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MP Rojgar Panjiyan Online Registration form 2022: How to apply?

[] The MP Rojgar Panjiyan was initiated by the Madhya Pradesh government for providing employment opportunities. Read on to know about the MP Rojgar Panjiyan online registration

To offer jobs to people, the MP Rojgar Yojana has been initiated by the Madhya Pradesh government. The government created the MP Rojgar Panjiyan Portal ( to enable citizens get the benefits of this yojana. With the help of this website, people may register themselves to take advantage of employment rights and acquire a good job. 

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What is the Rojgar Panjikaran Madhya Pradesh 2022?

Candidates who are currently seeking jobs in Madhya Pradesh and are interested in receiving an allowance from the state government are encouraged to respond to the official advertising that has been published by the Madhya Pradesh Employment Exchange Office MP Rojgar Panjiyan Department.

Interested and qualified unemployed candidates are encouraged to apply for MP Rojgar Panjiyan Registration Online Form 2022. They are required to examine the entire page, where they may also review their own MP Rojgar Panjiyan Mela 2022 eligibility requirements, the process for online registration, and further information.

The state of Madhya Pradesh celebrates Employment and Self-Employment Day, which falls on January 12th. The unemployed youth can register through the registration portals where several non-government and semi-government companies are registered through the employment portal. The validity of the registration is only three years after which it should be renewed from the portal.

On the occasion of the Youth Day, employment fairs are held in each and every district of Madhya Pradesh to provide a significant number of young people with jobs and opportunities for self-employment. The government aims to assist two to three lakh individuals in obtaining work through the provision of financial assistance in the form of loans from financial institutions.

MP Employment Registration 2022 Objective

The primary goal of the Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjiyan online website is to provide job opportunities for educated individuals who are now unable to find work. This online site allows for the registration of any educated young person who is currently jobless and then matches them with work that is appropriate for their level of education and experience since there are several semi-governmental, non-governmental, and private businesses looking for candidates. This web gateway also assists them in providing benefits to their staff.

MP Employment Registration 2022: Important facts

The youth of Madhya Pradesh who are currently without work in the state of Madhya Pradesh can use this MP Rojgar Panjian online portal to register themselves, providing information about their education, training, and work history. On this platform, there will not be any kind of registration charge, and the signup procedure itself will be totally free.

  • Candidates would have an easier time obtaining any and all information pertinent to the MP Rojagar Panjiyan Yojana with the use of this portal.
  • Companies are already registered, and individuals looking for work who are currently jobless would be able to sign up on the Rojgar MP website.
  • On the site, applicants have the ability to select both the industry in which they wish to work and the location.
  • The website will make it simple for applicants to access all of the information about firms and opportunities that will be made accessible to them.
  • The persons who have registered on the platform will also be invited to a job fair that the MP government will host.

MP Employment Registration Benefits 

Through self-registration on an MP Rojgar Panjiyan platform, unemployed young people in the state who have the appropriate educational qualifications and work experience can improve their chances of finding good employment opportunities.

MP Rojgar Registration on this site will be open to both employers and individuals looking for work. The applicants have the option to select their desired field, job, and location through the site.

MP Employment Registration: Eligibility criteria and documents required

  • It is required that the applicant be an Indian national.
  • The candidate is required to have their permanent residence in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The lowest age requirement for candidates is 15, while the maximum age, if any, has not been specified by the government as of yet.
  • Qualifications for at least the tenth grade must be held by the candidate.
  • Certificate & Mark Sheet for the 10th Grade, Certificate and Mark Sheet for the 12th Grade, Graduate/Postgraduate Mark Sheet, as well as other Certificates and Mark Sheets
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Id/ Driving Licence
  • Certificate of Categorisation or Income
  • Mobile Number: Applicants are required to provide a mobile number that is valid and active throughout the online registration process.
  • Email Address: Confirmation information on the user registration procedure will be sent to the user’s email address when it is ready. Therefore, you need to provide the correct email address.
  • Domicile Certificate: Applicants who fall into the General, Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, or Scheduled Tribes categories of the Madhya Pradesh State government are qualified for online registration.

MP Rojgar Panjiyan Online 2022

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Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjiyan Online form 2022 and platform has been made to benefit the youth. Nowadays, many youths are highly educated and have enough requisite degrees, but nevertheless, they are unemployed. Through the Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjiyan website, the Madhya Pradesh Government is aiming to provide chances of employment to persons who desire to find a job. In the Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjian Portal, every jobless youngster of the state would be offered jobs if they apply accordingly, register on the site as per their qualification and experience, and fill in the requisite details.

MP Rojgar Panjiyan Online 2022 Process

Under this MP Rojgar Panjiyan program, young people who are currently without work in the state and interested in registering themselves can do so by carefully reading the MP Rojgar Registration process that is provided below and registering for employment with the MP. Discover career opportunities by registering for the MP Rojgar Panjian 2022 election. Here’s all the know-how on registering for Rojgar Panjiyan.

  • Check out the MP Roger Panjiyan online portal at its official website, which may be found at

mp rojgar1

  • You will find the option to register as an applicant on the homepage of the Rojgar MP website.
  • A new page will load, and when you navigate to it, you will see the application form there.

mp rojgar2

  • Once you want to register as a new user – you will see various options. Whether you want to register for private companies only, or government institutions, or majdur/labourers, etc. 

mp rojgar3

  • For example, if you have filled up for private as well as government vacancies, following this, a dialogue box appears which asks you whether you are a Building and Constructions card holder and/or a Sambal card holder. 
  • Then, the job seeker registration page appears on the screen.

mp rojgar4

  • Now, fill out the required information, such as the candidate’s name, the number on their Aadhaar card, mobile number, account number, email address, address, the specifics of the qualifications, gender, category, sub-caste, and experience details, among other things.
  • After filling in all of the information, make sure that it is accurate.
  • After that, select the option to submit your response.
  • The submission of your registration indicates that it was successful.
  • You will be now able to log in to your Rojgarpanjiyan account.

How to login to the Job Seeker portal?

  • Visit the official website of the Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjian portal in order to complete the login process.
  • You may access the application for jobseekers by clicking the Login here from this section button that is located on the site.

mp rojgar5

  • To access it, click on it. Now, a new page for the login process will open on your screen.
  • Please enter your user name and password to complete the login procedure.

MP Rojgar Panjiyan renewal process

  • Visit the main page of the MP Rojgarpanjiyan Portal on the website that is officially associated with it.
  • The homepage of the Rojgar MP website will now load.
  • Click on the link labelled ‘Renew Registration’.

mp rojgar6

  • A new webpage will open. On this new page, you will need to input the registration number that was provided to you.
  • After that, you will need to select the ‘Renew Registration’ option from the drop-down menu. Proceed for MP Rojgar Panjiyan Renewal.

How to perform a job search on Madhya Pradesh Employment Portal?

If you are a beneficiary of the state and are interested in searching for jobs on the employment portal, follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • Check out the organisation’s main website. Once you have navigated to the official website, the landing page will automatically load on the screen.
  • In order to look for a job, you will need to fill out certain information on this home page, such as the section, qualification, area, and so on.

mp rojgar7

  • After you have completed filling out all of the information, you will be required to click the box labelled Search Job. The information on all of the available jobs will be displayed on the next page once you have clicked on the button.

How to view the dashboard?

  • Go to the main page of the MP Employment Portal on the website.
  • You may access the dashboard by following the instructions on the main page and clicking the link to the dashboard.

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mp rojgar8

  • The dashboard will appear as you click on the link to it, and you can immediately begin finding the relevant information in this section.

Process for registration printing 

  • Go to the official website of the Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Panjiyan portal.
  • On the homepage, click on the link that takes you to the print registration.
  • The new page will load in the browser.
  • Please enter your MP Rojgar Registration number here.

mp rojgar9

  • Simply select the Print Registration option.
  • When you select this menu item, the PDF file containing the registration will launch immediately in front of you.
  • You may save a copy to your computer and print it.

How to check your MP Rojgar Registration details?

  • Go to the Rojgar MP website which may be found by visiting its official website.
  • You will find a link to the ‘know your registration’ option on the homepage of the site.

mp rojgar10

  • To access it, click on it.
  • Now you need to fill out the necessary information, such as your name, gender, cell phone number, captcha code, and so on.
  • After providing all of the necessary information
  • Simply pick the ‘submit’ option from the menu.
  • You can check all the information on every facet of your MP Rojgar Registration .

3 lakh jobs likely to be created through job fairs

MP Rozgar Yojana was initiated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh with the purpose of providing jobs for the jobless population. Under this strategy, recruitment fairs have been conducted beginning January 12th, 2022. The government is projected to create 3 lakh employment through all of these job fairs.

Present online statistics for MP Employment Registration

Active number of job seekers 2617194
Active number of employers 16015
Active number of vacancies  15676

Contact information 

  • Visit the official website of the MP government portal. 
  • On the homepage, click on the option Contact Us. 

mp rojgar11

  • This page will display all the office address, call centre address, etc., which are also given below. 

Citizens can reach out on the following address and contact numbers: 

Location: Yashaswi Academy for Talent Management’s Employment Service Centre, which is run on a public-private partnership basis (Call Centre)

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462041 Office Number 11, First Floor, Satellite Plaza, Ayodhya Bypass Bhopal, India 462041

E-mail: and Toll free number: (800) 5727-751

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