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Everything about Kakatiya Urban Development Authority

[] Mentioned in this article is everything about Kakatiya Urban Development Authority

The Kakatiya Urban Development Authority is the urban planning organisation for the city of Warangal in the Indian state of Telangana. It was established in 1982 and had jurisdiction over 171 villages, including 27 villages in Karimnagar district and the Warangal Municipal Corporation area, covering 1805.00 sq km. 

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Functions of KUDA

The Kakatiya Urban Development Authority performs a variety of functions, including:  

  • To develop a Master Plan and Zonal Development Plans (ZDP) for the whole KUDA Metropolitan Region and other related documents.
  • It is intended to carry out land acquisition and development.
  • It is intended to accomplish planned growth by developing satellite townships and locations and providing services.
  • With the financial help of HUDCO, housing developments for low- and moderate-income families will be developed under the Public Housing Groups program.
  • Road widening initiatives and new road construction projects are being considered.
  • Commercial complexes, retail malls, and office buildings are being developed.
  • KUDA is responsible for the provision of infrastructure in township areas, colonies, and layouts across the country.
  • The distribution of homes and plots among different income categories.
  • Recreational amenities are being constructed.
  • Urban forestry with the practice of planting trees in urban areas.

Objectives of KUDA

  • To increase the level of transparency
  • Standardisation of the rules 
  • Access to Process Information online
  • To shorten the time it takes to approve a request
  • Keeping the LRS BRS computations consistent
  • Granting permission on time 

KUDA: Draft master plan for the city of1 Warangal

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The approval of a master plan for the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority by the Telangana government is a significant step forward in developing Greater Warangal (KUDA). The strategy has been finalised for the period 2020-2041.

A 5-kilometre monorail connection will be established, and construction on 29 kilometres of the 68-kilometre outer ring road (ORR) will begin. The current population of the KUDA territories is 13 lakh people, who live over 1,805 square kilometres. This master plan, which outlines 13 alternative land-use types and 11 land development zones, is being constructed to anticipate a 30 lakh population by 2041. The KUDA will also be releasing notices for land pooling and establishing townships in and around the Warangal city area shortly.

The KUDA will also be releasing notices for land pooling and the establishment of townships in and around the Warangal city area in the near future.

KUDA Contact details 

Kakatiya Urban Development Authority 

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Beside Ashoka Hotel, H.No: 6-1-240, 

Hanamkonda Warangal- 506 001 

Telangana, India.

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