BhuNaksha Rajasthan: Know everything about it

[] Let us look at the step-by-step process to find information on the Bhunaksha Rajasthan and the plot report and benefits of land map Rajasthan

What is Bhunaksha?

Bhunaksha or land map helps you check your land including plot report online anytime anywhere. Rajasthan launched the Bhunaksha Rajasthan portal where you can get all your land information in one place.

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Bhunaksha Raj: Plot report

If you have an agricultural plot or any kind of land parcel in Rajasthan and you are looking for any kind of official information on plot report about it, you can do so from the comfort of your home, using the bhu naksha Rajasthan website at bhunaksha. Bhunaksha Rajasthan or land map Rajasthan has been developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC)  and is now popular among landowners, as well as prospective plot buyers, who want to check the ownership details of the property- land map Rajasthan or plot report Rajasthan before purchasing it.

Let’s find out the step-by-step process to find information like online plot report on the bhunaksha Rajasthan.

Bhunaksha Rajasthan: How to check?

Step 1: To find more about online plot naksha or plot report, visit the bhunaksha Rajasthan official website at While you can check the Rajasthan bhunaksha without logging in, an advantage if you login is that all the details like plot report Rajasthan are recorded in the database.  For logging in, please click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right hand side of the bhunaksha Rajasthan page.

Here’s what you need to know about Rajasthan bhu naksha

Enter your tehsil, district, user id, password, captcha on the bhunaksha Raj page and press on login.

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Step 2: Select the required details such as district, tehsil, RI, halkas, village and sheet number from the drop down option.

Rajasthan bhu naksha

Step 3: On selecting the plot that is on the land map Rajasthan, you will be shown all the details about the land or the plot report.

Rajasthan bhu naksha

Rajasthan bhu naksha

Step 4: On the Bhunaksha Rajasthan page, you can also see the Nakal report. When you opt to see it, you will be directed to another window.

Rajasthan bhu naksha

Step 5: Click on Show Report PDF option and BhuNaksha Rajasthan option will open on your computer that can be downloaded on your computer.

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[] Bhu Naksha in other states

Bhunaksha Rajasthan: List of digitised districts

Ajmer Jalor
Alwar Jhalawar
Banswara Jhunjhunu
Baran Jodhpur
Barmer Karauli
Bharatpur Kota
Bhilwara Nagaur
Bikaner Pali
Bundi Pratapgarh
Chittorgarh Rajsamand
Churu Sawai Madhopur
Dausa Sikar
Dholpur Sirohi
Dungarpur Sri Ganganagar
Hanumangarh Tonk
Jaipur Udaipur

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Bhunaksha Rajasthan: Benefits

There are many benefits associated with having access to Rajasthan bhunaksha or Bhunaksha Jaipur. You can exactly know the size of the plot as it is clearly demarked as part of plot report in the Rajasthan bhunaksha. Additionally, you will get access to the owner’s name and other details. So, before getting into any kind of transaction, one can verify with the bhunaksha Rajasthan, all the legalities of the land, free of cost from the comfort of one’s home. Also, bhunaksha Rajasthan provides the land map that demarks the plot boundaries and ROR (Record of Rights).

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Plot report Rajasthan: How to print?

A lot of people have asked whether plot report or bhunaksha Rajasthan report can be downloaded and printed. The answer is yes, you can. Simply opt for the ‘Show Report PDF’ option and you can either save or print it.

Rajasthan bhu naksha

Bhunaksha Rajasthan: State coordinator

For any enquiries or suggestions, you can contact Bhunaksha Rajasthan state coordinator Dinesh Khandelwal, NIC-VDN, Jaipur at


Can I get the bhunaksha Rajasthan or land map Rajasthan for my land in Tonk, Rajasthan?

Yes, the bhunaksha Rajasthan or land map Rajasthan for Tonk district in Rajasthan is digitised and available on the official website.

Can I check the bhunaksha Rajasthan of my property with just my name?

No, facility of checking by name on bhunaksha Rajasthan is not available. You need to feed in the khasra number to be able to see the Rajasthan bhunaksha details.

I cannot see the bhunaksha of my land in the official Rajasthan bhunaksha website. What should I do?

In case you are unable to see the landmap Rajasthan for your property/plot in Rajasthan, it could mean that the particular record has not been digitised. You will need to get in touch with the Board of Revenue, Rajasthan.

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