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How can you check your name in voter list using SMS and voter helpline

[] In this article we focus on how to check name in voter list using SMS and voter helpline

People spend a lot of time during elections verifying whether their names are on the voter list or not. During election season, a large number of citizens apply for voter ID. As a result, the elections become chaotic. To see if your name is on the voters’ list, you do not need to go to the electoral office. Through the Election Commission of India’s official website, you may also determine if your name is listed on the electoral roll. By going to the ECI’s official website, you may apply for a voter card online, look up your name on the electoral roll, and see how your application for a voter ID is progressing. In this article, the specifics of several procedures to check names on the electoral roll are covered.

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How to use the voter helpline number to check a name in the voter list

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To help persons with issues related to voter ID, ECI has established a toll-free voter helpline. 1950 is the hotline number. Callers from across the world can use this number to get election-related information. The voters and the state representative are related. You may file complaints using this hotline as well. The state’s Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for paying the costs associated with these calls. 

People with disabilities can use the SMS service to reach the Election Commission helpdesk. To receive help related to their voter ID card, they can add the sign (*) after their voter ID number. The information for the closest polling location will be transmitted if the SMS is sent without the symbol. For assistance with issues related to voter ID, ECI has established a hotline number – 1950. To check your name on the voter list and learn more about elections, you can phone this number and talk with a representative of your state. This number is also available for complaints from voters.

How to use SMS to check a name in the voter list

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SMS is one of the simplest ways to see if someone’s name is on the voter list. The voter just has to know their EPIC number, also known as their Voter ID number or Election Photo Identity Card Number. The voter is needed to text the number 1950 with this EPIC number in the appropriate manner. Type SPACE to 1950. The voter may instantly check their name on the voter list by receiving the necessary information, such as confirmation or absence of the name from the voter list and information about the voting station, on their cell phone number.

Why may a voter’s name be omitted from the electoral roll?

There have been several instances where a voter is ineligible to vote even with a valid voter ID because their name does not exist on the electoral roll. Most of the time, this is because the voter registered only before the election, making it impossible to update the voter list in time. Additionally, occasionally voters could have switched constituencies or altered information on their voter IDs that wasn’t promptly reflected in the voter list. Three weeks before election day is the deadline for requesting a new voter ID or making any other changes to the voter list.

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