Jabalpur Municipal Corporation: All you need to know

[] Here is a guide on Jabalpur Municipal Corporation and the various e services provided by the municipal corporation through its official website.

Jabalpur is a second-tier town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). It is the second largest metropolitan in central India, following Raipur, followed by Indore, Bhopal, Bilaspur, and Durg-Bhilai. The Jabalpur municipal corporation is one of the most prominent government entities in this city.

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The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation provides an online facility for citizens for paying their property taxes and water taxes online. Here is a comprehensive guide.

About Jabalpur Municipal Corporation

The Municipal Corporation of Jabalpur was founded on June 1, 1950. The Municipal Corporation of Jabalpur is instrumental in developing infrastructure services and governance of the metropolis of Jabalpur. Among the commoners, the organisation of the Jabalpur municipal corporation is abbreviated as JMC. The municipal administrative entity manages a 263.49 square km region (101.73 sq mi). Jabalpur was one of India’s earliest municipalities (1864).

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General administration of the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation

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The Collector of Jabalpur municipal corporation is in charge of the city’s general administration and ensures that the town and district run smoothly.

The collectorate office in Jabalpur performs the following vital functions:

  • Planning, initiating and overseeing the implementation of various development schemes for the city.
  • Ensuring law and order in his region.
  • Holding meetings with citizens to hear their grievances or suggestions on how they can participate in developmental activities and informing them about initiatives taken by them or other authorities concerned.
  • Responsible for the land purchase and valuation for all the residents and the market owners
  • Keeps records of income tax, land revenue, and loan collection
  • Management of disasters and crises, among other things
  • The Collector is also responsible for ensuring that the region administered by him remains peaceful to facilitate development.
  • Looks after the efficient disposal of garbage, establishment, and maintenance of good public health and sanitary conditions, ensuring a clean environment for all to live in.

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Jabalpur Nagar Nigam e services

The e-services were conceived by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GMP) as a way to automate internal procedures of the District Administration, with the potential for seamless integration of several departments to provide services to the public. Below is the list of e-services you can get from the official website of Jabalpur Nagar Nigam:

  • Land Records
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Cast Certificate
  • Death Certificate

Jabalpur Nagar Nigam: Property tax calculator 

When it comes to calculating property taxes in the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, several considerations must be taken into account, such as the property’s location, whether it’s a residential or commercial property, its age, and the number of floors it has. The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation property tax can be calculated using these parameters.

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Property tax calculator formula Jabalpur= age factor x built-up area × base value × building type × category of use × floor factor

Things to know about Jabalpur Nagar Nigam

  • In Jabalpur, the interest rate on property tax may range from 5% to 20%.
  • Residential properties with an annual rental value of less than Rs.6000 for a Municipality with a population of less than one lakh are exempt from property tax.
  • Taxpayers who pay their property taxes in full before the due date are eligible for a 6.25 % rebate.
  • Online and offline payment options are available for property taxes.
  • The property tax in Jabalpur is computed twice a year and paid in equal instalments. Within two months for each half-year period: (a) End of June, and (b) End of December.

How to pay Jabalpur Property Tax online? 

  • Visit the Nagar Palika MP Website.
  • Click on the ‘Pay Property Tax’ logo that is shown on the home page

Jabalpur municipal corporation: All you need to know

  • Users are now required to enter their username/phone number and password on the new page
  • As soon as you log in, a new window pops up with a variety of choices.
  • To go to the next window, choose the ‘Existing connected property and Payment’ option from the dropdown menu.
  • New window users must select/enter the required information before clicking ‘Search Property’ at the bottom to search for records that match the supplied information.
  • Users must first choose one of their separate logs to proceed to the next page.
  • A new page has been added to the site that provides information on the property’s owner.
  • The amount of tax due on the property is shown on the report’s result page. Scroll down and click ‘Pay online’.
  • A page verifying the transaction is sent to the user.
  • A transaction id will be generated to prove the transaction; please keep it safe.
  • Please click ‘Confirm’ to complete your transaction.

How to pay Jabalpur Water Bill online?

You can pay your latest JMC water bill by following the procedure explained below:

  • Visit the Nagar Palika MP Website.
  • Click on the ‘Pay Water Tax’ logo that is shown on the home page.
  • Under the quick pay ULB * field select ‘Jabalpur Nagar Nigam’ from the dropdown menu.

Jabalpur municipal corporation: All you need to know

  • Enter your water tax ID and click on submit.
  • You will be redirected to your most recent Jabalpur water bill.
  • Take a look and then pay your JMC water bill online.


Where is the Jabalpur municipal corporation located?

The Jabalpur municipal corporation, also known as the Nagar Nigam Jabalpur, is located near Teen Patti Chowk, Wright Town – 482001.

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