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A guide to DC conversion of agricultural land in Karnataka

[] Mentioned in this article is a guide to DC conversion of agricultural land in Karnataka that allows land to be used for non-agricultural purposes.

DC conversion is a legal procedure in Karnataka that allows agricultural land to be converted for non-agricultural uses. The non-agricultural land that has been converted can be utilised for a various purposes, including residential, commercial and industrial usage. 

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DC conversion meaning

Lands that have been designated as agricultural cannot be used for residential, commercial or industrial uses unless they are converted into non-agricultural property first. This is termed land conversion or in other terms, DC Conversion

DC conversion means the process of transforming agricultural land into non-agricultural land.  

The DC name is imposed because the conversion is normally approved by the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture. Since land conversion is within the authority of several state governments in India, the method for land conversion differs from one state to another. 

Those who fail to secure the DC conversion for agricultural land will be fined, and any structures that have been built will be removed by the appropriate authorities. For any development of residential flats on agricultural property, it is necessary to secure a DC conversion certificate before beginning work on the project.

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Documents list for DC conversion

An application needs to be submitted to the District Commissioner to have property used for non-agricultural purposes. The specified form 1 is used for tenanted land, whereas the recommended form 21 A is used for Patta land.

Document checklist 

  • Deed of Title to Property
  • A copy of the mutation record
  • A copy of Form 10 is required to document the occupant’s right of occupation.
  • Certificate of non-payment provided by the village accountant
  • Certified copy of land tribunal order
  • Zonal certificate provided by the Town Planning or Urban Development Authority 
  • Copies of the Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crop (RTC)
  • Certified land survey map

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Patta land document checklist 

  • Certificate of no-duet provided by the village accountant
  • Copies of mutation records
  • Copies of the Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crop (RTC)
  • Certified land survey map
  • The CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) No Objection Certificate if the property lies on the banks of a river or is next to the sea

Buyer’s obligation for DC conversion

To avoid acquiring unapproved land, a prospective buyer must carefully check all of the property’s documentation. Property owners in Bangalore are required to get a Khata certificate, which is an assessment that details the property taxes that the present owner of the property is responsible for remitting on their behalf. Proof of ownership is also provided by a certificate of authenticity.

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Risks associated with failure to comply with DC conversion laws

If a building is constructed on agricultural land in violation of the regulation, it will be demolished. As a result, the landowner will also have to deal with the fines.

How to apply for DC conversion online? 

Step 1- 

DC conversion Karnataka

To apply online, visit the Revenue Department’s website

Step 2-

DC conversion Karnataka how to apply

On the home page, you will find land conversion services. 

Step 3-

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How to apply DC conversion

Click on Apply Online for Land Conversion. You will be redirected to the land records citizen portal.  

Step 4-

DC conversion how to apply

 Create Your Account 

Step 5-

Complete the application and attach the following papers.

  • Rights, Tenancy, and Crops Record (RTC)
  • If there are several landowners, a copy of the 11E sketch
  • A copy of the mutation certificate
  • Affidavit on 200 rupee stamp paper 

 The application will be delivered to the Urban Development Authority upon submission. The specifics of the land will be compared to the master plan. Conversion will incur a charge and the district commissioner will sign the land conversion certificate, which may be downloaded and notarised.

The notarised application will be sent to the appropriate departments for their review. If the authorities do not respond within 30 days, the application for land conversion will be executed, assuming no objections from the involved departments. 

How to get a DC land conversion certificate?

 To receive a certificate of land conversion, complete the steps below:

  • The application form should be submitted to the Tahsildar or Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) for conversion permission.
  • Upon receipt of the application, the appropriate authorities will perform due diligence to ascertain the title of the property, any encumbrances, and so forth.
  • Following verification, the Tahsildar or Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) would speak with the planning and development authorities to ascertain that there are no objections and that the land is within the Master Plan’s boundaries.
  • The applicant will be granted CLU (Change of Land Use) approval. Within 30 days after approval, the Tahsildar will update the CLU information.

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