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As a new Amazon seller, getting your business running smoothly can be an overwhelming task. You need to find the best Amazon seller tools to help you fine-tune every aspect of your e-commerce business.

In this guide, I have reviewed and ranked the best free and paid top Amazon seller tools available today in multiple categories and chosen over 100 of the most useful software for you.

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So if you’re not sure which Amazon third party tools you need, this complete list of the best Amazon seller tools will make it uber easy for you to choose the right Amazon seller tools for your online business, whether you’re a beginner or well-established Amazon seller.

Let’s begin. Here are the essentials at a glance:

Amazon Product Research Software

When it comes to product research, there are literally tons of tools out there available to help you find a profitable product. However, you often need to have you own methods for finding those products.

I have listed below a list of the most used product research tools, but if you would like a focused article, you can check my specific article on the 7 best amazon product research tools.

Otherwise, stay here, and let’s begin with this master list:

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Helium 10 Black Box

Without a doubt, Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon FBA seller tools you can use. It brands itself as “The Industry’s First All-in-One Amazon Software” – giving you tools for Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Operations, Analytics, Marketing, and Finance.

As Helium 10’s main niche research tool, Black Box gives you the nitty gritty details when searching for lucrative product selling opportunities.

Instead of manually searching through Amazon listings to get this info, Black Box instantly displays a product’s monthly revenue, how many sellers sell it, and how good its customer reviews are – with just a few clicks of a button. Helium 10’s pricing, if billed annually, ranges from $29 per month (Starter), $84 per month (Platinum), $209 per month (Diamond), and $399 per month (Elite).

If you’re interested in diving deeper, you can read my full Helium 10 review article

ZonGuru Niche Finder

ZonGuru features a pack of tools that cover product research, data insight, email automation, and listing optimization. This all-in-one software features 17 different Amazon marketplace seller tools that make analyzing your Amazon business a quick and easy task.

Its Amazon seller keyword research tool gives you a truckload of useful data, including how much revenue one keyword generates, your monthly search volume, and where to put your best keywords and images to boost sales.

Jungle Scout

Being an all-in-one Amazon seller tool, Jungle Scout has you fully covered from product research to product launch. With its Supplier Database feature, Jungle Scout lets you quickly locate a suitable manufacturer for the product you want to sell.

Jungle Scout gives you accurate data to help you make the best decisions in taking your Amazon FBA business to greater heights. While most Amazon seller tools need you to subscribe right away, but Jungle Scout offers a 7-day free tool trial for those who want to try this seller tool out first.

Jungle Scout’s pricing ranges from $29 per month (Basic), $49 per month (Suite), and $84 per month (Professional).

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With more than 9000 successful Amazon sellers using their software, SellerApp is one of the Amazon best seller tools that truly deserves a spot on our list.

This software brings together Marketing, Sales, and Operations-related tools into one intuitive platform that you can use to boost your Amazon business. By combining product intelligence with insightful analytics, SellerApp gives you precious data to help you make decisions within seconds.

SellerApp’s pricing ranges from $39 per month (Pro Lite) and $79 per month (Professional).


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Branding their software as the complete toolset for selling in Amazon, AMZScout has certainly captured our attention. AMZScout helps you find and track profitable products, calculate Amazon fees, carry out keyword research, and learn keywords with high demand.

You also get access to an Amazon FBA Calculator, as well as PPC tools and features for competitor analysis.


Easily identify high margin products that you can sell on Amazon by using MarketScout. Just upload a spreadsheet that contains your list of ASINs, UPCs, or EANs, and MarketScout generates a report.

This report contains key info, such as fulfillment cost, item rank, number of FBA sellers, unit weight, and margin figures.

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Want to know which products are selling like pancakes on Amazon right now? AmaSuite gives you 5 different tools to use: Top Product Analyzer, Search Analyzer, Keyword Generator, Review Analyzer, and All Inspector. Using these tools, you get to have a broader understanding of how to choose, launch, and promote top-selling products through your Amazon Seller Central account.


IOScout is one of the most popular Amazon seller third party tools used by Amazon FBA sellers to help boost and monitor their sales. Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of their site because it is fully loaded with useful unicornfeatures.

This software gives you access to essential Amazon seller tools for inventory management, product research, Amazon keyword research, calculating FBA fees, building product listings, and more!

Unicorn Smasher

If you are just a beginner Amazon seller, Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon seller account product research tool you might want to check out.

This Amazon seller tool provides real-time information based on a product’s ranking, pricing, reviews, and ratings. What we love about this tool is how the dashboard of this Amazon product research tool looks.


Need a quicker way to search for the best products to sell on Amazon? AMZBase is one of the best Amazon seller tools for helping you decide whether a specific product has the potential to rake in profit.

Once you find a good product to sell, open its Amazon product listing and AMZBase gives you an AliExpress or Alibaba icon for you to check its pricing and fulfillment costs.


Having a tough time deciding which product you want to start selling? AmazeOwl lets you hunt for the perfect item to sell with just a click of a button.

This tool also makes it easy for you to keep a close watch on your competitors, keeping you informed on product cost fluctuations, as well as changes in the keywords and images they use. AmazeOwl offers a free trial for those who are curious about starting an Amazon FBA business.


Not sure if a product you want to sell will be worth the investment? AMZ One lets you view up to 30,000 products in each category – all featured based on the number of sales. This tool also lets you analyze the SEO performance of your online store, check the sales figures of your competitors, get notified about negative reviews, or search keywords that are related to your product.
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Sonar is a continuously updated database of the most popular Amazon product keyword combinations typed in by customers. This database contains customer search queries covering all product categories on Amazon. Their site is extremely user-friendly and requires not much technical know-how.

FBA Wizard Pro

Checking websites for retail arbitrage opportunities to sell can eat up a lot of your time and energy. FBA Wizard Pro is all about showing you winning product opportunities by highlighting the best based on your criteria. This online arbitrage tool automatically searches hundreds of websites for the best products to sell based on categories, ROI, expected margins, and more.
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Unlike other amazon seller tools, Keepa gives you access to detailed price history charts, covering more than 1900 million Amazon products. It informs you about the minimum and maximum prices, as well as the sales rank changes of an Amazon product. Keepa also helps you find the best deals every day, instantly alerting you of recent price drops.

22 Best Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon Pricing Tools

Price is so important to customers in today’s world. We see RepricerExpress as the best Amazon pricing tool on the market. It’s a super-fast and cost-effective tool to help you increase your online sales and profit through competitive pricing.

Sellers can freely customise pricing strategies with basic and advanced rules, set min and max prices to protect margins, bulk import and export filtered searches or templates to apply changes to pricing in a snap.
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2. Helpdesk Software for Ecommerce

eDesk is a comprehensive customer help desk that is totally designed and geared for ecommerce. It provides ecommerce businesses with a powerful platform to help them centralise and manage all their support operations, information, tools, and other capabilities.

3. Amazon Review Software

Feedback is a hot topic with Amazon sellers with Amazon recently introducing its customer dissatisfaction rate metric. Software tools such as FeedbackExpress can help you communicate better with your customers. You can email customer automatically to ask for a positive review. The software will also alert you when you get a negative review allowing you to take action quickly to minimise any disruption to your business.

4. Shipping

ShipWorks downloads orders from your online stores and makes it easy to get them shipped. You can use ShipWorks for custom invoices, pick lists, monthly reports, promotional emails, and all sorts of great stuff that you need to do after you make a sale.

5. Tax

TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy ecommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 7,000 businesses. They were founded to help ecommerce merchants and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love.

6. Payments

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Currencies Direct help online retailers like you to receive money from international marketplaces without having to worry about local bank accounts. Compared to online marketplaces, Currencies Direct clients can save up to 3% of the total sales value on exchange rates.

7. Reviews

AMZFinder assists you in automatically sending feedback and review request emails, managing reviews and orders to improve your store’s credibility and customer ratings on Amazon proactively.

8. Sourcing

Finding the right products to sell on Amazon is a crucial part of a sellers’ ecommerce journey. If you need a helping hand with sourcing, SourceMogul is an online seller tool that automates your search for products. You can either search from hundreds of online retailers or upload your own custom or wholesale lists to quickly find matches that suit your business needs.
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9. Advertising

Facebook is no longer just a place to catch up with your friends and see baby photos, it’s also a great platform for you to advertise your goods and products. As well as having your own business page, you can use adverts to help promote products and drive traffic to your site.

You decide on a budget and choose a target audience based on interest and geographical location. You can even choose to boost a popular post.

10. FBA Refunds

Refunds Manager helps FBA sellers to get money back from Amazon. They can check for refunds when Amazon makes mistakes with customer returns, lost and damaged inventory, overcharged commission fees, overcharged weight & size fees, reimbursement issued but not received and for products lost or damaged on the way to Amazon.

11. Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller App is a free app and a useful tool if you’re looking to do retail arbitrage on Amazon. You can also use to list items, contact Amazon, respond to customers, check current price sales rank and your feedback.

12. Price Scouting

CamelCamelCamel is another useful free tool which monitors the prices of products on Amazon, sales levels and more. You can set-up price and availability alerts and prices are updated continuously from Amazon. It’s also available as a browser add-on called The Camelizer which makes it easy to view the price history of any product sold by our supported retailers.

13. Amazon Advertising

PPC Entourage software lets you put your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads on auto-pilot and crush your competition. It also claims to boost your Amazon sales and profits.

14. Inventory Management Software

Take control of your Amazon inventory, listings & orders with Linnworks’ centralised Amazon Inventory Management tool.

15. Legal

Amazon Sellers Lawyer claim to be the “#1 law firm helping suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back”. They have a fantastic team of people working together in their offices around the world.
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16. Finance

Kabbage provides financing to online sellers when they list products for sale, providing much-needed operating capital for small and medium businesses. The organisation leverages data generated through merchant activity across various marketplaces and channels to understand business performance and craft financing options that meet their needs.

17. Outsourcing

FreeeUp is a virtual assistant service that specialises in the ecommerce sector. The company based in the US offers virtual assistant services to customers all over the world. Meet affordable virtual assistants, freelance specialists, and boutique agencies to help grow your business within one business day.

18. Competitor Research

Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of tools to help Amazon sellers with new product development, keyword listing and listing optimisation.  It’s one of the most popular Amazon competitor research tools on the market. Find and track high-volume keywords, outrank your competitors and automate your emails.

19. Amazon PPC

SellerApp equips private label sellers and brands with advanced PPC tools and an optimisation strategy focussed on building a strong foundation that aims to ensure long-term profitability and sales of your brand(s) on Amazon.

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20. Wholesale

FBA Fox is a wholesale distribution platform for Amazon sellers. With a catalogue of 500,000 items, they enable you to supply your inventory. They can even ship straight to your Seller Central Account.

21. Tax

Taxomate is an automated cloud service used by Amazon sellers to import their Amazon sales and fee transactions and to post summarized transactions to Xero or QuickBooks accounting systems.

22. Marketing and Advertising

Profit Whales is a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands. They help brands scale by combining their Amazon expertise with world-class marketing practices. Services include Amazon advertising, Amazon DSP, social media ads, Google ads, SEO optimization, PR, listing optimization and content creation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, what software you choose will depend on what stage of your Amazon seller development you are at and what budget you have for Amaon seller tools. For many sellers, repricing software is a must-have tool due to the hours it saves and the rewards it reaps.

If you want to win more Buy Box and keep your prices competitive 24/7, check out Repricer, Amazon repricing software. Free for 15 days, no credit card required.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Amazon Seller Tools?

Starting your very own Amazon FBA business for the first time can be overwhelming. Amazon seller tools are meant to help you hit the ground running, giving you an easier time taking on product research, keyword research, marketing, or inventory management processes.

2. What are The Best Software Tools For Amazon Sellers?

There are countless third party software tools available today, and each one has its own specialty in helping you succeed as an Amazon seller. So far, the most comprehensive software for Amazon FBA sellers is Helium 10, as it offers 30 different tools for helping you manage your business.

3. What Tools Do I Need for Amazon FBA?

If you are just starting out on Amazon as a seller, the most noteworthy tools you might want to try out are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Sellics, SellerApp, and AMZScout.

4. Which Tool Is Used For Wholesale FBA?

Some of the best Amazon seller tools for finding wholesale products to sell are Helium 10, AMZBase, IO Scout, AMZScout, SellerApp, Jungle Scout, and ZonGuru.

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