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All about Passport Seva Kendra

[] In this article we focus on Passport Seva Kendra that provide options ranging from the distribution of tokens to the approval of passport applications as well as other activities.

What is Passport Seva Kendra?

Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) and Passport Offices (PO) are the front-end operators for passport issuing provided by Passport Centres. Such Kendras provide options ranging from the distribution of tokens to the approval of passport applications as well as other activities.

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The foreign ministry, in collaboration with the Indian government, has developed the Passport Seva program, which allows residents and anyone living overseas to apply for passports digitally. If you live in India, you also have the choice of collecting your passport in person.

What is the purpose of a Passport Office (PO)?

Passport Offices (PO) have the authority to grant passports, revoke and imprison them, and exercise control over the PSK(s) under their supervision. They are in charge of the back-end functions associated with the processing of all passport applications.

The POs are in charge of

  1. Printing
  2. Lamination
  3. Passport despatch
  4. Contact with Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) Headquarters, state/UT administration, and police

PSK appointment availability

To check the availability at PSK, one needs to follow the listed steps

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1)  Visit this link: Appointment Availability Status | Passport Seva

2)      You will be directed to a form as shown below

PSK appointment availability

3)      After filling in the credentials you will be shown the details of places where PSK is along with the date of availability.

PSK appointment availability

How can I get a passport?

PSK makes getting a passport simple and quick. It connects with the regional police for actual validation of applicants’ qualifications and with India Postal for passports delivery, in addition to establishing a nationally connected ecosystem for government workers and offices across India. You can use Passport Seva services to apply for a passport online.

How to apply for a passport in India online

  • Register for a passport using the Seva online site.
  • Use the approved login ID to access the passport Seva internet website.
  • Click the Apply for a New Passport/Passport Reissue link.
  • Fill out the form with the relevant information and submit it.
  • To arrange a meeting, go to the View Saved/Submitted Applications screen and click the Pay and Schedule Appointment option.
  • Scheduling appointments at all Passport Seva Kendras/Passport Offices now requires online payment. Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, Associate Banks, and Other Banks are all options for making an online payment.
  • To print the application receipt with the Application Citation Number/Appointment Number, click the Print Application Receipt link.
  • During your visit to the passport office, an SMS containing your reservation details is also acceptable as evidence of an invitation.
  • Bring original papers to the Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office in which the meeting has been scheduled.

Steps to perform at PSK centre

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Follow the directions outlined beneath on the day of your appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra:

Present the consultation confirmation and genuine papers to the passport professional as soon as it enters the main office. He’ll give you a token.

You must now enter through three counters: Counter A, B, and C.

Counter Type Role Time at Counter
A At this counter, you must complete a biometric information test. Authentication and submission of your papers are also part of the package. 10-15 mins
B A passport officer checks your original copy and stamps them as well as your passport at this desk. 20-30 mins
C Your paperwork is verified by a senior official. He or she will ask you a few inquiries and then tell you whether or not your passport request has been approved. He/she also verifies whether police confirmation is necessary at any point either during or after this. 15 mins
Exit Counter Deliver your ticket to the counter at the departure. A passport application certificate would be issued by a PSK employee. This information contains the passport file number, which customers may use to check the status of their application online. Not Applicable

How to check the status of a Passport Seva Kendra application

You can check the application status once you’ve submitted it, both online and offline.

Check the status of your PSK application online

  • Step 1: Go to the Passport Seva website. Select “Track Application Status” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: Choose an application type and input your 15-digit file number as well as your date of birth. To see the status of your application on the screen, click “Track Status.”

Track the status of your PSK application offline

You may also check the progress of your passport application offline using the following methods:

  • (Send a text message to 9704100100 with the phrase “STATUS FILE NUMBER”).
  • 18002581800 is the phone number for the National Call Centre.
  • Visit your local Passport Seva Kendra right away.


How long does the application submission remain valid?

It remains valid for 90 days, and after that, one needs to re-apply.

What types of applications are accepted at Camp?

At Camps, you may only apply for a new passport or a reissue (save for lost or damaged passports) under the Normal plan. Camps need not take Tatkal, PCC, or other odd applicants.

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