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How to get an instant PAN through Aadhaar?

[] All Permanent Account Number (PAN) registrants who have a valid Aadhaar number are eligible for this service.

One of the most essential documents in the country is the PAN card. PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number provided by the Income Tax Department. People can apply for an instant PAN through Aadhaar-based e-KYC with the instant PAN allotment feature.

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All Permanent Account Number (PAN) registrants who have a valid Aadhaar number and a mobile number listed in the UIDAI database are eligible for this service. Surprisingly, the overall process is digital and free of charge. The applicant is not really needed to submit any documents.

PAN card is required for numerous purposes such as paying income tax, submitting tax returns, to open a bank account or Demat account, registering for a debit or credit card, and so on, then you can use this e-PAN for all of these purposes just like the regular PAN card.


Anyone with a valid Aadhaar Number could use the service. To use the service, the applicant’s mobile number must be enrolled with the UIDAI. It should be emphasised, however, that minors are not eligible for the service.

The facility is only available if the applicant meets the following criteria:

Must have a valid Aadhaar Number.

Aadhaar Number must not be connected to any other PAN.

Must have an Aadhaar-registered mobile number.

Procedure to apply for instant PAN card through Aadhaar

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Step 1: Go to the Home page of Income Tax Govt.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, under Quick Links, select the ‘Instant E-PAN’ icon.

pan1 2

Step 3: Select the ‘Get New PAN’ option.

pan2 2

Step 4: Fill your Aadhaar number.

pan3 1

Step 5: Enter the Captcha.

Step 6: Select ‘I Confirm that’ (by this you agree to the points mentioned).

Step 7: Select ‘Generate Aadhaar OTP.’ A One Time Password will be delivered to the linked mobile number after pressing ‘Generate Aadhaar OTP.’

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Step 8: Input the received OTP.

Step 9: Verify the Aadhaar information.

When all of the details are successfully submitted, an acknowledgement number would be sent to the registered mobile and email address.

How to download e-PAN Card?

Step 1: Browse to the same Home Page and click the ‘Instant PAN through Aadhaar’ icon.

Step 2: Select ‘Check Status / Download PAN’ option.

pan4 1

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar card number.

pan5 1

Step 4: Enter the Captcha and click the Submit button.


I had a PAN but misplaced it. Can I obtain a new e-PAN using Aadhaar?

No. This service is only available if you do not have a PAN but do have a valid Aadhaar card.

My PAN allotment request status has been altered to – PAN allotment application has failed. How should I proceed?

If your e-PAN allotment fails, please contact

I am unable to update my DoB on my e-PAN. How should I proceed?

If your Aadhaar only has the year of birth, you will need to correct the date of birth and try again.

Can international citizens apply for a PAN using e-KYC?

No, they can not.

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