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How to check your Union Bank of India balance?

[] Customers can check their Union Bank balance from the comfort of their home.

Visiting the nearest branch just to get the net balance isn’t something everyone would be comfortable with. Since technology is getting advanced, so are methods to transact, check balances, or other operations.  For those who are not familiar with how they can retrieve their bank balance, the next section will cover the ways in which an individual can check their Union Bank balance from the comfort of their home.

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Union Bank of India balance check

UBI bank allows users to avail of its services as per their convenience. Either the customer can visit the allotted branch or could use either of the listed methods for Union Bank balance inquiry.

  • Missed Call Service
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Mobile Banking

UBI missed call service

For Union Bank balance enquiry number, users may dial 09015431345 on their phones. Bank customers must abide by the rules outlined beneath to do so:

Step 1: Using the enrolled contact details associated with a bank, make a missed call to Union Bank of India balance check number 09015431345.

Step 2: The connection would be cut after just a brief period.

Step 3: The client will receive a text with a bank balance update from UBI.

Internet Banking

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To avail of UBI internet banking services, the customers have to register themselves for it. The process for registration could be done in two ways.

  • Customers with debit cards

One has to visit the official site of UBI bank and choose either retail or corporate service. They have to follow the steps to create a new account. The customer id can be availed from the branch or from one’s passbook. The customers with debit cards have access to transaction operations too.

  • Customers without Debit Cards

The procedure to register is the same as customers with debit cards, but the only difference is that without debit cards, they are only allowed to view the details.

Union Bank of India balance check via internet banking

Once logged in the user has to click on accounts and choose the type of account they have. For instance- they can choose an operational account. After clicking on it, the user will be directed to the page where their credentials, in brief, would be available, including the available amount in the bank. 

To perform the union bank balance check in detail, the user simply has to click on the account holder’s name where they can get access to the bank statement by entering the timeframe.

SMS banking

The user must have a contact number associated with their account. If it isn’t registered already, they can visit a branch and fill out the form to complete the process. It’s available all the time.

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Check Union Bank of India balance via SMS banking

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The table contains all the banking SMS information. The Union Bank of India balance check for SMS is 09223008486. 

Operation How to send an SMS?
Union Bank Balance Enquiry For the Primary account, just SMS- UBAL

For other accounts, just SMS- UBAL<space> Acc no.

Union Bank Mini Statement For the Primary account, just SMS- UMNS

For other accounts, just SMS- UMNS<space> Acc no

Mobile Banking

Either using the play store or the app store, the user has to download the UBI Bank app- UNXT. Make sure to download the app on a phone with your registered SIM. The signup process will be done by sending and verifying using that number only. The user has to set the login pin. 

Union Bank of India balance check via mobile banking

The customer has to log in using the pin. The dashboard would have an Account Balance icon. After clicking it, the user would be directed to the number of the associated account. Click on the account you want the balance of to get the mini statement.

Use either of the above-listed methods for the Union Bank of India Balance Check. If you face any problem, customer care is available for help anytime.

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