Nagaland stamp duty and registration charges: All you need to know

[] If you want to register a property in your name, you must pay important taxes, including stamp duty and registration charges. In this article, we will discuss Nagaland stamp duty and its significance

Stamp duty is the tax imposed on home owners during the purchase of a property. Stamp duty is collected by states, and varies from one state to another. The state of Nagaland also collects Nagaland stamp duty. It can be charged on all types of real estate, including residential properties, commercial units, land and leasehold units. 

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Stamp duty in Nagaland

For any residential property, the stamp duty is calculated based on the higher value between the overall valuation of the property mentioned in the agreement and the reckoner rate. In Nagaland, the stamp duty rates are set at 8.25%.

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How to apply for stamp duty payment in Nagaland?

Unlike every other state in India, properties in Nagaland are predominantly with the tribal people of the state. This rule was adopted by the tribal leaders, to ensure the preservation of their land. If you want to register a property, here is a list of some of the basic requirements to be met:

  • The registration takes place at the sub-registrar’s office.
  • Before buying or selling the property, one needs to meet the guidelines set by the respective tribal head.
  • To conduct the official procedures, applicants need to contact the office of the commissioner Nagaland/ district administration/ district magistrate.
  • Only after following the guidelines, can the applicant register the property and pay the stamp duty.

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Documents to apply for stamp duty payment in Nagaland

Here is a list of all the relevant documents that the applicant must submit, before applying for stamp duty in Nagaland:

  • Encumbrance certificate.
  • The original documents consisting of all the signatures from concerned parties.
  • Details of the property, including survey number, size of the land, surrounding land details, etc.
  • Property card.
  • Identity proof of the buyer, seller, and witness.
  • PAN and Aadhaar card.
  • Power of attorney in case of any involvement of real estate agent.
  • Map of the land
  • Valuation certificate from the concerned tehsildar.

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Nagaland stamp duty: Contact details

Kohima Municipal Council

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Old assembly secretariat,

Kohima, Nagaland.

Telephone No- 0370-2290252

Fax- 0370-2290711

To find contact details of other districts, head over to the link. Select your concerned district and click on ‘Contact’ from the left-hand side.

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