EPFO e nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination

[] Read our stepwise guide to know all about EPFO e-nominations or EPF nominations. Read to know how to update EPF nominee online.

While the EPFO has not set a deadline for filing EPFO e nomination so far, it must be done as soon as possible in the interest of the PF member.

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If anything unfortunate happens to you, your nominee would be able to withdraw money from your EPF account. Your PF savings would otherwise remain unclaimed in your account. Your family members will have to do a lot of paperwork and go through a sea of formalities, if you fail to complete your EPF nominee update online.

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Meanwhile, the EPF nomination can be only done online, as the EPFO has made the entire process virtual. This means, you cannot visit a branch and get this information updated. Any changes or fresh EPF nominations have to be done online. Let us understand the process of EPFO e nomination.

Note: For EPFO e nomination, the member must be aware of the UAN login process. Check out our detailed guide on UAN login.


EPFO e nomination: Step-wise guide for PF nomination

EPFO e nomination step 1

Go to the unified EPFO member portal. Use your credentials to log into your PF account.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination


EPFO e nomination step 2

Once you log in to the member portal using your UAN, password and captcha, the homepage will show you the ‘Manage’ option on the top left side of the page.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination


EPFO e nomination step 3

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Under the ‘Manage’ category, you will see options including, ‘e-nomination’. You have to select this option.

EPFO e nomination step 4

Once you click on e-nomination, a new page will open, asking if you have a family. You can click YES or NO. Click the Yes box, after which you will be given an option to add family members. Not all family members can be your PF nominees but providing the details of your family members is ideal way to keep your paperwork clean. For each family member, you will have to upload his/her photo and enter his/her Aadhaar number, name, date of birth and gender. On successful verification, they will be added.

epfo e nomination process to apply for online epf nomination 03


EPFO e nomination step 5

You will now have to add the family members by providing their Aadhaar numbers, names, date of birth, their relation with you and their photographs.

epfo e nomination process to apply for online epf nomination 04


EPFO e nomination step 6

You need to select nominees from the family list and enter the total amount to be shared. After that, click on ‘Save EPF Nomination’.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination

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EPFO e nomination form e-signing

Once the nominee request is made, another page will open showing you pending nominee status. On this page, you can check the nominee details and proceed with the e-signing of your nomination form. Note that your PF nomination will become valid only after you e-sign this form.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination


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Once you click on the e-sign option, a new page will open. Here you need to enter your Aadhaar number and click on ‘Get OTP’ option. You will receive an OTP on your phone, which you will have to put in the required field.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination

Input the OTP and click on Submit.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination

Your EPFO e-nomination is complete now. To view a PDF form of your PF nomination, click on the top green dot. A PDF file will be downloaded in your system.

EPFO e-nomination: Process to apply for online EPF nomination

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Pre-requisites for EPF e nomination

Before you procced with EPFO e-nomination, make sure you have the following:

  • Make sure your profile photo is updated on the portal. If not, you will not be able to initiate your EPF nominee update online. The same is true for date of birth, permanent address, and current and marital status.
  • Your mobile number should be linked to your Aadhaar number.
  • Your name, date of birth and gender on the EPF records should match with that on the Aadhaar’s details.
  • Your siblings – brothers or sisters – are not considered as family members under the provisions of PF law. This means, you cannot nominate them as your PF beneficiary if you select ‘Yes’ for the ‘Having Family’ option. In case, you are going to nominate your brother or sister as you are unmarried, you will have to select ‘No’ to the ‘Having Family’ option.
  • You should have the key details about the nominee, including the person’s official name, date of birth, Aadhaar number and photograph, to complete the EPF e-nomination.

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EPFO e nomination: Facts

  1. If a member wants to nominate more than one family members, he has the option to add them.
  2. A married member who has a spouse and children, should add them, even if one does not wish to nominate them. Spouse and children are considered as family members for the pension fund. Hence, add their names in the family list.
  3. Only an unmarried member, who does not have any of the family members mentioned above, can nominate any other person irrespective of his/her relation for the PF.
  4. Only a member not having a spouse or children can nominate a person for pension contribution.
  5. In case, there is neither a spouse nor children, only the pension nomination link will open and member can nominate one person.
  6. As per EPF scheme rules, any previous nomination made by the member for his/her PF and EPS account, automatically becomes invalid, once he/she gets married.
  7. A PF member can change EPFO e-nomination at any point of time, as per his wish. E-signing of the new nomination will replace the nomination filed earlier with the fresh one.
  8. A PF member can file a fresh nomination and e-sign the same. However, editing the earlier e-signed nomination is not possible.
  9. A member, who has filed EPFO e-nomination as unmarried, needs to file a fresh nomination after marriage, as the earlier nomination becomes invalid in such circumstances.
  10. PF members should try to update the nomination as and when there is a change in family members due to the birth or death of a nominated person. This will help the family members get their dues.

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EPFO e nomination FAQs

How is the PF money of a deceased member paid, in the absence of nomination?

The PF money is payable to family members in equal shares, under para 70 (ii) of the EPF scheme, 1952. In the absence of eligible family members, it is payable to those who are legally entitled to it.

What is the use of giving nominations for PF?

On the death of a PF member before receiving the pension, if there is no eligible family member, the pension is payable to the nominee.

To whom is the PF amount payable in the absence of a valid nomination with no family member?

In the absence of a valid nomination with no family member, the PF amount is paid to dependent parents – father, followed by mother.

Can an unmarried person nominate someone from outside his family as his PF nominee?

Yes. However, on having a ‘family’, the nomination will become invalid and the benefits under EPS-1995 will pass on to the spouse and children, if any.

Can a person outside my family be nominated as my PF beneficiary?

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) allows you to nominate a person outside your family.

Who consists of a family, according to PF laws?

According to PF laws, your main family consists of the following: Your spouse, your children and your dependent parents. Your siblings are not part of your family as far as your PF nomination is concerned.

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