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EPF registration for employers: Registration process and login

[] Here is the detailed process for employers to register on the EPFO website.

All companies are required to register for EPF if they employ 20 or more people. The company is responsible for both deducting and paying the PF money into the accounts of its employees. 

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Online EPF registration procedure for employers

The proprietor is responsible for completing the online registration of the business. By taking advantage of the streamlined process offered by online registration, the business owner may register their location by submitting the following information:

  • Foundation details

The data of the institution that need to be submitted are the following: 



Date of incorporation


Company type 

If the business is a factory, the information that has to be submitted includes:

Production plant license number

Date of permission

Place where license was issued

If the company qualifies as an MSME, the relevant MSME registration information must be submitted.

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If the company is part of the Startup India programme, the information required for registration with Startup India must be submitted.

  • eContacts

The employer is required to disclose the approved person’s email address as well as their cell phone number.

  • Contact individual

The information of the contact person, such as a supervisor, must be provided by the employer. The following information must be provided: 

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. PAN number
  5. Designation
  6. Date of joining
  7. And address data
  • Identifiers

The information that is required to be provided by the employer pertaining to the licence is the identifiers.

  • Occupational details

The following employment characteristics are needed to be provided: 

  1. Number of employees
  2. Their gender
  3. The kind of tasks they do
  4. Earnings over the limit
  5. Total wages
  • Operations

The employer is responsible for entering the NIC Code, which stands for “National Industrial Classification,” as well as selecting the type of the firm and the operations that are covered from the drop-down choices that are accessible.

  • Division/Branch

Information on the branch, including its name, premise number, Labor Identification Number (LIN), and address.

Employer EPF registration procedure

Go to the EPFO website and choose the Establishment Registration option on the homepage.

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When you click the button labelled Establishment Registration, you will be brought to the page where you may sign up for the Unified Shram Suvidha Portal (USSP).  In order to get started, the employer must click Sign Up.

pf2 1

In order to set up the account, the employer needs to click the Sign Up button after entering the required information (Name, Email Address, Contact Number, and Security Code).

After setting up an account, the employer must log in to the USSP and pick the Registration For EPFO-ESIC option located on the screen’s left. Next, click the “Apply for New Registration” button on the screen’s right side.

“Employees State Insurance Act, 1948” and “Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952” are the two choices that will be presented to you at this point. After making their selection, employers must click the “Submit” button after selecting the “Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952.”

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When the employer clicks the “Submit” button, a new page titled “Registration Form for EPFO” will appear. On this page, the employer will need to provide information on:

  • Foundation Details 
  • eContacts
  • Contact individual
  • Identifiers
  • Occupational details
  • Branch/Division
  • Operations 

Upload DSC

After the Registration Form for EPFO has been completely filled out and all of the essential papers have been attached, the employer’s Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) has to be uploaded and linked to the form. 

When the employer’s DSC has been successfully submitted, the employer will be notified that the application form has been successfully completed, and they will also get an alert from the USSP confirming that the EPFO enrollment has been finished.

Documents necessary for EPF registration

  • PAN of Owner, Partner, or Director.
  • Evidence showing the Registered Office’s location, such as updated water or electric Bill or landline bill.
  • Aadhaar Identity of the Owner, Partner, or Director.
  • Certificate of Registration, a GST Certificate, or some other kind of government-issued permit
  • Electronic Signature of the Owner/Partner/Director.
  • Financial Statement of the Entity
  • Hire/Rent/Lease Agreement, if available.
  • Authentication of a licence granted by the Identifier/Licensing Organization.

Must-know facts

What types of income are exempt from EPF contributions?

According to the Employee Provident Fund, the following types of income are not considered wages under any circumstances:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Overtime Allowance (OTA)
  • Bonus
  • Food Allowance

Why is it important for a company to register with the EPFO portal?

Since April 1, 2012, employers have been obliged to make contributions only after creating challans via the employer website of the EPFO.  Consequently, the employer is required to register themselves online. The technique of registering offline is no longer available; any new signups must be done using the online system.

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What to do if there is an error notice while trying to register my business?

There is a possibility that the below error messages will appear whenever the employer attempts to register:

  • “No Record Found” appears as the response when the establishment ID is entered. If this is the case, the employer is obligated to check both the identifier and extension number, as well as the EPFO office. If everything checks out, the employer has to get in touch with the EPFO regional or subregional office that’s responsible for the area.
  • When you input your establishment’s id, you may get the message “Your Organization is Already Registered.” This means that the employer must check the identification code and extension information, if applicable, as well as the EPFO Office. Employers may contact the EPFO Helpdesk at and indicate “RESET REGISTRATION” if the information provided is correct. The employer will get a document that must be submitted to the local EPFO office with the consent of the employer or an authorised signatory. When an employer receives an SMS notifying them that their registration has been successfully reset, they may re-enrol.

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How may a post-registration modification be made by the employer?

When there is a pressing need, the employer is able to alter the data on the site. The following is an explanation of the procedure:

  • Phone Number 

To use the Employer Portal, the business owner or manager must log in first. Then, under “PROFILE,” tap on the tab that says “Edit primary mobile number.” The latest phone number must be entered by the employer, and an SMS with a PIN will be sent to the new contact number. Enter the PIN and choose “Change Primary Mobile” from the drop-down menu. A validation SMS will be sent to the new main cellphone number, which will now be used for all communications.

  • E-mail 

The employer is required to enter their credentials into the Employer Portal. You may confirm your main email address by clicking the link located in the “PROFILE” menu. The employer must replace the existing email address with a new one before continuing. After that, choose the option to “Send Verification link.”

A notification will be sent to the email address you provide during registration. The employer is required to access the email address and click on the link inside the email they have just received to complete the process. In the long term, all communications will be sent to the new email address validated in the system.

Do you need to register all your venues if you’re an employer or an authorised signatory?

Yes, the process of registering the business has to be accomplished for each and every facility.

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