Plinth area: Meaning, calculation, inclusion and exclusion

[] The Indian Standard 3861-2002 defines plinth area as ‘the built-up covered area, measured at the floor level of the basement or of any storey’

One of the terms that define the size of a residential or commercial property is plinth area. A proper knowledge of plinth area is important for all prospective home buyers.

Meaning of plinth area

The Indian Standard (IS) 3861-2002 defines plinth area as ‘the built-up covered area measured at the floor level of the basement or of any storey’. Often used to measure the size of flats and apartments, plinth area is generally 10%-20% more than the carpet area of a house. According to IS 3861-2002, carpet area is the floor area of usable rooms.

Plinth area measurement

Before the introduction of IS in 1966, various methods for calculating plinth and carpet areas were followed in India. According to IS, plinth area is the built-up covered areas and includes areas listed in subsequent sections.

Plinth area = carpet area + wall area+ lift, shaft openings, etc.

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Plinth area: What is included?

  1. Area of a wall at floor level, excluding plinth offsets.
  2. Shafts for sanitary, water supply installations, garbage chute, telecommunication, electrical, firefighting, air-conditioning and lift.
  3. Staircase.
  4. Protected open verandah.
  5. Balcony protected by projection.

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Plinth area: What is not included?

  1. Area of loft.
  2. Area of architectural band, cornice, etc.
  3. Area of vertical sun breaker or box louver, projecting out and other architectural features, for example, slab projection for flowerpot, etc.
  4. Open platform.
  5. Terrace.
  6. Open spiral/service staircases; and
  7. Area of machine rooms, towers, turrets, domes projecting above terrace level.

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Plinth area: What all is covered?

Bedroom Yes
Kitchen Yes
Bathroom Yes
Store room Yes
Living room Yes
Study room Yes
Guest room Yes
Dining room Yes
Kids’ room Yes
External staircase Yes
Internal staircase Yes
Balcony Yes
Terrace Yes
Lift Yes
Verandah Yes
Lift Yes
Thickness of wall Yes
Areas of the internal shafts Yes
Garden No
Lobby No


Are plinth and built-up areas the same?

Yes, plinth and built-up areas are the same.

How is plinth area different from carpet area?

Carpet area of a house means its net usable area. Plinth area, on the other hand, includes carpet area, wall areas and other areas in a house.

What is floor area?

Floor area is the plinth area of a house minus the area covered by walls.

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