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How to track passport application status?

[] You can track the status of your passport application online.

What is a passport?

A passport is an official government document that allows cross-countries travel. This document is issued by the government of India, and helps verify Indian residents on foreign soil. The government has dedicated a website that helps citizens apply for and passport tracking.

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How to track a passport’s application status?

To check passport status online, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the government website that provides passport tracking services.
  • There you need to choose what kind of application your passport falls under.
  • Then, type in your file number and date of birth and click on Track Status. 

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Tracking of passport application through the mPassport Seva app

If you are on the move and want to check your passport status, you can download mPassport Seva Mobile App. It allows you to track your passport application in real-time. Here too, you need to enter your file number and date of birth. This application is available on both iOS and Android. 

Passport status check offline

There are three ways through which you can track your passport application: SMS, National call Centre, and Helpdesk.

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SMS: If you send ‘STATUS FILE NUMBER’ to 9704100100 from your registered mobile number, you will receive your passport’s application status.

National Call Centre: The nation’s call centre has a Citizen Service executive who helps solve people’s queries from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. You have to call the passport tracking number: 1800-258-1800, which will be answered by people and an automated interactive voice who can provide you with your tracking information regardless of the working hours.

Helpdesk: You can walk into any passport Seva Kendra to receive updates on your passport application. You may send an email to receive the same.


Can I check the status of my passport application?

Yes, you can check the status of your passport application. You can choose from online and offline methods to check your passport status.

Do you need to pay money to check your passport status offline?

No, you need not pay money to track your passport application.

Which website do I need to go to know about passport application status?

You can visit Passport Seva –> track application status to know about your passport application status.

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