Everything you need to know about Haryana RERA

[] In Haryana, the HRERA has separate jurisdiction in Panchkula and Gurugram. Here’s what builders, buyers and agents need to know about RERA Haryana

What is RERA?

RERA or the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 act passed by the Indian parliament protects the home buyers’ interests by regulating the real estate sector. After Parliament passed the central version of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, states including Haryana started implementing their own version of the real estate law –HRERA, keeping the basics laid in the Union version.

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RERA Act Haryana or Haryana Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017, came into force on July 28, 2017, while the HRERA portal was launched on October 4, 2018. Here’s what you need to know about the Haryana RERA.

RERA Haryana for home buyers

RERA Haryana has separate jurisdiction in Panchkula and Gurugram. So, after entering the RERA Haryana website at, select the jurisdiction from Appellate tribunal (RERA Haryana except in Panchkula and Gurugram), RERA Panchkula and RERA Gurugram.

HRERA Appellate Tribunal

HRERA Panchkula

Everything you need to know about Haryana RERA

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RERA Haryana: How to search for registered projects?

Go to the HRERA homepage  and click on the ‘Project Registration’ tab for ‘Search projects’. Developers can also use this facility to register their project with HRERA. Now, select the project authority whether RERA Gurgaon, RERA Panchkula or the Haryana Real Estate Apellate Tribunal –Enter captcha to search for projects under RERA Act Haryana. Enter the project number and project year. Enter captcha to search for projects.

Everything you need to know about Haryana RERA

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RERA Haryana: How to check your agent?

Dealing with a real estate agent for a property transaction? There are chances that you may fall into the trap of a dubious person. As a precaution, you can access the list of registered agents on the Haryana RERA website who follow the Haryana RERA rules. There are 1,115 registered agents on the HRERA portal as of February, 2022. Details about their district, registration certificate, etc., are also available online on the RERA Haryana website. Home buyers should use such details to their advantage.

Under Agent Registration on the HARERA website, click on Registered Agents’ list to check if the agent you are dealing with is HRERA certified.

HRERA registered agent's list

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RERA Haryana: How to register a complaint on the portal?

Have a complaint against a project, builder or agent? Here are steps to register your complaint. Before filing a complaint, make sure you go through the Haryana RERA rules.

Everything you need to know about Haryana RERA

Step 1: Go to the homepage of RERA Haryana and opt for registering the complaint.

Step 2: Fill in the form on HRERA and follow all the steps as directed.

Step 3: Once you fill the HRERA form and submit it, you will receive an online complaint number. Keep it handy for future use.

Step 4: Make the payment on the RERA Haryana website. At present, the fee is Rs 1,000 per complaint. An added cost of Rs 10 per annexure is also levied. Payment can be made by way of demand draft in favour of the the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Step 5: After HRERA payment, print the acknowledgment page for reference.

Step 6: You will also need to take print outs of the Performa B on the HRERA portal. This will be the detailed form. You can make five copies of the same.

Step 7: Annex a copy of a RERA Haryana certificate declaring that a self-signed copy of a complaint has been sent to the respondent directly and attach that HRERA certificate with the complaint.

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Step 8: Physically deliver three copies of the HRERA set comprising Complaint Registration Form and Annexure and Demand Draft of Fee Paid and Detailed Typed Complaint and Self-declared and signed certificate in the office of Authority by hand or by post at the address.

RERA Haryana: How to search for complaint?

You can check the status of complaint regularly on the HRERA portal by clicking on ‘Search complaint’ under complaint registration.

HRERA Complaint search

Select the case appeal authority, enter the case number, the case year, captcha and press ‘search’.

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RERA Haryana: How to register a project?

Developers can register on RERA Haryana website by following this procedure.

Step 1: Click on the Project Registration tab on RERA Haryana portal and signup to register the project.

Step 2: Basic details about the project, applicant details, will be required to be mentioned on RERA Haryana.

Step 3: Save each page and continue.

Step 4: Fill up Form A on RERA Haryana and pay the requisite fee.

Step 5: You can also preview this form. Once you are sure of the details entered, submit the information. A temporary project ID will be saved.

Step 6: Keep handy a few copies of this HRERA registration form. Three of these will be submitted to the authority.

Step 7: Keep handy all necessary documentation such as bank draft, licences, approvals, renewal letters, ownership documents, bilateral agreement with DTCP, copy of LC-IV, power of attorney wherever necessary, zoning plan, building approvals and other such documents mentioned on the Haryana RERA website.

Step 8: Number all the documents and prepare them as per Haryana RERA regulations

Step 9: You can submit the Haryana RERA documents online. One hard copy should be submitted to the authority.

Step 10: A receipt will be generated and the project will be live on the RERA Haryana portal.

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RERA Haryana: How to register as an agent?

Agents will need to provide details of their company and its type, whether held individually, as a society, proprietorship. You will also be required to provide the registered address. PAN card, proof of address, photographs, contact details, particulars of registration, bye-laws, etc., are required to complete the registration online.

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Haryana RERA: Latest developments

Update on April 28, 2021:

Property sales on the basis of super area shall be null and void: Haryana RERA

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Haryana (HARERA), on April 27, 2021, has ruled that if any property is sold on the basis of super area, the same shall be treated as ‘unfair/fraudulent’ trade practice on the part of the promoter. Conveyance deeds executed for a project, will also have to be on the basis of carpet area only, it said. The Haryana RERA’s move comes, following numerous complaints from home buyers that developers have been selling properties on super area rates and not carpet area rates. The regulation will be applicable on all real estate projects, irrespective of whether they are registered or yet to be registered or exempted from registration.

“No conveyance deed of a real estate unit shall be registered, except on the basis of carpet area. In cases where the real estate unit was allotted to the allottee prior to the Act coming into force, the promoter shall, at the time of registration of the conveyance deed, make disclosure of all the components constituting the super area. However, the conveyance deed shall be registered only on carpet area basis,” the HARERA said.

This means that for ongoing projects, where units have been allotted to the allottees on the basis of super area before the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, came into force, the promoter shall disclose the components that constitute super area. If the conveyance deed has not been executed, the promoter will have to mention the carpet area, in addition to the super built-up area and what constitutes the same. The aim, is to protect the allottees from fraud when the unit is sold on a super area basis.

Chairperson of HARERA (Gurugram), KK Khandelwal, warned that penal proceedings would be initiated against promoters or real estate agents who violated these directions. The practice of selling realty units on super area basis is not only ambiguous, misleading, opaque and confusing but it also results in litigation that can be avoided, he added.


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Resolutions and penalty: Gurugram RERA chairman KK Khandelwal has said that the authority has been able to resolve 70% of all the complaints ─ that is 6,598 complaints ─ so far. About 509 penalty notices have been sent and penalties worth Rs 40 crore have been imposed on erring developers so far.

Brokers under scrutiny: Strict action might be taken against brokers who have registered but not taken the licence. Going forth, the chairman has said that their registrations might be revoked. As per the RERA rules, brokers cannot charge more than one per cent as commission, split between both buyer and seller.

RERA Haryana: Contact information

You can reach

HRERA Appellate Tribunal at

Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal (HREAT),


Contact   +91 172-2972824       (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri)

Email id:

HRERA Panchkula at

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority,

Mini Secretariat, New Office Block, 2nd & 3rd Floor

Sector-1,Panchkula,134114, India

General enquiry contact +91 172-2584232, 2585232       (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri)

Complaints help contact          +91 9888554148       (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri)

Technical help contact              +91 9888554124       (10AM to 4PM (Mon-Fri)

Email id:


HRERA Gurugram at

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority,

New PWD Rest House

Civil Lines, Gurugram,Haryana

Contact +91 124-2971103



How can I complain in RERA Haryana?

Go to the Complaint Registration section on the Haryana RERA portal, and follow the steps to successfully register your complaint. At present, the fee is Rs 1,000 per complaint. An added cost of Rs 10 per annexure is also levied. Payment can be made by way of demand draft in favour of the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

What is HARERA?

The HARERA or the Haryana RERA is the real estate authority in the state. It was set up on July 28, 2017, and the web portal was launched in October 2018.

How to check HRERA registered projects?

If you are searching for HRERA registered projects on the official website, go to ‘search for projects’ under ‘project registration’. If you find a project elsewhere, look for the RERA ID. If it is registered with the state authority, it will have an ID.

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