Posh areas in Kolkata

[] This article lists some of the top posh areas in Kolkata, along with their property and rental prices.

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is famous for its colonial architecture and heritage buildings. Its highly diverse tradition and culture have led to rapid residential development. Several posh areas in Kolkata cherish their historical existence but have modern amenities and urban infrastructure. It is one of the cities whose real estate sector has flourished extraordinarily in the past few decades. 

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Listed below are the top posh areas in Kolkata:

Posh areas in Kolkata

Posh areas in Kolkata: Alipore

Average property prices in Alipore: Rs 10,176 per sq ft. 

Counted among one of the most posh areas in Kolkata, Alipore has several top-class hospitals and schools, a well-developed underground drainage system and green sidewalks. Alipore also has a well-connected network of public transportation to the rest of the city. Surrounded by iconic buildings and recreational outlets, Alipore provides you with all the means for contemporary living. 

It is one of the oldest areas of Kolkata and provides a deep insight into the city’s heritage. Housing several bungalows and Victorian-style houses, some of which are 100 years old, Alipore is also the address for top business tycoons and bureaucrats in Kolkata. Alipore is also home to the country’s largest zoological park and national library. Along with being the most posh area in Kolkata, Alipore is also the safest residential area as it is completely under CCTV surveillance.

Properties for sale in Alipore: Property prices in this high-end locality require multiple crores. 

Properties for rent in Alipore: Starting from Rs 18,000, rent for properties in Alipore can go up to Rs 3,50,000.

Posh areas in Kolkata: Bhowanipore

Average property prices in Bhowanipore: Rs 9,772 per sq ft.

Located in the southern part of Kolkata, Bhowanipore is the city’s entertainment capital. Since it is located in the heart of the city, many celebrities, businessmen and wealthy immigrants reside here. Basic facilities, such as top-class hospitals, schools, colleges and markets are easily available in this locality, making it one of the posh areas in Kolkata. 

It has excellent connectivity to almost all the parts of Kolkata and you will find several bungalows and villas here. Bhowanipore is home to several notable personalities, such as Subash Chandra Bose, Satyajit Ray and Anil Kumar Gain.

Properties for sale in Bhowanipore: Properties in this neighborhood can go up to crores. 

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Properties for rent in Bhowanipore: The monthly rent for properties in Bhowanipore ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 4,00,000. 

Posh areas in Kolkata: Ballygunge

Average property prices in Ballygunge: Rs 11,946 per sq ft. 

Ballygunge is another of the posh areas in Kolkata. Being the most elite neighborhood in south Kolkata, Ballygunge houses several well-known restaurants, educational institutions and boutiques for the best silk fabric in the city. Popular markets like Kasba Market and Gariahat Market are within walking distance. 

With mostly Bengali families residing in this area, a majority of property buyers are high net-worth individuals and non-resident Indians. The key places in Ballygunge include Quest Mall, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Public School, Institute of Business Management and Research, Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute, and Apollo Gleneagles Heart Center. 

The Rabindra Sadan metro station is 3 kilometers away from Ballygunge, and the AJC Bose Road, the Gariahat Road and the Ballygunge Circular Road offer the area an excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. 

Proximity to the Birla Mandir, Bhowanipore and the Institute of Child Health also contributes to the posh status of Ballygunge. 

Properties for sale in Ballygunge: According to the property listings available with, the prices for sale in Ballygunge can go as high as Rs 4.9 crores.

Properties for rent in Ballygunge: Based on the location and service provided, monthly rent in Ballygunge can go up to Rs 2,75,000. 

Posh areas in Kolkata: Park Street

Average property prices in Park Street: Rs 13,628 per sq ft. 

Park Street has served as the main recreational zone in Kolkata since the British era. From food and music to culture and history, Park Street has it all. Boasting several clubs, bars, malls, restaurants, and cafes, Park Street is known for its nightlife and is known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Officially called Mother Teresa Sarini, it is also an essential centre for offices. 

Its additional features like cleanliness and solid corporate presence make it one of the top posh areas in Kolkata. Park Street leads to Park Circus, which is also one of the best localities in the city. Park Street especially comes alive during festivities like Diwali, New Year and Christmas. 

Properties for sale in Park Street: Properties available for purchase in Park Street require multiple crores. 

Properties for rent in Park Street: Average monthly rent in Park Street can go up to Rs 1,50,000.

Posh areas in Kolkata: Salt Lake (Bidhannagar)

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Average property prices in Salt Lake: Rs 7,609 per sq ft.

Salt Lake is one of the most well-planned areas of Kolkata. Consisting of apartment buildings and independent houses, it is extremely clean and full of greenery. It is divided into blocks, each block with its own playground and market. Since it is located in close proximity to the Kolkata airport, it is one of the most preferred places to live in the city. 

It is built on a saltwater lake (giving it its name) and houses offices of several multinational corporations. In addition, it also houses various well-known parks, like Nicco Park and Salt Lake Central Park. You can find top-notch schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes here. It is well-connected to the other localities in Kolkata through the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and soon-to-be-functional metro link. 

It is comparatively affordable than the other posh areas in Kolkata, making it an ideal residence for the upper-middle class. 

Properties for sale in Salt Lake: Most of the properties for sale in Salt Lake range between Rs 77,00,000 to Rs 2 crores.

Properties for rent in Salt Lake: Average monthly rent in Salt Lake starts from Rs 7,500.

Posh areas in Kolkata: New Alipore

Average property prices in New Alipore: Rs. 7,391 per sq. ft.

New Alipore is an extended part of Alipore and is another refined neighborhood in Kolkata. It is known for its meticulous planning and is surrounded by localities like Tollygunge, Behala, and Kalighat. Auto-rickshaws and buses are the most popular and convenient modes of transportation in the area. The New Alipore Railway Station and the Majerhat Railway Station are the two railway stations present in this elite locality. 

Food points, such as Zayka Restaurant and Bar, The Quince Restaurant, and Ajanta Restaurant and Bar are very popular in New Alipore. India’s biggest library, The National Library of India, is within walking distance. 

Properties for sale in New Alipore: Starting from Rs 75,00,000, the rates for properties in New Alipore can go as high as Rs 2.12 crores.

Properties for rent in New Alipore: Starting from Rs. 11,000, monthly rent for properties in New Alipore can go up to Rs. 1,00,000. 

Posh areas in Kolkata: Price range 

Area Average property prices (per sq ft) Average rent per month
Alipore Rs 10,176 Rs 36,500
Bhowanipore Rs 9,772 Rs 28,846
Ballygunge Rs 11,946 Rs 43,520
Park Street Rs 13,628 Rs 51,666
Salt Lake Rs 7,609 Rs 22,888
New Alipore Rs 7,391 Rs 15,000

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Posh areas in Kolkata FAQs

What are the poshest areas in Kolkata?

The top posh areas in Kolkata are Alipore, Bhowanipore, Ballygunge, Park Street, Salt Lake, and New Alipore.

What is the average property price in the Ballygunge area of Kolkata?

The average property price in Ballygunge is Rs. 11,946.

Is Park Street a posh area?

Park Street is one of the cleanest areas in Kolkata and has several restaurants, cafes, clubs, offices, and bars, making it one of the most sought-after posh areas of Kolkata.

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