All about the Jabalpur Development Authority (JDA) and online services

[] The Jabalpur Development Authority (JDA) is responsible for the sustainable growth and development of Jabalpur city. The online portal and app helps citizens with services, such as applications for lease renewal, property mortgage, etc.

The Jabalpur Development Authority (JDA) was established in 1980, with an aim to foster a structured and sustainable development of Jabalpur city. The Authority works under the Housing Ministry of the Madhya Pradesh government. In this article, we look at the core functions and responsibilities of the JDA.

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Regulation of development and Master Plan 2021 

All development plans proposed by private developers, whether for institutional, commercial or residential purposes, must be approved by the JDA. Only when the Authority sanctions the plan, can such developers go ahead with the construction plan. Violation of such rules and construction despite the JDA’s warning, can even lead to the demolition of the unauthorised structure.

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Sale of plots by Jabalpur Development Authority

Since the JDA gives land at comparatively lesser prices than the market rates, its plots are coveted. Also, it is considered safe and devoid of any legal tangles. The JDA plots are planned and therefore, such buyers enjoy the benefit of good infrastructure, civic utilities and amenities.

Currently, you can buy plotted development by the JDA in the following places:

  • Plan no 05 Vijayanagar Plot (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/084)
  • Plan no 11 bc Shatabdipuram Plot (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/085)
  • Plan no 05/14 Vishal Pachauri Commercial Complex (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/086)
  • Plan no 14 ISBT Commercial Plots (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/087)
  • Plan no 14 Mathura Vihar Plots (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/088)
  • Plan no 41 Omkar Prasad Tiwari Nagar Plot (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/089)
  • Plan no 18 Civic Center License Fee Assets (JABALPUR / JABALPUR-1/090)

Note: Online registrations for the above mentioned plots started on November 24, 2020, until December 22, 2020. Visit the JDA official website to send your application.

Check out properties for sale in Jabalpur

Vacant property list of the JDA

Apart from plots on sale, the Authority also releases information about vacant properties on sale. To see these properties and JDA’s other assets on sale, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log on to the official website of the JDA (click here).

Jabalpur Development Authority (JDA)

Step 2: Go to the tab called ‘Properties’ and head to ‘Vacant property list’. Select from ongoing schemes – Gupteshwar, Adhartal, Shiv Vihar, Sanjivani Nagar, Basant Vihar, Vegetable Market Hall, Omkar Prasad Tiwari Nagar and ISBT.

JDA plots

Step 3: Click on the scheme that you are interested in, to view the details.

Jabalpur Development Authority scheme

Ongoing infrastructure development in Jabalpur

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The JDA undertakes many infrastructure development projects, as well. Among the projects that are still running include the Divyang Park over 11 lakh sq ft that can be used by the differently-abled and has a host of facilities, such as all-around wall, large parking area, ticket counter, water body, toilet block, meditation center, gym equipment, lawns, canteens, jogging track, inner path, outer path, volleyball and basketball courts.

The Authority has also come up with an action plan for the construction of a 146-metre bridge over the Madhotala Talab. The JDA was granted permission to build the bridge by the High Court while preserving the original form of the pond and the development is in progress.

The Vishal Pachauri Commercial Complex, a residential-cum-commercial complex is also under-construction. Following are the details:

Proposed area: 4,561.60 sq metres

Total proposed construction: Basement and G+6

Number of shops on the ground floor: 26

Office chambers on the first floor: 21

2nd to 6th floors: 20 (3 BHK) + 40 (2 BHK)

Estimated cost: Rs 18.58 crores

Location: Near Deendayal Chowk, Jabalpur

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Single-window services in Jabalpur

There are a number of services available online for citizens. These include:

For opinion / no objection to private / other land

You will need to apply online with documents, such as the photocopy of registry, Khasra Panchasala, copy of current map, copy of acceptance and copy of online application made in CP department (optional) and notarized photo with attached affidavit.

For property mortgage

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In case you wish to apply for property mortgage, for building construction, it will be mandatory to attach a copy of the approval map.

For lease renewal

In case you want to renew a lease, you will need to apply on the JDA website. You will need a notarised affidavit containing a photo, along with a current photo of the applicant, photocopy of the leasehold, applicant’s self-signed ID copy and photocopy of the final deposit land rent. Do note that once the official process is over, renewal forms will be issued only after submitting the original attested copies of the above attachments to the office.

For transfer of assets allotted by the original allottee

If you are looking to transfer assets allotted by the original allottee, you can create the application online. In such cases, the signature of the transferee is mandatory. A photo must be attached separately by the transferee and submission of a notarised application with photographs is important, along with a photocopy of the signed ID of the applicants.

For transfer of plot / building / shop

If you plan to transfer your plot, building or shop, your application must be submitted to the JDA with an attached affidavit, photocopy of final deposit land rent and photocopy of the self-signed ID of the applicants.

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For transfer of name after the death of an allottee

You will need the death certificate, to avail of this facility.

Jabalpur Development Authority Mobile App

Jabalpur Development Authority has also launched its mobile application. Now, citizens can access the various services of the Jabalpur Development Authority on their smartphones by downloading the e-seva mobile application.

Jabalpur Development Authority Contact Details

Citizen can contact the authority at:

Address: Block No. 7A, JDA Building, Marhatal, Jabalpur

Phone number: +91 – 0761 – 2402832


Where can I see auction results on the JDA website?

You can view auction results by opting for the ‘Noticeboard’ tab on the JDA website and go to ‘Auction’ and then ‘Results’.

Can I get the RTI form on the JDA website?

Yes, simply go to the ‘Citizen Services’ tab and go to ‘RTI’ and choose the option.

What is the new plan number 63 Manoharrao Sahastrabuddhe Nagar by the JDA?

This is a new scheme launched by the Jabalpur Development Authority in 2018. Under this scheme, after the land is received from the farmers, 20% of the land which is being given to them will be freehold. Under this scheme, contracts for land are being made with farmers.

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