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All about Bihar ration card

[] Bihar residents may now register for a Bihar Ration Card online through the official website.

Citizens can acquire ration at subsidised prices by using a ration card. The Bihar government has made getting a ration card possible online. Bihar residents may now register for a Bihar Ration Card online through the official website. 

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Bihar Ration Card: Online application

Interested state residents, who want a new ration card or renew an old one can apply online at the Food and Consumer Protection Department’s official website. People in the state would no longer have to visit government offices to obtain their Bihar ration cards. 

Bihar residents above the age of 18 can apply by completing the ration card Bihar online apply 2022 (which is the same as the ration card Bihar online apply 2021).

Ration card in Bihar: Simplified

The Bihar government has made a significant change in the process. Now the citizens of Bihar can get their ration cards made any day. The Bihar Ration Card system has been completely opened and made available for all. 

Ration card Bihar has made it easier for everyone and everyone to access their ration cards under the new process. The ration card will be made on similar lines as the voter ID card. 

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According to the Food and Consumer Protection Department, Bihar is the first state in our country to make acquiring ration cards extremely simple. During the coronavirus lockdown last year, the Bihar government issued 23.5 lakh new ration cards. One lakh more ration cards were made from June to December. The ration card download Bihar feature has made it extremely simple for people to get their cards. 

1 crore 76 lakh ration cardholders get a monthly ration from the government. Bihar needs 4.25 million metric tonnes of rice and wheat every month. The Bihar government is delivering wheat and rice to every needy individual. The whole ration card system is now available online. Last month, the Bihar government gave 5 lakh 19 thousand metric tonnes of food grains.

Significance of ration card

Food products such as wheat, rice, kerosene, sugar, and other items delivered to ration stores by the government would be made available to the people of Bihar at reduced costs using this Bihar Ration Card. People in the state who are financially strapped and unable to buy enough food for themselves and their families can purchase food at reduced prices using this ration card and support themselves. 

Purpose of Bihar ration card

Previously, getting a ration card was used to prove very cumbersome for the residents of the state. Now, they can easily get their cards by online ration card apply Bihar

The inhabitants of Bihar would also be able to save a lot of time by applying through this online application portal. Providing subsidised food goods such as sugar, rice and wheat to individuals via ration cards helps improve the living standards of the impoverished.

Benefits of ration card

  • They can be used as identification cards.
  • A ration card is essential to get voter identification and a driver’s licence.
  • Bihar residents can obtain low-cost food commodities such as wheat, rice, kerosene, and sugar through the Bihar Ration Card.
  • Those who wish to obtain an electrical connection may do so using a ration card.
  • You may now apply for a ration card online from the comfort of your own home under this initiative.

Necessary documents for applying for a ration card in Bihar

  • Applicant must have a permanent resident certificate of Bihar
  • Aadhaar card
  • Postal address
  • Certificate of Income
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

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Application form for Bihar ration card

BPL ration card

  • which are red
  • distributed by the government to households with yearly incomes of less than Rs 10000

AAY ration

  • distributed to poor and needy people in our society. 
  • has a yellow hue.

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These ration cards are distributed based on household income and status. 

Bihar ration card: How to apply?

Residents of the state who want to apply for the card can download the PDF file of the Bihar Ration card and follow the steps mentioned there. They can also follow the methodology provided below for ration cards online apply Bihar:

  • The application form for a new consumer (ration) card may be obtained from any circle office / SDO to get a ration card under this plan.
  • After that, fill out the application form with all requested information, such as your name, address, and phone number.
  • Then you’ll need passport-size pictures of the head of your household confirmed by a Gazetted Officer/MLA/MP/Municipal Councillor, as well as specified proof(s) of residency and the prior Ration Card’s Surrender/Deletion Certificate.
  • Then there must be confirmation of residency and a surrender/deletion certificate from a prior ration card (if any).
  • FSO/S.I. / M.O. conducts spot inquiries and records statements of two independent witnesses in the neighbourhood if evidence of residency is not available.
  • Then support the application form along with all the supporting documents.
  • The average time required to prepare a ration card is 15 days. Thus your application has been submitted.

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Improving the rate on Aadhaar seeding of Bihar ration card

The department has also stated that the ration card is connected to the Aadhar card. As a result, the seeding of Aadhaar cards has been accelerated. Every day in the state, 1000 to 1200 Aadhaar seedings are accomplished. 

The Bihar government has set a March 2021 deadline for integrating all ration cards with Aadhaar. Citizens who have not completed the Aadhar seeding process would be denied rations. By February 2021, 90 percent of Aadhaar seeding had been done.

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