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ECIS 2016 Social Dinner

Enjoy Rome in summertime

People say that “All roads lead to Rome” and that once Rome was “Caput mundi”.  

Nowadays, Rome has been enjoying a cultural and economic rebirth which makes it an amazing destination for those who want to experience its vitality and immerse themselves in history.

Summertime  is the best period to come to Rome and find its “Great Beauty”.

Thanks to the usually  mild  weather, it is possible to walk through the historic city center and the fashionable streets, like Via Borgognona and Via Condotti, stroll around fountains like the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Piazza Navona or Fontana delle Tartarughe in Piazza Mattei, visit the ancient neighborhoods like Trastevere, walk through Via della Conciliazione and admire St. Peter’s Square, heart of Christianity and the lively open-air market in Campo dei Fiori. 

If you would like to discover the calm and the secret tranquility of this fascinating city just go into an ornamental garden in the courtyard of an ancient building in the historic center or walk through an alley in Borgo Pio or in the Jewish Ghetto.

With our tours, you will enter the secret corners and learn about the most fascinating places of the eternal city. Piazza Navona, in downtown, is built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian and a guide leads you to explore its ruins, below the pavement. After visiting the Jewish ghetto, one  of the oldest in the world, you can have dinner in a traditional restaurant and appreciate the architectural complexity of the Roman and medieval  buildings.

There are guided tours even at night! Check them out when available on the website.

For those who wish to enjoy the tranquility and escape from the bustling activity of the city, interesting guided tours are planned to Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este, sublime examples of Roman and Renaissance art, respectively.

Tours can be confirmed only if the minimum number of registrations is reached.

For more information, please contact Symposia at

Symposium honoring Conxita Solans

Thursday, September 8th – 2.00-5.00 pm

Conxita Solans from Barcelona  has during many years been one of the leading scientists in the field of surfactants and dispersions. She has been very active in ECIS, presenting her results at several ECIS conferences, being ECIS President and also organizing one ECIS meeting in Barcelona. Conxita will soon retire and at the occasion of her retirement she is honored by a special symposium.

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