Best ways to pay rent using credit cards: Step by step guide to Pay Rent platform

[] We examine some of the top options, when it comes to paying the rent for a property using credit cards

In the past six months, a number of online brands have extended their services, to support people when the country was under a strict lockdown and everybody was struggling with cash reserves. A number of innovative ideas made its way into the market and one of them was rent payment via credit card. Who would have thought that you would be able to use your unutilised credit card limit for paying the monthly rent? That too without any hefty charges but accompanied by a number of rewards and benefits.

Now, what are the best ways to do rent payment using a credit card?

Housing Edge Pay Rent launched its Pay Rent feature in April 2020, to help renters to pay their monthly rent on time, using the credit line available on their credit card. As the Reserve Bank of India announced the EMI moratorium for retail loans, including credit cards, all users were allowed to defer credit card payments till the end of this period, without affecting their credit score. Housing Edge Pay Rent feature allows users to pay rent using credit cards and to earn rewards from top brands for each payment. Apart from this, the credit card payment also brings reward points, which can be later redeemed for flight tickets, shopping vouchers or movie tickets. The process is simple – you just have to login using your mobile number, add the landlord’s bank details and make the transfer. Pay Rent
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Step 2: Login using your mobile number. Choose the payment category. You can pay office rent, security deposit, or maintenance charges through For house rent payment, click on the ‘House Rent’ option. Enter the rent amount to be paid.

Best ways to pay rent using credit cards

Step 3: Provide the landlord’s account details, name, phone number, and PAN (optional). These details would be saved. So, you do not require to re-enter these details on portal for the next rent payment.

Then, proceed to add your details.

Best ways to pay rent using credit cards

You will be required to provide details, such as your name, contact details, property details and address, and the month for which payment is done. Choose the payment mode. You can then proceed to make the payment.

Enter your credit card details in the specified fields. After the OTP verification, the payment will be successful.

The landlord is notified through SMS and the rent is transferred to the landlord’s account maximum within 2 days. Also, nominal convenience charges applicable when you pay through credit card. The amount is specified in the payment page and included in the final payment. Tenants can generate instant rent receipt for HRA and transaction history.

Why pay rent with a credit card?

Paying rent via credit card, is rewarding at multiple levels – you get reward points for using your credit limit, you get milestone rewards for spending a certain limit every month and you get spend-based rewards from the service provider.

You get an extended credit period as the credit card cycle provides an extra 45-day window to clear the dues. This can help you in managing your cash flows in a better way.

You can get a waiver on your annual fee, if you meet a certain spending criteria. You can also renew your credit card and get an upgrade on the limit, if you spend a certain amount every year. Paying rent is an essential expenditure and it would be better to use your credit line to get additional rewards, than to exhaust your cash reserves. The credit card rewards vary from bank to bank. Thus, it is important to check with the bank about the rewards.

Redgiraffe vs Cred

With Credit cards becoming a preferred choice for house rent payments among renters in India, there are other platforms that are offering this facility.


From credit card bill payments to rent payment, CRED has recently expanded its services to other utility payments and activities, including checking of bank balance. The CRED experience is also rewarding but has a high convenience fee. Moreover, you may find CRED app snoopy, as it scans your message box and inbox for details of your credit card statements and bills. Also, rent payment below Rs 2,500 is not supported currently. So, if you are already a CRED member, you can give it a try.

Red Giraffe

This is one of the oldest in this field but comes with a lot of challenges. This is a dedicated platform focussing on rent payment, home loan payment and payment of education fees but there are certain services that you have to mandatorily opt for, to make the payment. There is usually a choice between term insurance and life insurance, for which you may have to pay at the final stage. There are no additional rewards offered on Red Giraffe except the ones offered on your credit card.

Among other rent payment apps in India, is the NoBroker Rent pay app that enables renters to pay rent using credit cards.


Can you use a credit card to pay rent?

Yes, you can pay rent using a credit card from the app.

Can I pay rent using HDFC credit card?

Yes, you can pay rent using any credit card.

Can I pay someone using a credit card?

You may need to use a digital wallet, to transfer money using a credit card.

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