Bhulekh UK: How to search land records in Uttarakhand

[] Here is a look at how to search the Bhulekh document in Uttarakhand online using account number, buyer name or Gata number

To help its citizens to find land records online, the Uttarakhand government launched an online portal, through which property owners in the state can easily find bhulekh, record of rights (RoR) and land-related documents online. Apart from this, the Devbhoomi UK land records portal ( also helps land owners in Uttarakhand to search maps, khasra and khatauni online. The portal is managed and maintained by the land record department of the state.

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Bhulekh UK: How to search Bhulekh UK online: Step-by-step procedure?

To search and view bhulekh document in Uttarakhand online on the Devbhoomi UK land records website, follow the procedure given below:

Step 1: Visit the Uttarakhand Bhulekh website and click on ‘Public ROR’ from the top banner.

Bhulekh Uttarakhand

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Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page, where you would need to select the district from the left-menu, followed by tehsil and then the village where the property is located.

Bhulekh UK

Step 3: Now, you can search the property on the basis of gata number, account number, mutation date, vendor name, buyer name or by the name of the account holder. Click on ‘Search’ to fetch the details.

Bhulekh UK: How to search land records in Uttarakhand

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Step 4: The available document will be displayed online

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UK Bhulekh: How to check Khasra Khatauni details online?

Property owners should know their Khasra and Khatauni details that are required to obtain the benefits under many government schemes such as getting land registry and Kisan credit card. These details serve as proof of land ownership.

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So, for the Khasra Khatauni online check, the devbhoomi UK bhulekh portal provides a simplified process, explained below:

Step 1: To know the Khatoni from the UK bhulekh portal, go to the main page and click on Public ROR.

Bhulekh UK: How to search land records in Uttarakhand
Harini Balasubramanian | Housing News

Step 2: On the next page, select the district. The names of the districts will be displayed on the screen. Select the district. After choosing the district, select the Tehsil and Village.

Bhulekh UK: How to search land records in Uttarakhand
Harini Balasubramanian | Housing News

Step 3: If you do not have the Khasra Khatauni online details, you can check UK Bhulekh by other options like account holder’s name. All the land related details, including Khasra details, will be available.

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Bhulekh UK: How to get authorised copy of ROR in Uttarakhand?

While people can search the Bhulekh document online in Uttarakhand through the devbhoomi UK land records portal, this is not the authenticated copy of ROR. To get a valid copy, the applicant needs to visit the nearest Tehsil Land Record Computer Centre. Applicants also have to pay the charges prescribed by the government, to obtain the ROR copy.

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UK Bhulekh: Charges for obtaining ROR in Uttarakhand

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Applicants need to pay Rs 15 for the first page of the ROR and Rs 5 per page, for subsequent pages of ROR.

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UK Bhulekh: How to check Dehradun land record?

Citizens of Dehradun can check their land records details through the Bhulekh website. To get a copy of RoR, they can visit the Tehsil Land Record Computer Centre in the respective tehsil of the village and pay a nominal fee of Rs 15 for the first page of RoR and Rs 5 for each subsequent page of RoR.

To view the land records in Dehradun, one should follow the procedure to search Bhulekh UK online, as explained above. Go to the home page and click on ‘Public ROR’. On the subsequent page, select Dehradun district. Choose the tehsil and village name from the options given.

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Bhulekh UK: How to search land records in Uttarakhand

On the next page, search for the property, based on the options given (khasra/gata number, account number, registry, mutation date, vendor name, buyer name or by the account holder’s name). Click on ‘Search’ to view the details.

To get Khasra and Khatauni online, you can check the UK Bhulekh portal to obtain these details.

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What is public ROR in the Uttarakhand Bhulekh?

Public ROR is the record of right, where all sorts of rights and liabilities with respect to the land are registered.

What is the official portal of Bhulekh Uttarakhand?

The official portal of the Devbhoomi Bhulekh is

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