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All about YES Bank credit card PIN generation

[] Know how to generate YES Bank credit card PIN online and using the ATM

YES Bank offers a wide range of services such as products and technology-driven digital offerings. The customers of the bank range from corporate, MSME and retail customers.  

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Yes Bank offers various methods through which you can generate your credit card PIN. Read all about them below.

How to register a YES Bank credit card? 

The first step to generating your credit card pin is to register it. Follow the steps to register your YES Bank credit card – 

  • Visit the YES Bank online official website –
  • Click the ‘Login’ option. 
  • Select ‘Credit Cards’ and then click on the ‘Get Started’ option. 
  • Click on the ‘Register using Credit Card’. 
  • Provide all the required details on the page and proceed further. 
  • You will receive the OTP number on your number. 
  • Click on Submit. 
  • After this step, you will receive the following message on screen – ‘You have successfully registered for Net Banking.
  • You can now log in using your credit card. 

Generate/ change PIN through YES Bank online 

You can register and generate your YES Bank Credit Card PIN via Net banking. 

  • Visit the YES Bank official website –
  • Select the Login option. 
  • Click the option ‘Credit Card’ and then ‘Get Started’. 
  • Choose the ‘PIN SET/ RESET’ on the screen’s left-hand side. 
  • Select your Card Type (Primary or Add-on). 
  • Select your Card Number. 
  • Now, enter the PIN. 
  • Re-enter the PIN again. 
  • You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. 
  • Provide the same number on the next page once again. 
  • You will receive a notification about the PIN change after this step. 

Register your YES Bank credit card and generate your PIN using ATM 

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You can register and generate your YES Bank credit card PIN through an ATM. 

  • Insert the Credit Card into the nearest YES Bank ATM. 
  • Select the language. 
  • Click the ‘Create PIN using OTP’. 
  • You will receive the OTP number on your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP number on the next screen. 
  • Think of a new four-digit pin and type it. 
  • Confirm the PIN and submit it. 
  • You will receive a notification after confirming the PIN. 
  • You are all set to use the pin after this step. 

Ensure security of credit card PIN 

  • The customer must ensure that the credit card is swiped in their presence. 
  • You must never share your credit details through email and other messaging services. 
  • You must also not save your credit details on any sites. 
  • It is not good to write down your credit card PIN on paper or card. 
  • Check your credit card statement monthly and note any unauthorised transactions. 

Benefits of YES Bank credit cards

  • Every YES Bank Credit Card aims to satisfy the lifestyle and desires of its customers. The YES Bank credit gives a wide range of features, lifestyle privileges and other rewarding programs. 
  • The bank also offers round-the-year deals across your favourite merchants. 
  • The customers can also avail themselves of exclusive lifestyle benefits and low-interest rates. 
  • The customer service team at YES Bank helps you to have a seamless experience.

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Contact details of YES Bank  

Toll free number  1800 103 6000

+91 22 4935 0000 (outside of India)

Email Address
Address YES BANK Tower,

IFC – 2, 15th Floor,

Senapati Bapat Marg,

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Elphinstone (W),

Mumbai – 400 013


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Can you use a YES Bank Credit Card for money withdrawal?

Yes, you can use the YES Bank Credit Card to withdraw money from the ATM.

How to check the status of your YES Bank Credit Card?

Visit the official website and select the option ‘Credit Card Application Status. Type the thirteen-digit unique application reference number. You can also call the customer service number at 1800 103 1212.

Do you need joining fees for the YES Bank Credit Cards?

No. YES Bank has a FinBooster credit card, and there are no joining fees.

Do you need to issue a fixed deposit against YES Bank Credit Card?

Only for the YES Prosperity Rewards Plus Card would you need to issue a fixed deposit. You will require a minimum deposit amount of Rs.50,000 from the Bank to be eligible.

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