 Butkhuzi Tinatin Study of the influence of ionic additives on the water structure confined in AOT and Brij-30 reverse micelles
P2.60 Fischer Steffen B Stress development during drying of particulate films made from capillary suspensions
P2.61 Filippi Daniele Deviation of viscous drops at chemical step
P2.62 Joseph Cécile Pickering emulsions stabilized by solid vegetal particles
P2.63 Auernhammer Günter K. Dynamic receding contact angles: SPH simulations vs. experiments
P2.64 Santini Eva Correlation between the emulsions and foams stability and the drop/bubble coalescence.
P2.65 Shinkarenko Oksana Influence of naphthalene on the arachidic acid monolayers formation
P2.66 Shinkarenko Oksana The influence of the number of hydrogen atoms attached to naphthalene molecules on the potential barrier height
P2.67 Muller François Food Grade Monoglyceride-Based Cubosomes In The Presence Of Laponite Investigated By Means Of Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy
P2.68 Hofmann Matthias The role of surface viscosity in the escape mechanism of the stenus beetle
P2.69 Iwamatsu Masao Line tension and morphology of a droplet placed on a spherical substrate and in a spherical cavity
P2.70 Montis Costanza Trapping Vesicles with Microfluidics: probing interactions of lipid membranes with nanosystems
P2.71 Come Benedetta Interactions of amino acid-based surfactants with cell membranes: a study using GUV model
P2.72 Dalstein Laetitia Molecular structure in thin wetting films studied by linear and non-linear vibrational spectroscopy techniques.
P2.73 Emelyanenko Kirill The wetting behavior of hydrocarbon liquids on water with accounting for water solubility
P2.74 Bhagavathi Kandy Sharu Microstructure development and rheological characteristics of highly concentrated emulsion during emulsification
P2.75 Kononenko Natalia Modified perfluorinated sulfocationic membranes: properties vs structure
P2.76 Zhao Yani The denaturation of knotted proteins at air-water interfaces
P2.77 Oka Kohei Permeation of substances into the stratum corneum model membrane on an ATR prism for FTIR analysis
P2.78 K Vasantham Shreyas Critical casimir forces between polymer surfaces
P2.79 Oikonomou Evdokia Investigation of cellulose nanocrystal - surfactant vesicle interactions for textile applications
P2.80 Schmitt Michael Contact angle measurement and statistical contact angle analyses
P2.81 Raudino Martina Removal mechanism of polymeric films with nanostructured fluids: effect of polymer molecular weight and polydispersity
P2.82 Alison Lauriane Long-term stable emulsions prepared from electrostatically chitosan-modified silica nanoparticles
P2.83 Alison Lauriane Network formation in chitosan-modified silica suspensions relevant for emulsion stability
P2.84 Tummino Andrea Spread films of human serum albumin at the air−water interface: optimization, morphology and durability
P2.85 Tummino Andrea Polyelectrolyte/surfactant films spread from neutral aggregates
P2.86 Kang Ho-Cheol Properties and synthesis of alkyl dicarboxylic acid derivatives for lubricants
P2.87 Pozharov Mikhail Effect of glycine additives on mesomorphism of sodium dodecylsulfate aqueous solutions
P2.88 Wnętrzak Anita The effect of antimalaral drug – cyclosporin A on model biological membranes
P2.89 Braunschweig Björn Molecular self-assembly and indentation of octadecylphosphonic acid monolayers on aluminium oxide surfaces
P2.90 Patrykiejew Andrzej Wetting of non-additive symmetrical mixtures on a wall
P2.91 Mitsou Evgenia Development and in vitro evaluation of water-in-oil microemulsions for the intestinal delivery of hydroxytyrosol
P2.92 Cooperstein Ido 3D printing of oil-in-water emulsions for conductive objects
P2.93 Filippov Anatoly Novel nanocomposites MF-4SC/halloysite/Pt (Fe) and new method of membrane characterization
P2.94 Filippov Anatoly Negative retention of dyes in aqueous alcohol mixtures by nanofiltration membranes on the base of PTMSP and PMP
P2.95 Langmaier Jan Ion transfer voltammetry of protonized biguanides at a polarized liquid-liquid interface
P2.96 Chang Fuqiang Self-assembly of colloidal dumbbell particles at the oil-water interface
P2.97 Goibier Lucie Partial coalescence induced by the addition of low molecular weight surfactants in O/W emulsions stabilized by sodium caseinate: the role of interfacial crystallisation
P2.98 Alam Ehsanul Imbibition of water into heat treated polydimethylsiloxane substrates
P2.99 Mangiapia Gaetano KWS-1 high-resolution small-angle neutron scattering instrument
P2.100 Alves Ana Doxorubicin and daunorubicin interplay with lipid monolayers: the importance of lipid composition
P2.101 Mishra Himanshu Hydrogen-bonded Percolation Networks Modulate Hydrophobic interactions
P2.102 Mareček Vladimír Proton transfer across a liquid-liquid interface facilitated by phospholipid interfacial films
P2.103 Amerkhanova Shamshiya The Role of sorption processes of collectors in the enrichment of polymetallic ores
P2.104 Slastanova Anna Centipede and comb co-polymers at air-water interface: interactions with surfactants
P2.105 Tovstun Sergey What makes AOT reverse micelles spherical?
P2.106 Boettcher Sandra Quillaja saponin: An emulsifier unlike common low-molecular weight surfactants
P2.107 Antonello Alice Synergic combination of miniemulsion and solvothermal routes: exploiting unconventional conditions for the synthesis of highly crystalline transition metal ferrites
P2.108 Tseng Wenjea Macroporous Composite Foams from Aqueous Gelcasting of Particle-Stabilized Emulsions
P2.109 Szczes Aleksandra Surface tension behaviour and emulsifying properties of natural surfactants extracted from Sapindus mukorossi and Sapindus trifoliatus pericarp
P2.110 Jarek Ewelina Influence of synthetic polymers (vinyl and acrylic resins) used in conservation of mural painting on physicochemical properties of paint layers.
P2.111 Ungarato Rafael The use of low field NMR to evaluate rocks wettability for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
P2.112 Lebedeva Tatiana Disjoining pressure in a small droplet on a charged or neutral particle in the frameworks of the gradient DFT
P2.113 Semenov Sergey Numerical simulations of a 2D dispersed system of droplets and bubbles
P2.114 Yang Kai-Chieh Effect of Particle Size and Surface Hydrophobicity on Critical Pinning Concentration of Coffee-Ring Formation
P2.115 Fameau Anne-Laure Smart Non-Aqueous Foams From Lipid based Oleogel
P2.116 Reggente Melania Conducting Polymers as candidate material for artificial muscles: an EC-AFM study
P2.117 Uali Aitolkyn The active carbons modified by industrial wastes in process of sorption concentration of toxic organic compounds and heavy metals ions
P2.118 Lind Tania Compositional characterization of biosynthetically prepared phospholipids for the development of improved model cell membranes
P2.119 Xenakis Aristotelis Antimicrobial effect of olive oil microemulsions with encapsulated nisin and essential oils: Formulation, structure and efficacy
P2.120 Zozulya Alexey Particle shape transformation in colloidal crystals under sintering conditions
P2.121 Rodriguez Parra Flores Johanna A new unified method to characterize beer foams in terms of foamability, foam stability, drainage and cell structure
P2.122 Loglio Giuseppe Dynamic properties of Span-80 adsorbed layers at paraffin-oil/water interface: capillary pressure experiments under low gravity conditions
P2.123 Snow Tim Interactions between polymer brushes in ionic liquids
P2.124 Riegger Benjamin Biobased and synthetic polymer-nanoparticles as functional materials for wastewater treatment and sensing
P2.125 Glukhovskoy Evgeny Features of formation copper nanoparticles monolayers in a mixture of polyvinylpyrrolidone and arachidic acid
P2.126 Arnaudov Luben A scalable platform for functional nanomaterials via bubble bursting
P2.127 Di Napoli Benedetta Structural characterization of peptides at the air-water interface
P2.128 Aimable Anne Selective modification of inorganic surfaces with fluorinated molecules using a Pickering emulsion template
P2.129 Kleijn Mieke Formation of a coacervate film across the liquid-liquid interface - experiments and self-consistent field modelling
P2.130 Alp Gokce Oil/Water Separation by Using Catanionic Surfactant Mixtures
P2.131 Alp Gokce Adsorption of Nanocarriers to Pulmonary Mucus Membrane
P2.132 Sthoer Adrien A vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy study of ion specific interactions between monovalent ions and fatty acid Langmuir monolayer
P2.133 Issayeva Asem Study of Insulin delivery systems by use of water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion technique
P2.134 Issayeva Asem Adsorption of triclosan and its harmful by-products by activated carbon
P2.135 Hill Christopher Properties and colloid science of fire-fighting foams
P2.136 Patel Ashok Preparation and characterization of novel gel-in-oil-in-gel type structured emulsions
P2.137 Bohinc Klemen Colloid Adsorption at Charged Surfaces
P2.138 Truzzolillo Domenico Structure and rheology of particles with tunable charge density at the air-water interface
P2.139 Santos Silva Pedro Oscillating membrane emulsification for controlled droplet production
P2.140 Kim Yong-Jin Oil-water emulsion separation via an electro-coagulated hydrocylone
P2.141 Prochaska Krystyna Study of two component monolayers formed by polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes and carbon nanotubes at the air water interface and thin films on the solid substrate
P3.1 Avvisati Guido Novel route to colloidal photonic crystals via complex building blocks
P3.2 Gisin Joshua Synthesis of micron-sized, highly crosslinked polystyrene particles via dispersion polymerization
P3.3 Costa Carolina Pulp Dissolution and Stability in Alkali-Based Solvents
P3.4 Buttinoni Ivo Colloidal monolayers under steady and oscillatory shear at the liquid-liquid interface
P3.5 Cao Tianchi Aggregation of colloidal particles in the presence of multivalent coions: the inverse Schulze−Hardy rule
P3.6 Chiappisi Leonardo Cononsurfactancy: a new phenomenon in colloid science?
P3.7 Farraj Yousef Copper particles formation by self reduction of copper complexes for printing flexible and 3D conductive patterns
P3.8 Garting Tommy Concentrated protein solutions investigated by DLS-based tracer microrheology
P3.9 Elazar Inbar The influence of the health of the cow on milk micelles
P3.10 Rubio Ramón G. Evaporation of nanosuspension droplets
P3.11 Pinheiro Paula SERS-active magnetic sorbents for removal and optical detection of penicillin G
P3.12 Heidt Sabrina Experimental final states in a density matched, polydisperse hard sphere polymer mixture
P3.13 Kobayashi Motoyoshi Initial deposition rate of colloidal silica in unsaturated sand column
P3.14 Kobayashi Motoyoshi Yield stress of the suspension of silica particles with lysozymes
P3.15 Kawamura Ayaka Fabrication of structural color materials from core-shell particles having melanin-like shell layers
P3.16 Ocwieja Magdalena Oxidative dissolution of silver nanoparticles – experimental studies and new theoretical model
P3.17 Kohri Michinari Biomimetic structural color via assembly of melanin-like polydopamine particles
P3.18 Koos Erin Fractal dimensions of capillary force induced particle networks
P3.19 Kosmulski Marek Study of aggregates in dispersions of iron oxides by light scattering and by TEM
P3.20 La Mesa Camillo Polymer Wrapping Around Nano-Particles.
P3.21 Lattuada Marco Deformation of Fractal Clusters under Mixed Shear Flows
P3.22 Lazzari Stefano Growth and agglomeration rates regulate colloid fractal dimension
P3.23 Lim JongChoo Effect of adsorption of fluorinated surfactant on the wetting property of CaCO3 nanoparticles
P3.24 Loosli Frédéric Agglomeration mechanisms and thermodynamic properties of TiO2 nanoparticles interacting with natural organic matter: an isothermal titration calorimetry study
P3.25 Magi Meconi Giulia Adsorption and Desorption Behavior of Ionic and Nonionic Surfactants
P3.26 Malinenko Alla Charge properties and size of small colloids by electroacoustics: a benchmark system for calibration
P3.27 Crassous Jérôme Phase behaviour, dynamics and directed self-assembly of soft repulsive bowl-shaped colloids
P3.28 Mendoza Carlos I. Effective temperatures and the breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation for particle suspensions
P3.29 Thies-Weesie Dominique Synthesis of colloidal rods and (preliminary) stacking experiments
P3.30 Midea Cuccovia Iolanda Interactions of an alkylated antimicrobial peptide, BP100C16, with Phospholipid Vesicles
P3.31 Lin Weifeng Normal and shear forces between surfaces bearing stabilized liposomes
P3.32 Muller François Internally Nanostructured Raspberries
P3.33 Szymula Marta Antioxidant activity of phenolic acids in the nonionic micellar system
P3.34 Narkiewicz-Michalek Jolanta Studies of Arenediazonium Ions Behavior in the Complex Matrix
P3.35 Poggi Giovanna Calcium hydroxide nanoparticles from solvothermal reaction for the deacidification of degraded waterlogged wood
P3.36 Niu Ran A transient amorphous solid formed from low density aqueous charged sphere suspensions
P3.37 Oliviero Rossi Cesare Investigations of Structural and Rheological Properties at high and low temperature of bitumen for warm recycling technology
P3.38 Pavlovic Marko Enhancing colloidal stability of layered double hydroxides by copolymer adsorption
P3.39 Penkavova Vera The effect of surface quality on the flow of aqueous kaolin suspensions
P3.40 Petrov Mikhail Electro-optical research of surface conductivity of colloid particles
P3.41 Petrov Mikhail Diamond nanoparticles in aqueous colloids – a complex study
P3.42 Ramanaviciene Almira Optical sugar sensor based on synthesis of gold nanoparticles
P3.43 Rennie Adrian Mixtures of spherical particles - co-existing crystal and liquid phases
P3.44 Yesil Tolga Acar Electrokinetic properties of polypyrole/Expanded perlite conducting composites
P3.45 Schubert Jonas Physicochemical Identity of Protein-Coated Gold Nanoparticles
P3.46 Strubbe Filip Characterizing generated charged inverse micelles
P3.47 Sun Qiang Robust boundary integral formulation of Debye-Hückel model
P3.48 Takenaka Yoshiko One‐pot synthesis of high‐aspect‐ratio twin gold nanorods
P3.49 Tierno Pietro Colloidal Microworms Propelling via a Cooperative Hydrodynamic Conveyor-Belt
P3.50 Tovstun Sergey An approach to analysis of optical spectra of colloidal quantum dots and their aggregates: taking account of inhomogeneous broadening, blinking, and FRET
P3.51 Visan Aura Diffusio-phoresis of photocatalytic particles under self-generated concentration gradients
P3.52 Werner Marcel Investigation of the osmotic deswelling of polystyrene microgels by polymer addition
P3.53 Wiącek Agnieszka Ewa The electrokinetic behaviour of chitosan-treated TiO2 suspensions
P3.54 Ito Thiago Heiji Hematite Ellipsoids coated with Silica Shell: Phase Behavior and Dynamics
P3.55 Fontana Laura Synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles functionalized with organic dithiols
P3.56 López-García José Juan Ion size effect on electrophoretic mobility of a colloidal particle
P3.57 Lee Yea Ram Novel Hydrophobically Associative Cellulose Nanofibers for Controlled Suspension Rheology of Nanoscale Fluids
P3.58 Palazzo Gerardo Rich-diamond and rich-graphite nanodiamond particles
P3.59 Arroyo Francisco Permittivity of concentrated aqueous colloidal suspensions: the role of water, CO2, added salt, and ions released from the particles
P3.60 Agresti Filippo Colloidal suspensions of goethite (α-FeOOH) nanorods: effect of synthesis parameters on nanorods morphology and optical properties under magnetic field
P3.61 Lebedeva Elena Properties of nanocrystalline cellulose hydrosols
P3.62 Piasecki Wojciech The influence of surface potential on the relaxation time of hydrogen ion adsorption from solution onto oxides
P3.63 Cuomo Francesca Coumarin derivative for sensing application: nucleotides identification by means of micellar system
P3.64 Simionesie Dorin Understanding the aggregation mechanism and stability of asphaltenes
P3.65 Dekker Frans Synthesis of cubic colloids for as model well-defined depletion interactions
P3.66 Botin Denis Quantitative approach to modular micro-swimmer
P3.67 Joshi Darshana Magnetic field assisted assembly of DNA coated colloids
P3.68 Vasudevan Siddarth Dynamics of concentrated core-shell nanoparticle suspensions from confocal differential dynamic microscopy
P3.69 Romio Martina Nano-composites of DNA-wrapped Carbon Nanotubes and TiO2, or SiO2
P3.70 Rouquette Rémi Luminescent platinum complexes-polymer nanoparticles
P3.71 Deen GR Roshan Deen New Stimuli-Responsive Cationic Microgels
P3.72 Santos Silva Pedro Spontaneous emulsification of water in oil at appreciable interfacial tensions
P3.73 Lécolier Eric Study of dispersions of non-spherical colloidal aggregates of boehmite
P4.1 Alves Luís The role of cyclodextrin-tetrabutylammonium interaction on the cellulose dissolution and gelation
P4.2 Asaro Fioretta The structural motif of the low molecular weight organogelator (R)-9-hydroxystearic acid revealed by X-ray synchrotron radiation
P4.3 Backes Sebastian Cononsolvency vs. temperature: volume phase transition of PNIPAM-based microgels in water/ethanol mixtures in bulk and on surfaces
P4.4 Baglioni Michele Nanofluids and chemical hydrogels for the selective removal of overpaintings and undesired graffiti from street art
P4.5 Bartolini Arianna Encapsulation of small molecules by poly(ethylene glycol)-graft-poly(vinyl acetate) unimer micelles
P4.6 Ortega Francisco Microrheology of polymeric gelling systems
P4.7 Kuchina Yuliya Gelling properties of (bio)polyelectrolyte complexes of ionic polysaccharide with gelatin
P4.8 Sato Takaaki Understanding critical behaviour of pNIPAm: Hydration/dehydration, solvent deuterium isotope effects, and cononsolvency
P4.9 Lee Chin-Fen Kinetic effect of Pluronic F108 aqueous solutions on the gel formation
P4.10 Cautela Jacopo Aggregation in wormlike micelles of ternary lecithin, water, sodium deoxycholate systems in organic solvent
P4.11 Krisch Eniko Poly(aspartic acid) hydrogels showing reversible volume change upon redox stimulus
P4.12 Besold Daniel Rational design of Au@PNIPAM core-shell nanoreactors with tunable selectivity for catalysis
P4.13 Schwarz Simona Polyelectrolytes: the Solution Behavior and their Application in papermaking Process
P4.14 Philippova Olga Nanogels of chitosan and hydrophobically modified chitosan
P4.15 Ramsh Roland Fast temperature screening for viscosity determination of thermoresponsive polymers by microfluidic
P4.16 Resta Claudio Photo-responsive PVA based materials: study of their filming and self-assembling properties
P4.17 Gourmel Charlotte Primary structure and composition: tailored thermo-, oxidative and thermo-oxidative responsiveness of polysulfides
P4.18 Lu Hongduo The Asymmetric Restricted Primitive Model of Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids
P4.19 Guidotti Martina A new model to predict efficiency of cleaning systems: HLD parameter
P4.20 Helm Christiane Molecular mechanimsms associated with non- linear growth regimes of polyelectrolyte multilayers
P4.21 Mileva Elena Aqueous Solutions of Hydrophobically Modified Polyacrylic Acids: Polymer Chain’s Length Effect
P4.22 Del Buffa Stefano Physico-chemical characterization and mineralization of gelatin and poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogels
P4.23 Sabattie Elise Influence of compatibility on oligomer partitioning in model adhesives.
P4.24 Dias Rita Synergy of DNA-binding agents and macromolecular crowding on DNA condensation
P4.25 Nöjd Sofi Field-Directed Self-Assembly of Soft Thermo-Responsive Colloids
P4.26 Mazzuca Claudia Hydrogels for paper cleaning: the new entries
P4.27 Kamerlin Natasha Uniaxial deformation of cross-linked gels
P4.28 Tomomatsu Koki Mechanism for Forming Composite Film of Aluminum Salt / Anionic-polymer
P4.29 Filho Cesar Efficient simultaneous removal of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants using a silica aerogel-like material
P4.30 Znamenskaya Yana SAXS study of structure and phase behaviour of pig gastric mucin at different temperatures and hydration levels
P4.31 Smilek Jiri New methods of study of reactivity and barrier properties of biocolloids
P4.32 Czemierska Magdalena Flocculating activity of exopolymer Rs-202 obtained from Rhodococcus rhodochrous
P4.33 Czemierska Magdalena Physico-chemical characterisation of exopolymer from Rhodococcus opacus
P4.34 Kanduc Matej Adsorption of reactants on a PNIPAM polymer
P4.35 Perfetti Marco Poly(vinyl alcohol)-based microgels prepared through salting out: rationalising the aggregation process
P4.36 Stornes Morten Coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulations on the interaction of nanoparticles with weak polyelectrolytes
P4.37 Ramos Estrella The DNA duplex stability: estimation of the energy of hydrogen bonds and reactivity using TATA box as model
P4.38 Pires-Oliveira Rafael Controlling POEGMA aggregates by varying the copolymer architecture
P4.39 Giorgi Rodorico Film-forming gels for the removal of corrosion products from copper-based artifacts
P4.40 Lo Nostro P. Innovative systems for the control of viscosity of polymer dispersions for shale gas applications
P4.41 Locatelli Emanuele Investigating of star - long chain mixtures phase diagram by means of a novel coarse-graining approach
P4.42 Cimmarusti Gabriele Michele Cation dependence of cellulose solution structure in alkaline solvent
P4.43 Kovacevic Davor Interpolyelectrolyte interactions: relationship between formation of polyelectrolyte complexes in solution and polyelectrolyte multilayer build-up
P4.44 Penkavova Vera Optimization of the reaction mixture and validation of the microreactor platform for the stereoselective hydrogenation in presence of ionic liquids
P4.45 Tatini Duccio Physico-chemical properties of green hydraulic fracturing fluids for European shale gas extraction
P4.46 Trybala Anna Wetting Properties of Cosmetic Polymeric Solutions on Hair Tresses
P4.47 Tomsic Matija Investigating Structural and Dynamic Roles of Polymers in Model Levan-Based Biofilm Mixtures
P4.48 Ercioglu Nihan Preparation and Characterization of Hydrogels Containing Biodegradable Materials for Controlled Drug Release
P4.49 O'Neill Thomas Mesoporous colloidal gels for optical applications - synthesis and characterisation
P4.50 Matsushita Alan Effect of Eu(III) chloride on the gelification behavior of poly(acrylic acid)
P4.51 Boire Adeline Droplets-based millifluidic for the establishment of protein-polysaccharide phase diagrams
P4.52 Sarri Filippo Rheology of green gelling agents in fracturing fluid formulations for shale gas exploitation
P4.53 Lehmann Maren Light-induced heating of gold nanoparticle-microgel hybrids
P4.54 Ruiz-Franco José Shearing colloidal gels
P4.55 Yang Jiayi Spherical Nanocomposite Particles Prepared from Mixed Cellulose-Chitosan Solutions
P4.56 Kim Won Kyu Effect of fluctuations on tracer diffusion in networks
P4.57 Pettersson Torbjorn Flexibility of never dried cellulose fibre measured with AFM
P4.58 Venediktova Anastasia In search for enhanced stability of biaxial phase in ternary nematic mixtures of hard axially-symmetric particles
P4.59 Southan Alexander Physically and chemically gelling hydrogel formulations based on poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate and Poloxamer 407
P4.60 Koo Chong Min Organic-inorganic hybrid polysilsesquioxane ionogel electrolyte for energy storage devices
P4.61 Witt Marcus Magnetic PNIPAM microgels: Towards multi responsive materials
P4.62 Gentile Luigi Cellulose Dissolved in Aqueous Tetrabutyl Ammonium Hydroxide
P5.1 Raeisi Ronak Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using an ecofriendly method and cytotoxicity assessment on Huh7 and HFFF2 cell lines
P5.2 Karabanova Lyudmyla Interfacial Interactions in the Nanocomposites Based on Thermosetting Polyurethane and Multi-Walled Carbonanotubes with Surface Functionalization
P5.3 Zemb Thomas What is the origin of efficiency of partially burnt rice husk ash as wide-spectrum water filter?
P5.4 Rima Simonetta Polymer Nanocomposite Materials reinforced with Amyloid Fibrils
P5.5 Lasoń Elwira Formation of stable NLC delivery systems for alpha lipoic acid: physicochemical characteristics and release study investigation
P5.6 Testa Giovanna Y3+ embebbed in polymeric nanoparticles: morphology, dimension and stability of colloidal system
P5.7 Diaconeasa Zorita Novel formulation of liposome-encapsulated anthocyanin
P5.8 Angelico Ruggero Rheological performance and high stability of bitumen modified with surfactant, rubber (SBR/BR) and crumb rubber (CR) additives.
P5.9 Schwarzer Madeleine Anti-Icing and de-icing surfaces based on hairy core-shell particles as building blocks
P5.10 Aitmakhanova Dina Polymer Nanocomposites of Iron Oxides
P5.11 Glukhovskoy Evgeny Thin film nanostructured materials based on mesogenic mix-substituted phthalocyanines
P5.12 Bujanda Herrera Laura Soledad Towards development of functional coatings by the synthesis of TiO2-Fe nanoparticles and its incorporation in a polymeric matrix
P5.13 Tonelli Monica MgO/SiO2 and Portland cement formulations: mutual effects on reaction kinetics and hydration products
P5.14 Zapotoczny Szczepan Thermosensitive Brushes Tethered on Wet Bacterial Cellulose Sheets for Improving Their Swelling-Drying Ability
P5.15 Zapotoczny Szczepan Oil-core nanocapsules stabilized by graft amphiphilic polyelectrolytes
P5.16 Pitzalis Federica Similtaneous immobilisation of Glucose Oxidase and Horseradish Peroxidase on SBA-15 mesoporous silica
P5.17 Sarac Eylul Graphene (oxide) - Metal Composites for Electrochemical and Catalytic Applications
P5.18 Wawrzynczyk Dominika Influence of encapsulation process on the optical properties of up-converting NaYF4 nanoparticles and photosensitizing dyes
P5.19 Trulsson Martin A combined numerical and experimental titration study of mesoporous silica particles.
P5.20 Bober Patrycja Conducting inks: extended polypyrrole nanostructured colloids
P5.21 Iwashita Yasutaka Orientational order of one-patch particles in a quasi-two-dimensional system
P5.22 Di Renzo Francesca Increase of carbonic anhydrase efficiency in amine solutions and using silica matrices as solid supports
P5.23 Korobko Evguenia Rheological Behavior of Composite Structurally Reinforced Materials in a Magnetic Field
P5.24 Korobko Evguenia Rheology of Dielectric Suspentions Based on Modified Dual-Doped Titanium in Oxide Elecrtic Field
P5.25 Mcclements Jake A closer look at the carbon/polymer interface - an AFM study
P5.26 Dzimitrowicz Anna The effect of the discharge gas on the optical properties and morphology of the silver nanoparticles produced with the aid of the atmospheric pressure glow microdischarge generated in contact with a flowing liquid anode
P5.27 Ulku Irem ZnO Photoinitiators in Production of ZnO/Polymer Nanocomposites
P5.28 Bonomo Matteo Comparison of the electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of screen-printed nickel oxide thin films obtained from pastes with different composition
P5.29 Mathonnat Mélody PIC micelles as versatile structuring agents for mesoporous materials: a physico-chemical overview.
P5.30 Pigliacelli Claudia Peptide-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles: effects of peptide halogenation
P5.31 Yazhgur Pavel Hyperuniform materials made with microfluidics
P5.32 Rauh Astrid Influence of the shell-to-core ratio of hard core/soft shell particles at liquid/liquid interfaces
P5.33 Nagel Jürgen Immobilisation of nanoparticles on polymer surfaces via melt processing
P5.34 Harizanova Antoaneta Optical and structural study of Ga and In co-doped ZnO films
P5.35 Lesnichii Vasilii Bifurcation of the dye diffusion coefficient in bulk polymer below the glass transition temperature
P5.36 Sénéchal Vincent Electro-responsive polymer surfaces
P5.37 Ricci Alessandro From material science to biomedicine: heterogeneous functional materials as seen by synchrotron x-ray (sub)micron beam techniques
P5.38 Nguyen Thi My An Large-area two-dimensional colloidal crystals of silica particles of different sizes at the air/water interface
P5.39 Soares Sofia Magnetic hybrid nanoadsorbents for the uptake of pharmaceuticals from water
P5.40 Nakay Emre Degradation of azo-dyes with PEI/Au nanoparticles: influence of the PEI structure and molecular weight
P5.41 Li Shan Contact angle hysteresis of a water droplet on regular pillar-like hydrophilic patterned surfaces
P5.42 Szabo Tamas Catalytic investigation of Pd-graphite oxide nanocomposites
P5.43 Ben Tahar Nourredine Nanotechnology
P5.44 Rugina Dumitrita An alternative diabetic retinopathy therapy: a laser triggered microsystem for controlled release of resveratrol
P5.45 Alp Erdem Solidification of Magnetic Liquid Marbles
P5.46 Schmitt Michael Functional ZnO nanoparticles as photo-initiators
P5.47 Shallcross Laura Investigating the interactions of nanoscale calcium phosphates with polymer additives
P5.48 Ouhajji Samia Multiscale self-assembly of microtubes
P5.49 Fateixa Sara Raman imaging and chemisorption studies of methylene blue dyeing of antimicrobial textile fibres
P5.50 Ichikawa Shuji Spherical porous polymer particles prepared by phase inversion emulsification process
P5.51 Ogura Taku Morphology control of zinc oxide particles in the presence of anionic surfactants
P5.52 Cingolani Alberto Synthesis of macro-porous materials via controlled aggregation of colloidal polymer particles
P5.53 Korkmaz Gulnur Sehnaz SLN versus Vegetable Oils Consist NLC for Drug Delivery Application
P5.54 Kappl Michael Breaking Nano-Spaghetti: Bending and Fracture Tests of Nanofibers
P5.55 Trindade Tito Surface modification of graphene oxide flakes with copper sulfide nanophases aiming at applications in photocatalysis
P5.56 Retamal Marín Rodrigo Renato On-line characterization of micro- and nanostructured materials in Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
P5.57 Schönecker Clarissa Local resolution of the flow field and the slip length of a superhydrophobic surface
P5.58 Unsal Hande Stimuli responsive lipid nanotubes-gel complexes for doxorubicin delivery
P5.59 Pozharov Mikhail Simulation of molecular structure and electrical conductivity of metal phthalocyanines as the basis of the self-assembly monolayers
P5.60 Marschelke Claudia Stimuli-responsive hairy particles for enzymatic catalysis in bulk and at interfaces
P5.61 Marschelke Claudia Hybrid hairy Janus particles as novel building blocks for active surfaces and interfaces
P5.62 Gu Sasa Intrinsic peroxidase-like activity of Pt nanoparticles immobilized in spherical polyelectrolyte brushes
P5.63 Ramanaviciene Almira Electrochemical synthesis of dendritic gold nanostructures for glucose biosensor design
P5.64 López-Lorente Ángela Inmaculada Gold nanostructures for surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopy
P5.65 Bramosanti Marco Ribavirin entrapment into PLGA NPs by a novel microfluidic approach
P5.66 Wilk Kazimiera A. Nano-sized self-assemblies of biocompatible amphiphilic diblock copolymers as nanocarriers for hydrophobic photosensitizers
P5.67 Vinceković Marko Simultaneous encapsulation of biological and chemical agents for plant protection/nutrition
P5.68 Boinovich Ludmila How surfactants affect the wetting of superhydrophobic surfaces
P5.69 Miastkowska Małgorzata The release of perillyl alcohol from the different kind of vehicles
P5.70 Sikora Elzbieta Study of silver nanoparticles release from antibacterial gel formulations
P5.71 Fessi Nidhal Intensification of environmental photodegradation of pollutants by Pickering emulsions
P5.72 Brasili Francesco Aggregation and stability in solution of plasmonic active nano-biocolloids
P5.73 Németh Csaba Nanofibrous polyaspartamide matrices
P5.74 Ruckdeschel Pia Thermal transport of hollow silica sphere and polystyrene-silica core-shell particle colloidal crystals
P5.75 Desideri Alessandro Role of vertical ZnO nanowires on modulating the myogenic differentiation of primary mesongioblast cells
P5.76 Paradossi Gaio Temperature for tuning the surface of hybrid nanogels
P5.77 Sánchez Pedro A. Conformations of a colloidal magnetic filament under flow and external field
P5.78 Montanari Elita Development of pH-responsive hyaluronan-boronate nanocarriers
P5.79 Buratti Elena Preparation of poly(N-isopropylacrilamide) / polyacrylic acid IPN microgels at different composition
P5.80 Vollmer Doris Drops on slippery surfaces
P5.81 Choi Song-Ee A new approach to fabricate colloidal pressure sensors using monodisperse conducting elastomer microparticles
P5.82 Tortolini Cristina Alchol dehydrogenase amperometric biosensor based on a hybrid electropolymerised nanocomposite
P5.83 Frédéric Loosli Magnetic wire microrheology to differentiate viscoelastic liquids from yield stress gels
P5.84 Carlini Laura Thiol-functionalized gold and silver nanoparticles using mixed ligands: a close look at the atomic structure and chemico-physical properties by SR-XPS and SERS
P5.85 Emelyanenko Kirill Nanosecond laser treatment for the design of superhydrophobic coatings with extremely long-ranged freezing delay, robustness to long-term contact with water, corrosion active media, cavitation, and abrasion
P5.86 Witzleben Steffen Strategies to Influence the Crystallization Process of Calcium Silicate Hydrates
P5.87 Vavra Jan Phospholipid coatings of fluorescent nanodiamonds
P5.88 Senchikhin Ivan Synthesis of novel nanocomposites based on silver nanoparticles and epoxy-amine polymers
P5.89 Nutz Fabian Polymer colloidal assemblies: from film formation to order-disorder thermal transport properties
P5.90 Xu XiuMei Elastocapillary self-assembly of silicon nanopillars
P5.91 Roa Rafael Description of catalytic rates in stimuli-responsive nanoreactors
P5.92 Tobishima Kazuya Preparation of SiO2/Au/TiO2 Core-Shell Nanoparticles and Their Photocatalytic Properties
P5.93 Ivanova Tatyana Sol-gel derived ZnO:Y nanostructured films: structural and optical study
P5.94 Desvergne-Bléneau Sandra Disclosing weak phenomena at multiple scales in soft matter using simultaneous SAXS/WAXS laboratory system
P5.95 Salvatore Annalisa Magnetoliposomes for Sequential Controlled Release
P5.96 Barbetta Aurelio Nano-, meso- and macro-swelling characterisation of impregnated compression wood cell walls
P5.97 Coman Cristina BSA and PEG Coated Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles: Characterization, Cellular Uptake and Biocompatibility
P5.98 Ocwieja Magdalena Formation of gold nanoparticle monolayers of controlled structure and electrokinetic properties
P5.99 Wasik Jacek Stress triggered colour-changing elastic materials for motivational dental applications.
P5.100 Lopes Joana In situ growth of silver sulfide nanocrystals onto graphene oxide flakes: synthetic, spectroscopic and photocatalytic studies
P5.101 Yang Jiayi Preparation and Characterization of Bio-Nanocomposite Films with Antibacterial Properties from Mixed Cellulose and Chitosan Solutions
P5.102 Muhammad Aslam Raheema Control of axial symmetry and structure of concentrated spin coated colloidal deposits by external sources
P5.103 Maggi Claudio Active micromotors: efficient Marangoni-driven microgears and self-assemblying Janus micromachines.
P5.104 Endo Takeshi Preparation of self-cleaning AG/AR film with hollow structured layer of titania particles.
P5.105 Biviano Matthew Nano-mechanical characterisation of pea protein shell encapsulates produced via ultrasound
P6.1 Alvarado Guzmán María José Complexation of aromatic surfactants
P6.2 Angelico Ruggero Preparation, physico-chemical characterization and in vitro test of a silybin–phospholipid complex encapsulated into liposomes.
P6.3 Benbow Natalie Exploring the impact of molecular weight of fucoidan polysaccharides on the adsorption of protein to a PEM surface
P6.4 Barbetta Aurelio Composition-dependent equation of state of cellulose based plant tissues
P6.5 Carbone Marilena Cu-Zn and Cu-Zn-Co nanosized mixed oxides for biocide action against Escherichia coli
P6.6 Chronopoulou Laura Injectable peptidic hydrogels for bone tissue repair and regeneration
P6.7 Fasolato Claudia Antifolate functionalizated SERS-active nanovector: from cell targeting to theranostics
P6.8 Fasolato Claudia Surface Enhanced Raman Microimaging Allows for Screening Single Cells With Different Folate Binding Capability
P6.9 Giansanti Luisa Remote loading of voacamine in cationic liposomes
P6.10 Göse Martin Functionalized lipid bilayer on LbL-microcarriers – mimicking a cell for targeted drug delivery
P6.11 Jabłonowska Elżbieta Interactions of lipidic cubic phase nanoparticles with lipid membranes
P6.12 Khomutov Gennady Nanocomposite membraneous vesicles for controlled encapsulation, transport and release
P6.13 Kruk Tomasz Polyelectrolyte films with the „antifouling” properties
P6.14 Yu Shun Thermodynamic analysis of Human Serum Albumin interaction with uremic toxins.
P6.15 Wilk Kazimiera A. Phosphatidylcholine with conjugated linoleic acid in fabrication of custom-designed lipid nanocarriers
P6.16 Lin Tsang-Lang Encapsulation of DNA by cationic and anionic disc-shaped bicelles
P6.17 Lopez-Cabarcos Enrique MicroRNA detection through upconversion emission enhancement between NaYF4:Yb,Er nanoparticles and carbon dots
P6.18 Lopez-Cabarcos Enrique Functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles for specific applications
P6.19 Malmsten Martin Membrane interactions of mesoporous silica nanoparticles as carriers of antimicrobial peptides
P6.20 Mamusa Marianna Liposomal delivery of oligonucleotide therapeutics against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
P6.21 Mallardi Antonia A general approach to the encapsulation of glycoenzymes chains inside calcium alginate gel beads.
P6.22 Molnár Kristóf Poly(amino acid) based nano gel fibers for tissue engineering
P6.23 Moya Sergio Translocation, biological fate, stability and effective dose of engineered NMs
P6.24 Murgia Sergio Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics
P6.25 Kairaliyeva Talmira Waste water treatment by natural sorbents
P6.26 Nazaruk Ewa Lipid-liquid crystalline nanoparticles in drug delivery system
P6.27 Paunov Vesselin Control of the Nanotoxicity of Polymer-Coated Titania Nanoparticles
P6.28 Szlezak Monika Electrochemical study of drug release from hybrid cubic phases
P6.29 Pujol Montserrat Interaction of the E2-GBV-C derived peptide, P6-2-VIR576, with Phosphatidylcholine rich Membranes
P6.30 Rojewska Monika The comparison of absorptivity and wettability of powder and tablets containing mixture of mucoadhesive polymers and Fluconazole as active pharmaceutical ingredient
P6.31 Rojewska Monika Absorptivity and wettability of mucoadhesive polymers containing fluconazole in systems with simulated biological fluids
P6.32 Salvagni Emiliano Novel Antibacterial Peptide Modified Contact Lenses
P6.33 Schwarz Simona Investigation of the adsorption process of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions on chitosan by SEM-EDX analysis
P6.34 Bohinc Klemen Bacterial adhesion on food contact material surfaces
P6.35 Chen Zhijun Near-Infrared-Sensitive Nanomaterials based on Ru Complex-Functionalized Upconverting Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
P6.36 Chevalier Yves Antimicrobial films containing microparticles for the enhancement of long term sustained release
P6.37 Chevalier Yves The parameters influencing the morphology of poly(ε-caprolactone) microspheres and the resulting release of encapsulated drugs
P6.38 Szczepanowicz Krzysztof Encapsulation of curcumin in polyelectrolyte nanocapsules and their neuroprotective activity
P6.39 Szczepanowicz Krzysztof Magnetic nanocapsules for delivery of therapeutic compounds
P6.40 Selivanova Natalia Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Based on Nonionic Surfactants as Media for Encapsulation of Bioactive Molecules
P6.41 Shibata Osamu Interfacial behavior of gemini type perfluorinated surfactants with DPPC at the air-water interface - effect of spacer length
P6.42 Szczes Aleksandra Calcium carbonate formation on mica supported extracellular polymeric substance produced by Rhodococcus rhodochrous
P6.43 Szczęch Marta The polymer-based nanoparticles as neuroprotectants-loaded carriers for brain drug delivery
P6.44 Szilágyi Barnabás Áron Highly thiolated and S-protected poly(aspartic acid) derivatives as in situ gelling ophthalmic drug delivery formulation
P6.45 Tokarczyk Karolina Towards modern drug carriers: physicochemical characterization of protein using simulation and experiment
P6.46 Tsirigotis-Maniecka Marta Double-compartment hydrogel particles for targeted delivery and sustained release of hesperidin
P6.47 Uchman Mariusz Lactic acid and glucose-responsive micelles of poly(ε-caprolactone)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) block copolymers with phenylboronic ester as a sensitive blocks connector
P6.48 Walz Michael Preparation and characterization of modified inulin particles by spray-drying regarding release behaviour and cytotoxicity
P6.49 Wiącek Agnieszka Ewa Chitosan/DPPC coated polymer surfaces activated by air plasma
P6.50 Yang Yu-Min Encapsulation efficiency and release rate of water-soluble drug in ethosome-like catanionic vesicles
P6.51 Zawadzka Monika Lipid-liquid crystalline cubic phase in drug diffusion studies
P6.52 Leopold Loredana Raman approach to monitor the internalisation of peg coated colloidal gold nanoparticles in cells
P6.53 Del Buffa Stefano Phosphate based cross-linking agents for poly(vinyl alcohol): physico-chemical characterization and bio-mineralization
P6.54 Nairi Valentina Mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with hyaluronic acid and chitosan biopolymers. Effect of functionalization on cell internalization
P6.55 Junghans Victoria Hydrodynamic Trapping of Immune Synapse Proteins in Supported Lipid Bilayers
P6.56 Dement'eva Olga New concept of mesoporous nanocontainers synthesis and loading
P6.57 Ratcliffe Liam Inducing an order-order morphological transition via chemical degradation of amphiphilic diblock copolymer nano-objects
P6.58 Soto Tellini Víctor Hugo Synthesis of new bile alcohols in 24 position
P6.59 García-Celma María-José Design of hyaluronic acid hydrogels: Effect of crosslinker concentration on drug release and toxicity
P6.60 Plotniece Aiva Structure-activity relationships of a series of self-assembling compounds on 1,4-dihydropyridine core as delivery agents
P6.61 Zhang Xiaohan Macromolecular HPMA-Based drug delivery system - behavior in protein environment
P6.62 Schellenberger Frank Super Liquid Repellency
P6.63 Domazet Jurašin Darija Dynamic light scattering study of amorphous calcium phosphate formation
P6.64 Dutour Sikirić Maja Influence of structurally different amino acids on calcium phosphate precipitation
P6.65 Dutour Sikirić Maja Comparative study of amorphous phases formation and transformation in calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate precipitation systems
P6.66 Theodoratou Antigoni Structure and Mechanical Properties of Castor Oil Hybrid Films
P6.67 Ercioglu Nihan Controlled Drug Release from Contact Lenses Prepared by Using the Layer-by-Layer Method
P6.68 Del Giudice Alessandra The structural response of albumin to oxidation
P6.69 Sarra Angelo Towards the Study of Exosomal Membrane Phase Transition
P6.70 Ortiz Alba Investigation of the interaction between P6-2-VIR and lipid bilayers by fluorescence techniques
P6.71 Zappacosta Romina Few-layer graphene dispersion in liposomes with antibacterial activity
P6.72 Maeda Seren Effect of external factors on the human skin corneocyte morphology
P6.73 Prasetyanto Eko Adi Hybrid Organosilica for Smart Drug Delivery System
P6.74 Ugolini Andrea New chemical routes to biocompatible gold nanoparticles: a cheap two steps approach.
P6.75 Ugolini Andrea New colloidal frontiers as radiosensiters agents : a smart chemical approach to biocompatible gold and platinum nanoparticles.
P6.76 Chinappi Mauro Electroosmotic flow through an a-hemolysin nanopore