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Is living close to wetlands a good idea? Find out here

[] We explain what wetlands are and share some basic facts about investing in properties near wetlands.

Living in a beach-side house is a distant dream for all of us living in metropolitan cities. Although owning a seaside home might seem like a challenging prospect, there are many ways that you can immediately think of which can satisfy your need for living close to a waterbody and provide you with views of the scenic beauty and serenity that seashores provide. One of these many ways is the idea of living close to a natural lake or a wetland. 

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Nowadays, many housing projects are also being done around wetlands and natural lakes. However, there comes the question of how realistic is it to live in a lakeside house and also if it’s worth the price? You must consider other factors before moving into a luxury home beside a natural lake. 

What are wetlands?

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A wetland is a distinct area of land saturated with water either permanently all year round or seasonally. wetlands form an ecosystem and are home to various aquatic plants, animals, flora and fauna. Compared to a city filled to the brim with bricks, concrete and pollution, wetlands provide a soothing scenic view away from the mundane city life. Wetlands also have incredibly diverse biodiversity that needs sustenance, as there is a shortage of dynamic aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems like wetlands in metropolitan areas.  

Is living close to wetlands a good idea? Find out here 01

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Why should you invest in a luxurious home near wetlands?

Valuable investment option

Apartments or luxury homes near wetlands are an extremely valuable investment options. Various housing projects are being built around wetlands for this reason and also because nowadays the areas near wetlands and natural lakes are very well-connected to the city. These housing projects are usually found near the outskirts of the city where the pollution is much lower compared to the main city centre. 

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However, being away from the city does not mean that it will be troublesome to reach important spots like airports, railway stations, and hospitals, as these luxury properties are built around well-connected wetlands. So, not only do you get rid of the noise and pollution that comes with living close to the city’s busy streets but also remain close to all the important landmarks of the city.

Health benefits of living close to wetlands

Living close to wetlands which are essentially water bodies have certain health benefits. The presence of a body of water near your living quarters can improve your health and reduce your stress levels. You also feel calmer and focused, helping you be more productive in your daily routine. Overall, the presence of a water body close to your home can improve your overall happiness as this location helps you reduce stress.

Privacy and peace

Given that wetlands are a bit away from the bustle of the city, you get to live in a very peaceful place. Privacy is one of the main problems of people that live in the middle of the city where apartments overlook each other. Living in an apartment that faces a waterbody allows you to live peacefully and enjoy your privacy and serenity in your home.


Is living close to wetlands safe?

Yes, living close to wetlands is safe. You also get a lot of health benefits living close to a waterbody.

What are the advantages of living close to wetlands?

Living close to wetlands offers plenty of health benefits such as better sleep, improvement in stress levels, and overall happiness in life. You also get privacy and a peaceful stay like no other when you live close to wetlands.

Where can you find wetlands?

You can find around 49 wetlands in India that are spread across various states and union territories. For more information about wetlands in India, you can check Ramsar Wetlands Sites in India.

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