e-Panchayat Telangana: All you need to know

[] The initiative has helped the state in improving transparency, efficiency and accountability of gram panchayat institutions in gram panchayat bodies.

The e-Panchayat Telangana initiative is helping the state win many laurels.

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In April 2021, Telangana became the first state to maintain its e-Panchayat plan, which was launched to improve the quality of governance of the Panchayati Raj institutions. The state received an award from the central government’s Panchayati Raj Ministry for ensuring transparency, efficiency and accountability of gram panchayat institutions with the help of information and communications technology in the year 2019-20.

To ensure greater transparency of gram panchayat institutions, the state in June 2021 also started the process of online audit of these bodies. In fact, Telangana is among the 10 states in India that have started online audits of gram panchayats.

What is e Panchayat Telangana?

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The e-Panchayat Telangana programme is meant to make government-to-citizen services available to those living in rural areas.

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e-Panchayat Telangana mission launch

While plans had been underway to launch the e-Panchayat initiative, the Telangana Panchayat Raj Department finally rolled it out as a mission-mode project in 2015 as part of the national e-Governance plan.

Before the launch, the state took service providers and software developers on board to establish the necessary infrastructure and connectivity. Telangana uses VSAT and optic fibre networks to connect its villages with central databases of various service providers and departments.

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The plan was to extend these services across the state in a phased manner. e-Panchayat services were made available to 100 panchayats in Phase-1 out of the total 12,769 gram panchayats in the state.

e-Panchayat Telangana services

Through the e-Panchayat portal, citizens in rural Telangana can apply for building plan approvals, business licence, property tax, and property mutation.

The Telangana e-Panchayat centres, also called Palle Samagra Seva Kendram (PSSK), act as one-stop-shop offering services like tax payments, pensions, and payments for state-sponsored beneficiary schemes. e-Panchayat centres also serve rural students and farmers by providing updates about crop product prices, exam results and job notifications. All PSSKs are run by women.

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How many gram panchayats are there in Telangana?

There are a total of 12,769 gram panchayats in Telangana.

What is the full form of PSSK in Telangana?

The acronym PSSK stands for Palle Samagra Seva Kendram.

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