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[] We examine the roles and responsibilities of the Goa Housing Board and the housing schemes it comes up with from time to time

To provide housing to people from all walks of life in the union territory, the Goa Housing Board (GHB) was constituted under the Goa, Daman & Diu Housing Board Act, 1968. The board started functioning in 1969.

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The GHB’s main objective is to provide cost-effective residential options. Consequently, the Goa Housing Board provides different properties for various sections of its population. These include:

  • High-income group (HIG) residential units.
  • Middle-income group (MIG) residential units.
  • Low-income group (LIG) residential units.
  • Economically weaker section (EWS) residential units.
  • Subsidised industrial housing schemes.
  • Commercial units like shops and offices.
  • Allocation of plots.

After the Goa Construction, Housing & Finance Corporation Ltd wound up and merged with the housing board, the Goa Housing Board is the only state-run autonomous body to cater to the housing needs of the state, especially the LIG category.

Goa Housing Board

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Eligibility for Goa Housing Board plots for sale

In addition to the applicant being at least 18 years of age and that he or his family should not own a tenement or a plot or shop or office of the Board anywhere in Goa, the applicant has to meet a criterion about his current residence too.

30-year domicile a must to buy property from Goa Housing Board

In 2020, the Goa Housing Board amended its Registration, Allotment and Sale of Tenements Rules of 2016, making 30 years of domicile in Goa mandatory, to apply for flats and plots from the Board. Before the changes were made, 15 years of domicile was enough, for a resident to apply for flats and plots of the Goa Housing Board.

Under the amended rules, overseas citizen of India (OCI) cardholders will be eligible to apply for the Goa Housing board flats. In case the applicant is an OCI, they will have to get a clearance from a competent regulatory authority before applying.

This means, an applicant can be an Indian citizen or an overseas citizen of India. He must be born in Goa on or before December 16, 1961, or born to parents who have resided in Goa for the past 30 years, or born in Goa and been a resident here for the past 30 years.

Who is a local, location-wise, in Goa in the eyes of the law?

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A ‘local’ means a person, who is residing within the jurisdiction of a panchayat/ municipality/corporation of the city of Panaji, for at least the last 10 years or whose parents have been residents of such panchayat/municipality/corporation for the last 10 years as on the date of making the application for a plot situated within the jurisdiction of such municipality/corporation/ panchayat, or the residents of neighbouring towns/villages immediately adjoining or abutting the boundary of the area of the municipality/ panchayat/corporation of Panaji.

Cap on income for various groups

The board has fixed the family income with regard to each group of buyers.

  1. If the applicant is from the EWS category, his monthly income should be Rs 18,000 or less.
  2. If the applicant is from the LIG category, his monthly income should be above Rs 18,000 and up to Rs 40,000.
  3. If the applicant is from the MIG category, his monthly income should be above Rs 40,000 and up to Rs 60,000.
  4. If the applicant is from the HIG category, his monthly income should be above Rs 60,000.

30% of Housing Board flats to be reserved for locals

In 2020, the Goa government notified the Goa Housing Board (Registration, Allotment and Sale of Tenements) Rules, 2020. Under the rules of the new law, 30% of the flats built by the GHB will be reserved for the people of the area where the project is located. Before the law came into force, there was no specific reservation for the locals from the area. The rules have also increased reservation of homes for persons with disabilities from 1% to 5%.

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How to apply for Goa Housing Board plots or houses?

The applicants have to apply online via Form-II and pay a non-refundable registration fee fixed by the board, as administrative charges. The board either sells the property through an auction or by draw of lots.

Online procedure to apply for Goa Housing Board plots or houses

To register for allotment of residential plot/tenements(flats), you must follow these steps:

  • Log on to

goa housing board 1

  • Click on register.

goa housing board2

  • Give your email, mobile and enter the OTP once you receive it.

goa housing board3

  • On the application form, select your location.
  • Fill in your personal details and family income.
  • Attach self-attested copies of the mandatory documents. 
  • Submit the application, generate and print the challan receipt and pay the application fees.
  • Keep the challan with you at all times. The acknowledgement number generated would also come in handy.

Online plot auction, flats by Goa Housing Board

In September 2020, the board announced it would conduct an e-auction of plots, with a view to streamline the sales process. “The cumbersome process of auction and allotment of plots and tenements is proposed to be simplified and made more transparent, by migrating the whole process onto a well-developed software and implementing online auctions, by giving wide publicity to the lots and tenements to be auctioned,” GHB chairman Subhash Shirodkar said.

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Goa Housing Board plot auction 2021

Goa Housing Board to auction 59 plots in July, 2021

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In May 2021, the Goa Housing Board invited online applications for the disposal of 59 residential plots through e-auction on an outright basis. Eligible applicants may apply on from May 9, 2021 to July 9, 2021. These plots are located at six locations across Goa, including Madel Tivim (14 plots), Podocem (12 plots), Ganeshpuri Mapusa (2 plots), Farmagudi Ponda (9 plots), Xeldem Quepem (12 plots) and Shristhal Canacona (10 plots).

Rate of plots set to be auctioned

Starting at a base price of Rs 4,700 per sq ft in some locations, the base price of plots at other locations goes as high as 12,900 per sq ft. However, candidates will have to submit Rs 2 lakh as the initial deposit, irrespective of the base rate of the plot, to participate in the auction.

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Applicant eligibility

Candidates meeting the eligibility conditions mentioned above, should fill in only one e-application in Form-II, either in his own name or in the name of any other member of his family. The Goa Housing Board application form should be only in one category to which he may belong – either in the general category or in the reserved categories.

An applicant from the reserved category may also apply against the general category, if so desired. However, if he is successfully selected in both the categories, he will not be eligible for allotment of two plots. If no applications are received from any particular reserved category, the quota earmarked for such category will be added to the general category.

Document submission

The applicants have to submit self-attested copies of the documents, including proof of birth, income certificate, caste certificate (if applicable), residence certificate issued by a competent authority, PAN card, Aadhaar card, original affidavit in Form-I and bank details, to the Goa Housing Board office at Porvorim, on or before July 16, 2021, for scrutiny. In case the applicant fails to do so, 5% of the initial deposit will be forfeited by the Board and the balance amount will be refunded to the applicant without any interest.

List of documents to apply for Goa Housing Board property

  • Category certificate is only required if you are not of the general category
  • Income certificate issued by a competent authority
  • Scanned copy of your signature
  • Scanned copy of your photograph
  • Scanned copy of your original Aadhaar card
  • Scanned PAN card
  • Affidavit in the prescribed format
  • Bank passbook/ cancelled cheque
  • Self-attested birth certificate/ passport copy
  • Residence certificate of self or parents (if applicant’s period of residence is less than 30 years).

Live auction

All eligible applicants will have to participate in the ‘e auction – trial run’ conducted live. There have to be at least two applicant bidders present for the auction proceedings for each plot, failing which, the bidding shall be deferred.

Payment timeline

The allottee has to pay the full consideration for the allotted residential plot, within 60 days from the date of receipt of the allotment order, failing which, the order will stand cancelled without any further notice and 5% of the initial deposit of the applicant will be forfeited, while the balance amount will be refunded to the applicant without any interest.

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Goa Housing Board contact number

For more details about the auction, you can contact the Goa Housing Board on its email id, or call on the phone numbers: (0832)2412925/2413444/2752430 or dial the helpline number 9225905914.

Ongoing projects of the GHB

  • Goa Housing Board flats in Colvale: Construction of 36 double-bedroom flats at Colvale.
  • Construction of 24 double-bedroom flats at Colvale.
  • Construction of a new market complex, marriage hall, conference hall and jogger’s park at Porvorim, in the property bearing survey No 129/1A & 130/1A.
  • Goa Housing Board Sancoale: Construction of 60 double-bedroom flats in Sector D at Sancoale.
  • Construction of 16 duplex bungalows in Sector S at Farmagudi-Ponda.
  • Construction of 28 single-bedroom flats in Sector I at Curti-Ponda.
  • Construction of 40 double-bedroom flats, two single-bedroom flats and 14 shops in Sector K at Sancoale.
  • Construction of a commercial complex at Bordem Bicholim, consisting of 45 shops, 16 offices and 20 flats.

Proposed projects by the GHB

  • Construction of 840 single-bedroom flats in sector H1 and 360 double-bedroom flats in sector H2 (Estimated cost: Rs 247 crores).
  • Construction of 12 triple-bedroom flats under Phase-I in Sector H at Porvorim (Estimated cost: Rs 420 crores).
  • Construction of 12 triple-bedroom flats under Phase II in Sector H at Porvorim (Estimated cost: Rs 420 crores).
  • Construction of 56 single-bedroom flats under Phase I Sector D at Madel Tivim (Estimated cost: Rs 10.61 crores).
  • Construction of an office complex at Porvorim (Estimated cost: Rs 8.00 crores).


What is the Goa Housing Board website?

The GHB can be reached at

Who is the head of Goa Housing Board?

The GHB is headed by the chairman. The present chairman is Subhash A Shirodkar.

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