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All about Bhuj Area Development Authority (BHADA)

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On 26 January 2001, a disastrous earthquake rocked Gujarat. 40% of residential homes were destroyed in this earthquake. As an aftermath of this earthquake, the Bhuj Area Development Authority (BHADA) was established on May 9, 2001. This authority was established under section 22 of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act 1976. 

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The vision of BHADA is to make Bhuj a well-planned city by providing new town planning, infrastructure facilities, and rehabilitation to the people of the town affected by the earthquake. Since its establishment, the authority has taken several practical steps toward developing the city. Let’s take a deeper dive and learn more about BHADA.

Formation of BHADA

The earthquake of 2001 was devastating for Gujarat. 12,300 people were killed, several buildings were destroyed and roads were damaged. Bhuj was only 20 km away from the earthquake’s epicentre and was severely damaged. On 24 April 2001, the cabinet took up a resolution to form Area Development Authorities in all four towns. On 9 May 2001, the Bhuj Area Development Authority came into force via notification no. 

GHV/76 of 2001/TPV-102001-1764-V of the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department, Gandhinagar. It was formed under the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act 1976 to recover and regulate the development of its jurisdiction area. The jurisdiction area of BHADA consists of 5642.67 hectares including the Bhuj city and the nearby regions of Mirzapur and Madhapar villages.

BHADA administered Bhuj city 

Bhuj city is located in the North-west part of Gujarat. It is the second-largest city, and administrative headquarter of the largest district of Gujarat, the Kachchh District. It lies 400 km away from the state capital, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. Road and railways connect it to other major Kachchh districts and Gujarat cities. It is an important trade and commercial centre of the region. Its geographical location makes it very important for the development of the entire area.

The city was established in 1510 by Rao Hamriji and became the state capital in 1549 under Rao Khengarji I. Bhuj was the capital of the Kachchh state between 1947 to 1956. Kachchh state became a part of Gujarat after 1960. The city derives its name from the fortress Bhujiyo, which overlooks the town from Bhujia Hill.

BHADA: Powers and functions

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The powers and functions of the BHADA are provided in Section 23 of the Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act, 1976. The provision of the act gives BHADA the authority to undertake in the urban development area: the preparation of development plans, preparation of town planning schemes directed by the state government, surveys for the preparation of development plans or town planning schemes, any development works assigned by the state government from time to time and development activities that are in accordance of the development plan. 

BHADA has to guide and assist local and statutory authorities/authorities functioning in the urban development area with planning, development and utilisation of the land. It also has to levy and collect scrutiny fees from scrutinising documents related to development permission and prices for the execution of works referred to in clause (vi) of the act and other amenities and services prescribed by the related regulations.

The authority has to enter into contracts with local authorities, organisations or persons necessary for its functions. It also holds, manages, acquires or disposes of properties that it finds necessary. Works in connection to the supply of water, disposal of sewage and provision of other services and amenities are also executed by BHADA. Functions that are supplemental, consequential or incidental to these powers and functions and other functions assigned by the state government are also the responsibility of BHADA.

BHADA: Town planning schemes

Under the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976 the town planning schemes were established as a microlevel planning tool.  The town planning schemes were established to solve problems such as unorganised and unplanned plots, lack of open space, narrow or poor roads and approaches, poor building control regulations, invasion of the available open spaces and poor building control regulations. 

After the implementation of the town planning schemes, the BHUJ area has a better planned city with planning approaches such as new roads, reconstruction of unplanned roads, widening of roads, and roads that link to the outskirts region. The first ever experiment of the urban renewal of the entire Gamtal was done. The fastest ever planning and immediate implementation was initiated. Humanitarian and green approaches were also  used in the town planning schemes .

BHADA: Relocation sites

The government has planned and proposed three major relocation sites in the adjoining area of the city of Bhuj for relocation and resettling of people whose houses were destroyed or whose land was required for the implementation of the town planning schemes either completely or partially. Currently there are 4 relocation sites: R.T.O. , Rawalwadi, Mundra, and GIDC. 

The relocation sites are well planned areas that have all basic features like water supply, electricity, road, etc.  Residential plots range from 100 sq mt to 200 sq mt in size. Health centers, open spaces, commercial centers and primary schools have been identified and established under the provision of reserved land .

BHADA: DP 2025

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Under section 21 of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976, BHADA has initiated the preparation of the revised development plan’s work. Ms Nascent Info Technologies Pvt Ltd. has been awarded the work for the revised development plan. The work includes existing land use survey, updation of Cadastral Map, total station and DGPS survey, stakeholder consultation, and other planning tasks.

BHADA: Contact information

Address- Bhuj Area Development Authority

Reliance Hall, near Bahumalibhavan,

Ghanshyam Nagar,

Bhuj, Gujarat 370001

Phone no. –  02832 221 734

Email Id-

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