All you need to know about Kerala Land Tax

[] The procedure to pay land tax in Kerala through the web portal managed by the state revenue department is being explained in this article.

Those who own properties such as lands, plots or houses in Kerala are required to pay land tax or property tax to the local authority or village office of the concerned area. The land tax is paid once or twice in an assessment year. The Revenue Department of Kerala provides a web application, known as Revenue Land Information System (ReLIS) to manage land records, enable registration and online payment of land tax.

How to pay Kerala land tax online?

Step 1: Visit the ReLIS website. First-time users can register themselves to avail the e-services by clicking on ‘Register’.

All you need to know about Kerala Land Tax

Step 2: Click on ‘Login’ to log into the portal using your registered mobile number and password.

All you need to know about Kerala Land Tax

Step 3: Once you log in to e-Services, click on ‘New Request’. Select the ‘Land Tax Payment’ option. Then accept the message for the taxpayer, appearing on the screen by clicking on ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: On the payment request page, provide details such as district, taluk, village, block number, Thandaper number, survey number, etc. Click on ‘View and Add’ to ensure the details are correct.

Users will get a notification that details have been added.

Step 5: Submit details such as applicant name, last tax paid date, last receipt number, etc. Click on ‘Pay Tax’.

Step 6: The next page will display the payment details. Click on ‘Pay Now’.

Step 7: You will be directed to the payment screen. Choose the preferred payment option (e.g., net banking, card payment, UPI payment). Click on ‘Proceed for Payment’.

After successful tax payment, the user will receive the receipt that can be downloaded and saved for reference.

How much is the land tax rate in Kerala?


Area Extent Land Tax Rate
Corporation Up to 2 acres Rs 2 per acre
Above 2 acres Rs 4 per acre
Municipality/ Township Up to 6 acres Rs 1 per acre
Above 6 acres Rs 2 per acre
Panchayat Up to 20 acres Rs 0.50 per acre
Above 20 acres Rs 1 per acre


One can calculate the exact land tax rate in Kerala by contacting the local tehsildar office.

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What is Thandaper in Kerala?

Thandaper refers to the revenue record of a property in Kerala. Thandaper number is a unique number allotted to property owners, which is required for paying property tax in Kerala. It enables the authorities to identify the total land possessions by an individual.

Taxpayers can obtain the Thandaper number by visiting the village office. They are required to provide these documents:

  •   Land-related documents
  •   Details about previous year’s paid land tax
  •   Identity proof of the landowner
  •   Address and phone number

The officials will verify the details and provide the numbers for Thandaper, block, survey, and subdivision.

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How to verify land details in Kerala?

Step 1: To verify land details in Kerala, go to the ReLIS website and click on ‘Verify Land’ on the top menu bar.

All you need to know about Kerala Land Tax


Step 2: There will be options – Pokkuvarvu, Tax Receipt number, and Tax Dues/Ownership

Step 3: Click on one option according to your requirement.

To view Pokkuvaravu details, select district, sub-registrar, year, doc number and date. Click on ‘Get’ to view the document details.

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How can I check my land records in Kerala?

The Kerala government provides an online portal, E-Rekha by Bhoomikeralam, which is a web-based survey records data directory for enabling citizens to find land ownership details or cadastral data pertaining to the Survey and Land Records Department.

Step 1: Visit the E-Rekha by Bhoomi Keralam website. First-time users can sign up on the portal. Then log in to the site using their credentials.

All you need to know about Kerala Land Tax

Step 2: Click on ‘File Search’ given on the top menu bar.

Step 3: There will be three options – Old Survey Records, District Maps, and Resurvey Records. Click on one option as per your requirement.

Step 4: Select the district, taluk, village and the type of document from the drop-down list.

Step 5: Provide the survey number and block number. Click on ‘Submit’.

Step 6: You can preview the document. Click on ‘Checkout’ to download the document.

Note: Users who have logged into the website, should verify the important details and pay the document fee to download the survey records.

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How is land tax calculated in Kerala?

The land tax in Kerala is calculated by taking various factors into account. These include the location of the land, area of the land, facilities provided by the authority.

The Local Self-government Department notified the reassessment through an order issued on February 12, 2021. As per the order issued, the property tax assessment in urban local bodies in Kerala will be linked to the fair value of the land.

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Kerala land tax latest news

Kerala revenue department services to go online

 The revenue department in Kerala has recently launched about seven digital services. Among the newly launched services, the department has come up with a mobile application to pay land tax in Kerala. The e-payment feature and digital services have been introduced with the objective of providing faster services, minimising the interaction between citizens and government officials, and discouraging corrupt practices.  

The new digital services also include modules for providing location sketch, field measurement book sketch, and Thandaper account and module to apply for land conversion. It also includes a portal that provides complete details of the previous history or arrears of land owned by individuals, a module for application and shortlisting social security pensions online. Separate websites have been launched for 1,666 village offices in Kerala, allowing one to navigate and retrieve details of the last land parcel in a particular village. 

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What is Pokkuvarvu?

The process of mutation of land or property is called Pokkuvaravu in Kerala.

What is Pattayam in Kerala?

Pattayam refers to the first and original record pertaining to the ownership of a property.

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