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All you need to know about LIC premium payment receipt

[] You can view your LIC online payment proof at any time.

If you pay a premium towards a policy by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), you will be able to do so digitally without encountering any difficulties and view your LIC online payment proof at any time. The LIC website also makes it simple to get a copy of your LIC premium payment receipt and an overview of your premium payments.

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Downloading LIC premium payment receipt

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Customers who have paid premiums for LIC policies may get their receipts via the company’s website. Customers may also acquire an aggregated Premium Paid summary for each insurance they’ve bought by accessing the company’s website and selecting the appropriate policy from the drop-down menu. There is an initial registration process before you may obtain any of the LIC receipts or summarised statements.

Step-by-step procedure to download LIC premium payment receipt 

  • For online services, go to the LIC website and choose LIC e-Services under Online Services. 
  • Select ‘Registered User’ if you are already a member
  • You will be led to the login page where you must enter your user name, password, and birth date. Additionally, you must choose if you’re a representative or a consumer.
  • You will be routed to the welcome screen for LIC’s e-Services.
  • Select “Individual policy paid statement” or “Consolidated premium paid statement”. Both the Individual Policy Paid Statement and the Consolidated Premium Paid Statements options allow you to obtain your LIC premium payment statements for all of the policies you have bought from the company.
  • To get an “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement,” you’ll need to enter your policy number after completing the preceding steps and selecting the fiscal year.
  • The receipt may be printed or saved as a PDF, to serve as a backup in case you lose or forget your LIC account password.

Step-by-step procedure to register for LIC e-services

  • For online services, go to the LIC website and choose LIC e-Services under Online Services.
  • Select “Customer Portal” from the ‘Online Services’ option to access your account.
  • A new window will pop up, and from there, you will have to choose “Registration for E-Services” from the “Functionalities Offered” drop-down menu and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • A ‘Registered User’ block will appear, and a ‘New User’ block will appear.
  • Selecting ‘New User’ will prompt you to fill out the necessary information. The information that has to be input includes the monthly premium, the policy information of any of your LIC covers, the birth date of the person as it appears in the policy statement, and the reference number of the policy in consideration. Before selecting the box that reads, ‘I affirm that the mobile phone number indicated is listed under my identity and is used by me,’ the user must provide their Email ID and cellphone number.
  • Then press the “Proceed” button to continue.
  • Based on the website’s terms and regulations, a username and password should be chosen. In order to access the LIC site, you will need to enter your username and password.
  • LIC’s e-services will send a welcome email to your email address to confirm your membership.
  • To log in to the portal, first, pick ‘Registered User’ from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the ‘LIC’s e-services’ link, then enter your username and password.
  • After you have successfully signed in to the site, you will have access to a wide range of services, including e-Services, Premier Services, and Basic Services, among others.


Can I make an online payment for my LIC premium?

Yes, you can pay your LIC payment using the website.

Can I get my premium receipt from LIC without enrolling for e-services?

No, in order to get your LIC premium receipt, you will first need to register for e-services.

Are there any fees associated with e-services?

LIC does not charge its consumers for using its e-services in any way.

Who may use LIC’s online services?

All of LIC’s policyholders have access to the company’s online services.

How can I determine whether I am enrolled in LIC’s e-services?

You will get an email as well as a text message after you have successfully registered for LIC’s online services.

Can I obtain the receipt for my offline-paid LIC premium?

Is a PDF version of the LIC premium paid proof available?

Yes, you will be provided with a PDF version of the LIC premium-paid certificate.

How can I recover a misplaced LIC premium receipt?

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