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How Google Pay works?

[] G-pay helps transfer of money to a recipient.

Google pay is a payments app launched by Google, one of the largest companies worldwide. The app ensures complete security and privacy and has made transactions radically easier. The app has high-end security and has been designed to prevent any sort of fraud or foul play. 

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What is Google Pay?

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G-pay is built on the unified payments interface (upi) platform. It helps transfer money to a recipient. Even in the absence of a bank account, you can do so using a digital wallet. This helps make transactions easier and secure. 

Features of Google Pay

  • Google pay can be used in several languages.
  • The app can be secured with a fingerprint or face ID.
  • It has the TEZ security shield that prevents fraud and hacking and helps verify your identity.
  • It also gives rewards for using the application.
  • 1 lakh INR can be sent in a day using the app.
  • A single transaction cannot exceed 1 lakh.
  • No more than 10 transfers a day can be made using the application.

Uses of Google Pay

Google pay can be used for- 

  • Transferring money from one person to another
  • Paying bills like water, electricity, and phone bills
  • Paying for businesses like DTH services
  • Recharge of prepaid mobile phones

How to create an account?

  • Install Google Pay on your phone.
  • Provide mobile phone details.
  • Sign in using your Google account. 
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Set up a pin and secure your application.

Linking a bank account

  • Create a UPI ID through your bank.
  • Enter your UPI ID. If you do not have a UPI ID, enter your debit card information.
  • Tap on your photo on the left and tap on payment methods.
  • Tap on the ‘Add bank account’ option.
  • Select your bank. 

Sending and receiving money through Google Pay

  • Open the app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap on New.
  • Select the person to whom you wish to send the money.
  • You can also send via UPI ID, phone number, and account number.
  • Select the contact and click on the Pay option. 
  • Enter the amount to be sent.
  • Click on the Proceed option.
  • Enter your UPI pin. 
  • The amount can be sent in this way. 

What sets Google Pay apart from other apps?

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In G-Pay, you do not need to store money in the app, unlike the other applications. The app is directly linked to your bank account, so all you need to do is enter the relevant information and not worry about keeping money in the application.

Google Pay Customer Care Number in India

Google Pay also boasts of excellent customer service, making it a top-notch application. Any customer who wishes to seek help can contact the Google Pay customer care toll-free number: 18004190157. It’s also Google Pay’s helpline number and Google customer care number. Customers can also seek help through the help and feedback section of the app.

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