SellerApp Reviews 2022

This software brings together Marketing, Sales, and Operations-related tools into one intuitive platform that you can use to boost your Amazon business. By combining product intelligence with insightful analytics, SellerApp gives you precious data to help you make decisions within seconds.

What is SellerApp?


You are reading: SellerApp Reviews 2022

SellerApp is an AI-powered e-Commerce Intelligence platform that helps sellers and retailers maximize their potential on the biggest global marketplace – Amazon. Founded in 2017, SellerApp uses next-gen optimization and ML models to help businesses drive profitability in a simple SaaS interface.

We combine data intelligence, automation, and an expert team to help your business grow. We are committed to leveraging our powerful algorithms, marketing tools, resources, and expertise to deliver the best-in-class marketing solutions to sellers everywhere. This robust platform has helped businesses reach a monthly target of a 75% increase in revenue, with an incremental lift in overall ROI. The company ensures deliveries across the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, ANZ, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Benefits of SellerApp:


You are reading: SellerApp Reviews 2022

SellerApp empowers Amazon sellers to realize their full potential in the Amazon marketplace.

With the SellerApp dashboard, you can check up on your account health in one quick snapshot that gives you information on your customers, their behavior, and tendencies as well as patterns and trends. You can take a deeper dive into everything that is happening with your Amazon business with the help of all the other individual tools we have on offer. They will help you determine your sales and revenue potential and explore and make the best use of all the scaling opportunities that come your way.

You can also conduct in-depth competitor research and measure your performance in the Amazon marketplace against theirs. Leverage SellerApp’s tracking tools to see what your competitors are up to, the keywords they are using (Reverse ASIN), the profitability of their campaigns, and more.

You can not only optimize your own backend keywords but also uncover the backend keywords competitors are using as well as those that they should be using but aren’t. This can help you fill a gap while and improve the relevancy of your keywords.

SellerApp Features:

Product Research

Product Tracker

Product Ideas

Product Intelligence

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Ad optimizer PPC

Analyzer Amazon




Analysis and Intelligence

Listing Optimization

Business Alerts – BSR, Price, Buy Box, Inventory levels, Hijackeretc

Business Reports

Sales Dashboard

Chrome Plugin

24*7 Customer Support

Keyword Tracker

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Keyword Research

Product Keyword Optimization

Reverse ASIN

Amazon MWS Connect

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Consultation

Page View/Session Matrix

Amazon PPC Rules

Product Opportunity Score

What problems can SellerApp solve?

Reduce the hassle of finding winning products for your next Amazon product launch

Dig deep into Amazon data and find the top Amazon products chosen with the best-prefiltered metrics. Easily discover products that meet the criteria in your Amazon product research checklist with just a few clicks. Use our proprietary Opportunity Score that is assigned to each individual product to find the best one in terms of six crucial product metrics – demand, competition, profit margins, revenue potential, overhead costs, and PIS (product innovation scope) index.

Automate and optimize ads with the most advanced PPC tools

Leverage rule-based algorithmic bidding and optimize your ad campaigns based on your business goals. Use negative keyword optimization, Reverse ASIN, and backend optimization to reach your best target audience. You can now attain your desired ROI with SellerApp’s machine learning engine that allows you to set a maximum acceptable ACoS based on your campaign goal. This ensures that you don’t overspend and bleed your ad budget dry.

Get yourself to rank on page 1 of Amazon SERPs

Create enticing product listings with the help of actionable insights and detailed recommendations. Improve each metric that is crucial to the A9 algorithm standards, monitor your off-page keyword strength, and measure its SEO effectiveness with our listing quality checker. Compare your product listings against the competition to identify their strategies and set up LQI alerts to get notified whenever there is a change in a product’s listing quality so that you’re always on track and don’t miss out on anything important.

Find the best keywords for your Amazon business with advanced Keyword Research

Leverage our easy-to-use dashboard to find high-volume and low competition keywords to boost your product sales. Optimize your product listing for Amazon’s search engine and get indexed for the right keywords. With a database of over 200 million keywords, find insights on short and long-tail keywords that have good CPC costs, estimated orders, and good relevance and use them in PPC as well as listings to boost your profits on Amazon.

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