Mizoram land record: All you need to know

[] Here is a guide on Mizoram Land Record and the online portal of the Land Revenue and Settlement Department in the state.

The Government of Mizoram has created an online portal to simplify the process of verifying property ownership more convenient for citizens. It is the responsibility of the Land Revenue and Settlement Department in Mizoram to keep the Mizoram land records in a computerised format to avoid land disputes and corruption of information.  

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 Additionally, you can see land registration reports, schedule appointments, download forms, and read the latest news, circulars, and alerts supplied by the state government. Here is a quick look at how you can quickly and conveniently get Mizoram land records information on the internet.

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Mizoram Land Record Services

The following is the list of services that can be availed through Land Revenue and Settlement Department portal of Mizoram.  

  • Computerised versions of Records of Rights (RoRs) with scale maps and the ability to generate in colour Certificates of Authority
  • Certificates based on land ownership (domicile, caste, income, etc.)
  • Information about whether or not you are eligible for government programmes
  • Land Passbooks including pertinent land information
  • Easy access to land-based loans for agricultural, rural development, livelihood, and other programmes.

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How to apply for extract of land record in Mizoram?

The extract of land record or Patta is a vital legal document issued by the state government in the name of the owner of a property. In Mizoram, the periodic patta and Land Settlement Certificate for residential purpose RLSC are important documents. 

Applicants must visit the office of the Assistant Settlement Officer of the area where the property is located and submit the application form along with the supporting documents: 

  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof
  • Property tax payment receipt
  • Copy of property documents (sale deed)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration card
  • Proof of possession e.g., the tax receipt or electricity bill
  • Encumbrance certificate

For granting Land Settlement Certificate for residential purpose (RLSC), the application form is available online on the portal. 

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Benefits of the Mizoram Land Record Portal

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By digitising property records, the government has made it possible for citizens to get all of the information they need online. If you choose to look for Mizoram land records online, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • It is not necessary to visit the department office to verify the land records. 
  • Land records can be verified using land maps that precisely identify the boundaries of the property.
  • It is simple to keep a database up to date periodically. You get unlimited access to material and may use it as many times as you like for no cost.
  • Prospective property buyers can verify the legitimacy of the land they are interested in purchasing.
  • Landowners can keep track of the specifics of their land data.
  • It is important to review land records since lenders may want more information to approve a loan.

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Land Revenue & Settlement Department: Roles and Responsibilities

The Land Revenue & Settlement Department is responsible for executing the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • The verification, survey, and delineation of land portions
  • Non-agricultural and agricultural land allotment
  • Land settlement and income from the land
  • Record-of-Rights/Land-Records preparation
  • Record-keeping for Land Use
  • Land Revenue/Taxes/Fees/Charges/etc. assessment and collection
  • The transfer and sale of real estate
  • Valuation of rate land for taxation purposes
  • Declaring districts or towns as “notified” for the sake of collecting taxes
  • Land confiscation and appropriation for public use
  • Keeping public land and highways free of encroachment
  • Assisting a wide range of public sector organisations and private sector clients with land surveying and mapping services to fulfil their specific needs. 

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