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All about Max Life Insurance Secure Plus plan

[] Max Insurance Smart Safe Premium is unique insurance that offers greater economic freedom to members through various pay-out alternatives and distinctive in-built features. 

Max Insurance Smart Safe Premium is unique insurance that offers greater economic freedom to members through various pay-out alternatives and distinctive in-built features, including fatal sickness, exceptional departure value, and valued insert.

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  • It offers benefits like death benefits, special exit value, and terminal illness recovery.
  • The policy period ranges from 5 to 10 years.

Eligibility criteria

Entry Age Min. Age- 18 years

Max. Age- 65 years


Maturity age Accident cover- 85 years

ACI- 65 years

Base Death Benefit-85 years.

Min. Yearly Premium Depends on the applicable current rates
Max. Yearly Premium No limit
Policy Tenure Accident cover- 10-67 years

ACI- 10-50 years

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Base Cover- 5-67 years

Min. Sum Assured Accident Cover- Rs 20 lakh

ACI- Rs 5 lakh

Base Death Benefit- Rs 50,000

Max. Sum Assured Accident Cover- no limit

ACI-  half of the base death benefit

Base Death Benefit- Rs 1 crore

Modes Yearly/Quarterly/ Monthly/Semi-annual

Max Life Smart Secure Plus Plan: How does it work?

This insurance is meant to give consumers total economic protection. It provides customers with life protection and the opportunity to personalise insurance coverage based on their economic status, with 2 life insurance versions and several pay-out alternatives.

Terms and conditions

  • The paid premiums are refunded within 15-30 days of the starting of the policy in case the policyholder isn’t satisfied with the policy.
  • The grace period is of 30 days under which the plan coverage continues. Unfortunately, if the policyholder dies then the company deducts all the unpaid premiums.
  • The policy is terminated in case of non-payment and can be revived in a revival period of  5 years of the due date 

How can you get it?

To acquire the Max Life Smart Secure Plus Plan, here’s what to do:

  • Go to the official site to learn more about the Smart Secure Plus Plan.
  • Select “Calculate Premium” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the term insurance calculator, input the whole of your information, including your name, contact information, ethnicity, personal details, and yearly salary.
  • Select “Calculate Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • Decide on a career path.
  • Decide on your educational path.
  • Decide on the amount of life insurance you want and how long you want it for.
  • Fill in the blanks with your riders.
  • On the new page, fill in all of your information.
  • To complete the transaction, click “Proceed.”

What is not included in the policy?

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Suicide: If the policyholder commits suicide within a year of the start of the policy, the company refunds the complete premium amount. This also includes the underwriting along with the loading of the paid premium modal. If the policyholder top up the sum insured with a voluntary top-up option, the suicide clause applies to the updated amount due to the voluntary option.

Advantages of Max Life Smart Secure Plus Plan

Death benefits: The Max Life Smart Secure Plus Plan provides financial protection to the family members of the policyholder in case of death. The specific variant depends on the policyholder.

Fatal Illness Insurance Built-In: If you have been suffering from a serious disease within the policy period of Max Life’s Smart Secure Plus Plan, you may be entitled to a payment of more than one crore rupees.

Payment refund: If you pick this choice, you will receive the entire premium wages given if you outlive the insurance period.

Life Insurance for spouse: Among the most crucial concerns of any provider is your partner’s finances in the case of an unforeseen tragedy. For this case, Max Life Smart Secure Plus Plan provides joint financial support.

Accident insurance: The homeowner’s household gets the coverage sum and also the basic coverage if the policyholder dies as a consequence of an incident. This incident cover, according to the disaster cover’s rules and limitations, could be extended towards the Max Life Intelligent Safe Supports Internal at any point during the annual billing period.

Accelerated Critical Illness (ACI): There are 40 distinct critical diseases under Accelerated Critical Illness and the insurance covers the entire amount after diagnosis is done.


Would the policy work for an NRI?

Yes, the policy can be availed by an NRI.

What does one mean by the Free Look period?

In the free look period, the client evaluates the contract terms when the receipt is received, and if they disagree with any of the terms, they can return it with the reason for rejection.

What is a special exit value?

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