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How to protect your kids against accidents or injuries – 10 safety rules at home for kids

[] Mentioned are 10 safety rules at home for kids to be followed to prevent accidents from happening.

A home is a place of relaxation- an area that we consider the safest of all. But sometimes accidents do occur, even when we are in our homes, and in most cases, those accidents are preventable. 

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When you have kids in your home, it gets difficult to look after them all the time. Accidents do not ring a bell before coming into our lives, so safety measures at home must be put into place to keep them protected. Taking some simple cautionary steps within the walls of our house can prevent a lot of unfortunate incidents, helping you and your family live safe and healthy lives. 

Why Do You Need To Place Safety Measures At Home?

Our homes can be a comparatively safe space, but even then, accidents occur. Especially when you have kids, it can get quite hard to control their movements and actions all the time. This constant pressure to monitor them throughout the day can also take a toll on your mental peace and disrupt your everyday life. So, to provide maximum safety at home for kids, you could add some safety measures at home. 

What are 10 safety rules at home for kids?

Keep an eye on kids when they are in the bathroom.

It is imperative to include this in the safety measures at home for kids, especially in the bathroom, as it can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. Most kids love shower or bath time, but if they are not kept under constant surveillance in the bathroom, it can result in accidents. There are certain safety measures that one can take to make their bathroom a safer place, especially for children. 

Here are some other precautionary steps that you can take to make sure that your bathroom is a safe place:

  • Remember to babyproof your bathroom, especially all the electric sockets, to keep your children safe. Keep all the electrical devices in a locked cabinet, away from the reach of children. 
  • Slippery floors can cause accidents in the bathroom, so you need to get some adhesive floor stickers to improve the friction in your bathroom floor. 

Safe bathroom

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  • Remember to check the water temperature in the bathtub by placing your wrist or elbow to ensure it is bearable for your kids. 
  • One of the most popular home safety rules includes keeping your medicines in a locked cabinet in the bathroom, away from the reach of children. Children don’t know better, and if the medicines are kept within their reach, it could be a recipe for disaster. 

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Build a strong and safe crib for baby

It would help if you built a solid and safe crib for your children, as children tend to be erratic sleepers. They twist and turn a lot every night, resulting in them falling from their sleeping space. It would help if you also remembered to keep the crib free from clutter, as toys or other foreign objects can prove to be hazardous for your children. 

strong crib

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One of the essential home safety rules you can put in place is not sleeping with your children on a sofa and armchair as there is a constant risk of them falling. You should also avoid sleeping with your children if you drink or smoke or are extremely tired. As part of the top 10 safety rules at home, you should also refrain from using loose or soft bedding, pillows, or blankets, especially for your kids. 

Keep all sorts of chemicals away from children.

One of the most crucial safety rules at home should be to keep all sorts of chemicals away from your children. Children are curious, and they could try meddling with these hazardous chemicals if given a chance. To ascertain maximum safety at home for kids, keep all harmful chemicals in a locked cabinet, a safe and secure place. 

Childproof your home, especially the electrical sockets 

no open sockets

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As one of the most well-known safety rules at home, childproofing your electrical sockets comes with numerous benefits. Electrical sockets and electronic devices can be extremely dangerous for children, especially if left unattended. Due to their curious nature, they could stick their finger in these sockets or play with isolated wires, resulting in an electric shock.

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So, as one of the top 5 safety rules at home, make sure to childproof all electrical sockets and keep electronic devices away from the reach of children. 

Store toys and other miniature items carefully

Some toys have breakable parts, which can prove highly hazardous for children. Kids can unknowingly swallow these small parts while playing with the toys, which is why specific safety measures must be implemented. As one of the primary safety rules at home for kids, you can keep small or battery-powered toys away from children and only let them use such toys with adult supervision. It can prevent them from accidentally swallowing the small batteries or toy parts and reduce the risk of choking. 

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Another rule that you can put in the safety rule for the home chart is to avoid giving your children small food items. Peanuts, berries, seeds, popcorn, etc., should be avoided as they are considered choking hazards for kids. Even while giving them food, make sure that they are broken into small pieces as it makes them easier to chew and swallow and reduces the risk of choking.

Practice utmost safety while using high chairs

High chairs can be a good option for children once they learn to sit. But even then, these chairs can be pretty dangerous, and certain safety rules at home must be put into place in this case. Some of them are:

  • Make sure that the chair has a bit of weight so that kids cannot tip over easily. 
  • You should get some child safety straps, which can prevent your kid from slipping down when sitting on the high chair. 

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  • If you are using a folding chair, make sure to lock it every time you open it to prevent it from folding down while being used. 
  • It would help if you got some child safety straps to prevent your kid from slipping down when sitting on the high chair. 
  • Teach your kid to never stand on the chair. It could lead to accidents even when they are being supervised. Make this one of the main safety rules at home for class 3 children to never stand on top of the chair. 

Keep glasses, scissors, and other dangerous items away from the reach of children

Certain items commonly found in our homes can be hazardous for our children. These items include glasses, small mirrors, scissors, knives, ropes, etc. It is essential to keep all these items in a safe and secure place away from the reach of your kids. This can be one of the primary safety rules for class 3 kids at home, as they tend to play and experiment with these dangerous items. Make it an essential rule in the safety rules at the home chart, and be strict towards following these rules.

Protect Your Kids From Abuse

One of the most sensitive topics today is child abuse and quite unfortunately, it can be hard to recognize. As one of the top five safety rules at home, you can include some of these preventive measures to keep your children protected from child abuse:

  • Teach your children to not talk to strangers. Teach them to let you know immediately if any stranger repeatedly tries to talk to them, especially when alone. 

protection from abuse

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  • It is crucial to teach your kids the meaning of the wrong touch and right touch, irrespective of their gender, to keep them safe and alert. Let them know the various body parts that aren’t allowed to be touched by anyone other than their parents to recognize the wrong touch in case it happens.

protection from abuse

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  • Talk to your children. Let them know that they can talk to you about anything, as you are here to protect them and take care of them. It can help clear away any hesitations your kid might have about approaching you regarding any topic. 
  • Make time for your kids. Have a healthy work-life balance to maintain a good relationship with your children. Remember to be gentle, open, and welcoming to them.
  • Thoroughly research the background of the people you’re planning to hire to take care of your kid. 
  • Install a CCTV camera if you need to keep a constant eye on your kids. 

CCTV monitoring

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Keep the living room clean and safe

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Your living room can be a home to numerous germs, as it is meant for guests and outsiders. One of the top five safety rules at home should be to keep your living room squeaky clean, especially if you have a kid. Ensure to sanitise your furniture and dust regularly to keep your home free from germs.

Another thing to keep in mind here would be to get furniture with flat edges. Furniture with sharp edges can be hazardous for children, so round edges are preferable. 

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If you have furniture with sharp edges, you can cover it with bubble wraps, clothes, etc.


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Also, keep the TVs and other mounted electrical appliances safely in your living room, away from the reach of children. 

Secure all the openings of your home

When you have kids in your home, it is your duty to keep all the openings of your house secure. Get baby-proof doors and latches, and make sure that your kid can’t open them. Remember to practise caution when you enter or exit your home and close the doors immediately.

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You can also install a barrier in front of the staircase to prevent your kids from climbing up without supervision. 

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These various safety rules at home are meant to make your house a safer place for your children. Other than following these, you should also be alert and cautious as much as possible when you have kids in your home. 

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