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MP E Uparjan Online Registration 2020-2023

[] Farmers in Madhya Pradesh can now register on the MP E Uparjan website, which is an e-procurement portal. Read on to the know about the MP E Uparjan online registration process and related information.

The government offers a variety of subsidies to farmers in an effort to help them become more self-sufficient. As a result, farmers’ incomes rise, and they get a fair price for their goods. The Madhya Pradesh government has created the MP e-uparjan Portal. To get the government’s assistance price for their crops, farmers must register on this website. 

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In this article, we will share all the necessary registration details, including information on the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement portal, its aim, advantages, eligibility requirements, required papers and the procedure to receive an acknowledgement slip, tehsildar login etc.  

MP E-Procurement Portal 2022

For the farmers of the year 2022, e panjiyan MP has already begun. Farmers in Madhya Pradesh who wish to sell their crops to the state government at a support price during the Kharif season can do so by using the registration procedure on this website. Anyone who wants to sell their crops at the government-set support price will need to register.

Scheme Name  MP E-Uparjan
Initiated By  The Government of Madhya Pradesh
Beneficiaries  Farmers of Madhya Pradesh
Aim  Application for selling crops on support price. 
Official Website

MP e-uparjan plan

The mpeuparjan has devised a strategy to implement MP e-procurement throughout the whole state. Every district in Madhya Pradesh has grain, wheat, and paddy monitoring in place for this purpose. The wheat procurement system in Madhya Pradesh comprises 2,830 procurement centres, 708 runners, and 2,830 data entry operators, and 12,834 farmers sell their wheat harvest every day. More than 4,000 farmers in Madhya Pradesh sell their crops every day using the state’s paddy procurement system, which includes 795 purchasing facilities, 199 runners, and 795 data entry workers. 

MP E-Uparjan 2022: Goals and Mission

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh had a tough time registering for Krishi Mandi because of the online procedure used during the event. So, they had no option other than to sell it at a lower price than the support rate. Consequently, farmers had to bear a heavy financial burden. The euparjan MP aims to address these difficulties faced by farmers, which is why the online registration procedure via the MP E-procurement site was implemented. There will be Uparjan Kendra in the public domain for e-procurement this year for farmers in the state, which will save both time and money.

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Online registration for farmers on the e-procurement platform

Registration will be done entirely online once again this year. This time, though, the registration procedure has undergone a few alterations. Earlier, farmers had a lot of difficulties registering for MP E-procurement online via Krishi Upaj Mandi. Farmers in Madhya Pradesh may now register on the government’s online site from the comfort of their own homes.

E-Procurement portal 2022 Madhya Pradesh: Advantages and functionalities

  • On the MPuparjan website, residents of the state can quickly register online using their own devices from the comfort of their own homes.
  • The programme is open to all of the state’s farmers, who may all stand to gain from it.
  • By installing the MP uparjan smartphone app, state farmers can participate in this programme and take advantage of its benefits.
  • The MP euparjan Portal 2022 (same as the MP uparjan 2021-22 and uparjan 2021) will not provide any difficulties to the farmers when it comes time for them to register.
  • People’s time will be saved in addition to other benefits brought about by the launch of the online portal. 
  • To be eligible to sell wheat at the Minimum Support Price (MSP), the farmer will furthermore be required to provide the procurement centre with information on the three days on which he will bring the grain there.

MP E-Procurement Portal Registration 2022: Basic guidelines 

If farmers in Madhya Pradesh wish to make use of this e-procurement platform, they must first ensure that they comply with the requirements that are outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • This year, the Aadhaar card number and Samagra ID of all Madhya Pradesh farmers can be used to register the state’s entire agricultural workforce.
  • You will not be able to register for the MP Uparjan Portal if you do not already own a Samagra ID; in order to do so, you must first submit an application for a Samagra ID.
  • When registering, you will need to show either your Aadhaar card or your Samagra ID.
  • At the time of online registration, it is important to verify that the applicant has provided accurate information about their bank accounts.
  • When registering for the Madhya Pradesh e-procurement portal 2022, you will need to provide a mobile phone number as a prerequisite. Your mobile phone number has to be connected to your Aadhaar account before you can finish the registration procedure.
  • Following registration, a receipt will be sent to you; it is imperative that you save this document. After registering, you will need to print the acknowledgement, and you must bring the printed copy with you to the register when you make your purchase.

Registration documents requirement for MP E Earnings 2022

  • The composite ID of the farmer 
  • Proof of residence
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passbook of bank account
  • Loan book 
  • Phone number
  • Passport-sized photograph 

MP E Uparjan 2022 Portal: Registration procedure 

If you would like to register for the MP Uparjan portal, you will need to complete the steps outlined below:

  • You must first visit the official website of e uparjan

mp e uparjan1 1

  • On the homepage, you will notice the Rabi 2022-2023 option; you must choose this choice. After selecting the selection, the subsequent page will appear.

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mp e uparjan2 1

  • You must choose the option labelled Farmer Registration / Application Search when it appears. 

mp e uparjan3 1

  • After selecting the selection, this link will appear.

mp e uparjan4 1

  • On this page, you will see a form that you must complete with the requested information, such as the farmer’s name, cell phone number, general ID, etc.
  • Now, click on ‘submit’ to complete the application procedure. 

MP E Earnings application status 

  • Visit the official website of the MP E-procurement platform.
  • On the homepage, you must click the Kharif 2022-23 link.
  • Now, a new page will appear before you. On this page, you must click the link labelled Farmer Registration / Application Search.
  • You will then be presented with a new link in which you must input the application number. 

mp e uparjan5 1

  • You must now click the search button.
  • The status of your application now will be displayed on your screen.

MP E-Procurement: Login procedure for tehsildars

  • Go to e-uparjan MP  official website. The home page will now appear.
  • The link for Rabi 2022-23 will be visible on the home page.

mp e uparjan6 1

  • Now under district level user, you must click on the Tehsildar link.

mp e uparjan7 1

  • Selecting the district and tehsil will bring up a new page for you to choose from.
  • The password and the captcha code are now required.

mp e uparjan8 1

  • To log into Tehsildar, press the ‘Login’ button.

MP E-Procurement: Login procedure for Manager NAFED

  • You must first visit the official  webpage of MP e-uparjan. The home page will now appear.
  • The link for Rabi 2022-23 can be found on the main page.

mp e uparjan9 1

  • Under District level user, click on the link for Manager NAFED.

mp e uparjan10 1

  • After clicking on this link, you will be sent to a website where you will be able to choose your district.
  • Your password and captcha code must now be entered.
  • To have access to the Manager Nafed Login,  press the ‘Login’ button.

mp e uparjan11 1

MP E-Procurement: Login procedure for Deputy Director Agriculture 

  • Go to uparjan MP official website. The home page will now appear.
  • The link for Rabi 2022-23 is visible on the main page.

mp e uparjan12 1

  • Under district-level users, click on the link for Deputy Director Agriculture. 

mp e uparjan13 1

  • Login credentials for the Deputy Director of Agriculture will appear. 
  • Pick your district.
  • Your password and captcha code must now be entered.

mp e uparjan14 1

  • To log in, press the ‘Login’ button. The Deputy Director of Agriculture will be able to access your account this way.

MP E-Procurement: Login procedure for the CEO of Zilla Panchayat

  • Visit the e-uparjan portal. The home page will now appear.
  • The link for Rabi 2022-23 can be found on the main page.

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mp e uparjan15 1

  • After that, click on the CEO District Panchayat link under the District User section to continue.

mp e uparjan16 1

  • Now you’ll be sent to a new page where you’ll be able to choose your district.

mp e uparjan17 1

  • A captcha code and your password must be entered next.
  • You must now log in by clicking on the login link.
  • You’ll be able to access CEO Zilla Panchayat using this method.

MP E-Procurement: Login procedure for DIO

  • Go to the kisan uparjan portal. Your home page will now appear.
  • The link for Rabi 2022-23 is visible on the main page.

mp e uparjan18 1

  • Under district-level user, click on the DIO link.

mp e uparjan19 1

  • Next, you will see an additional screen where you may pick your district.
  • Your password and captcha code must now be entered.

mp e uparjan20 1

  • You must now log in by clicking on the link.

MP E-Procurement: Registration centre login steps

  • You must first visit the official website of MP E-uparjan. 
  • Click on the link for Rabi 2022-23 on the homepage.

mp e uparjan21 1

  • After that, you must click the Registration Centre option under Other User.

mp e uparjan22 1

  • As soon as you click this link, a new page will load, requiring you to input District, Registration Centre, Operator, One-Time Password, Password, and Captcha Code.

mp e uparjan23

  • Now click the login button. This will allow you to log into the Registration Centre.

How do I download the MP E-Uparjan 2022-23 mobile application?

mp e uparjan24 1

  • First, you must go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile device.
  • Search by entering  ‘e uparjan 22’.
  • Then, simply download and install the app that is on the top. 
  • Thus, you will be able to get advantages by registering for all other crops, including Kharif, using this mobile app.
  • By accessing the e-procurement site and inputting your cell phone number and Samagra ID number, you can also get the link to download the mobile application.

MP E-earning method

There are a total of six processes involved in attaining earnings through MP E-procurement. These six phases include the farmer in the purchasing, selling, and transportation of the commodities. The following is an example of each of these six steps: 

  • To begin, the farmer is responsible for travelling to the distribution facility. It will be the farmer’s responsibility to attend the procurement centre to get himself registered.
  • The farmer will be given a registration code after the registration process has been completed.
  • Following this, a short message service (SMS) will be provided to the farmer to offer information on the date of the purchase of wheat.
  • Now, the farmer is responsible for going to the procurement facility on the date that was sent to them through SMS.
  • After that, wheat will be purchased from the farmer, and a receipt will be given as evidence that this transaction was made.
  • When this process is complete, the whole sum paid for the wheat will be deposited into the farmer’s account.

MP E-Uparjan users list 

State user 

Chief Minister’s Office Chief Secretary Office 
Food Minister Madhya Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation (Finance)
Chief Secretary Office Director Agriculture
Agricultural Production Commissioner Commissioner Land Records
Principal Secretary Cooperative NAFED
Principal Secretary Agriculture Apex Bank
Principal Secretary Food Market Board
Principal Secretary Finance Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation
Principal Secretary Revenue Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation (Finance)
Secretary Food Food Corporation of India
Commissioner Fertilisers Madhya Pradesh Warehousing And Logistics Corporation
Cotton Public Relations
Registrar Cooperative Society Madhya Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corporation

District User 

Commissioner Division DR Co-Operative
Collector Manager Food Corporation of India
SDM Irrigation Department
SDO Forest District Central Co-operative Bank
Regional Manager (MPSCC) Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
Zonal Manager Markfed DIO
District Manager (MPSCC) CEO Zilla Panchayat
DMO (Markfed) Deputy Director Agriculture
Manager (MPWLC) Manager NAFED

Other Users 

Registration Centre Administrator
Registration Centre Kiosk Data Cleaning
Weight-Cut Department Call Centre
Committee District Central Cooperative Branch
Tehsildar SBI Bank Account Verification

MP E-Procurement: How to obtain support?

You can reach out to for assistance if you have any issues when applying via the online portal, and you will be provided with a solution to the issue that you are experiencing.

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