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Odisha Housing Board: All you need to know

[] The motto of the Odisha Housing Board is to provide housing for all in the eastern state..

To provide housing at an affordable price and allay the fears of ordinary people in the housing sector, the Odisha Housing Board was established in 1968.With its ‘slum-free’ Odisha agenda, the Odisha Housing Board ensures housing affordability.  

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Mission and objectives of the Odisha Housing Board

The Odisha State Housing Board (OSHB) was formed with the express motive to transform the lives of the people of Odisha, securing ‘housing for all’. Some of its main goals and objectives are summarised as follows:

  • To ensure affordability

The Odisha Housing Board offers an economic allotment of houses at un-inflated prices based on lottery allotment. In this method, luck plays a huge factor and is fair for all, giving the poorer society another chance.

  • To make Odisha slum-free

The Odisha Housing Board wishes to eradicate poverty in the housing sector by providing houses. This endeavour effectively wipes out vast areas of slums without compromising the livelihood of the people living there.

  • To promote commerce

As the Odisha Housing Board would provide the people of Odisha with ready-made housing, there is a chance to increase commercial activity throughout the state as there are increased urban spaces overall. 

A high number of people would equate to a high rate of activity and commercial association, leading to the state’s economic growth.

  • To facilitate rapid urbanisation

The majority of the projects undertaken by the Odisha Housing Board are large projects offering housing for hundreds of people each. In the process, large areas of the state are revamped, facilitating rapid urbanisation of the entire state. 

  • To promote environmental balance

With rapid urbanisation, there inevitably comes a rapid degradation of environmental balance. To anticipate and counter this, the Odisha Housing Board aims to implement their ‘Green House’ concept by prioritising the planting of trees in their constructed complexes. 

Ongoing projects and upcoming projects

The Odisha Housing Board has completed the construction and allotment of as many as 140 projects in all the significant areas of Odisha over its almost 54 years of existence.

The areas in which the board has initiated its housing projects include Angul, Balasore, Bhadrok, Balangir, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Ganjam, Jajpur, Jharsuguda, Jagatsinghpur, Kalahandi, Kendrapura, Keonjhar, Khurda, Koraput, Nayagarh, Phulbani, Puri, Rayagada, Sambalpur and Sundargarh.

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To amplify this wave of change in the future, the Odisha Housing Board currently has many eco-friendly and elaborate projects in the pipeline. Let us take a look at a few of the most notable projects which are ongoing as well as upcoming:

Ongoing projects

The multi-storied apartment complex, Dumuduma, Phase- VII

The Odisha Housing Board has offered a sale on a modern upcoming Apartment complex in Dumduma consisting of several EWS (Economically Weaker Section) flats, LIG (Low Income Groups) flats and MIG (Middle Income Group) flats.

To be precise, the project is spread over a wide land area, Ac.3.851 dec. This project is located in a bustling urban space of Bhubaneswar beside a pre-existing developed housing colony of the Odisha Housing Board.

The project provides for the construction of 162 EWS flats in G/S+4 structure, 160 LIG flats in G/S+8 structure, 196 MIG flats in B+G+8 structure, i.e., 518 flats including all the basic facilities, and more. 

The built-up area or plinth area per unit ranges from 273 sq. feet to 870 sq. feet, and the super built-up area ranges from 349 sq. feet to 1,033 sq. feet.

Residential Apartment complex, Angul

For this project, the Odisha Housing Board has acquired one premium residential complex, ‘Angul Enclave’, for sale over an area of Ac.6.50 dec. of government land, with the provision of 613 flats and 12 shops.

The location is a prime locality near the Angul bus stop ensuring easy access and connectivity. Nearby landmarks include the district hospital, daily market, railway station and the Collectorate.

The project provides for the construction of a total of 613 flats, including 90 HIG (High-income group) flats in S+5 structure in three blocks, 288 MIG flats with S+6 structure in six Blocks, 72 LIG flats with S+6 structure in one Block and 163 EWS flats with G+4 structure in two Blocks.

However, it is to be noted that currently, only 215 of the total 613 are offered for sale, with 30 HIG, 123 MIG, 48 LIG and 14 EWS flats.

The flats’ carpet area ranges from 231 sq. feet to 1,112 sq. feet. The super built-up area ranges from 361 sq. feet to 1,564 sq. feet. The sale prices range from INR 9,91,000 to 54,71,000 and the E.M.D (Earnest Money Deposit) ranges from INR 1,00,000 to 5,54,000.

Kharavela Enclave, Dharmavihar, Jagamara, Bhubaneshwar

It is a modern apartment complex project consisting of flats for all income groups. It is located in a prime urban space near Khandagiri square and the pre-existing OSHB Dharmavihar housing scheme and over an area of Ac. 1.720 dec, this project provides 104 3-BR,4-BR and 4-BR(Deluxe) flats.

The built-up area of the flats range from 1,410 sq. feet to 1,764 sq. feet, and the super built-up area of the flats range from 1,670 sq. feet to 2,102 sq. feet.

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The project provides 2 blocks (Basement + 13 storeys) of buildings with 52 flats in each, equating to about 4 flats on each floor. Unfortunately, the booking of flats for this project has not yet opened as of March 2022.

Upcoming projects

Subhadra Enclave 

The Odisha Housing Board has acquired a premium residential complex, ‘Subhadra Enclave’, for this project over an area of Ac. 2.105 dec. of Government land with a provision of 198 flats of different categories at a prime locality in Dumduma.

The complex is near a pre-existing OSHB housing colony at Dumduma, Phase III. The complex is well-connected to all essential venues like the airport, hospital, Baramunda bus stands to name a few.

There are 198 flats in 9 blocks, of which only 160 are up for sale. Out of the 160 flats on sale, 100 are MIG or 2 BHK flats with B+G+4 structure in 7 blocks, 20 are LIG or 1 BHK flats with B+G+4 structure in 1 block, and 40 are EWS or 1 room flats.

Blocks numbers 2,3,4,6 and 7 comprise MIG flats, Block number 9 comprises LIG flats, and Block number 8 comprises EWS flats.

The flats’ carpet area ranges from 289 sq. feet to 654 sq. feet, the built-up area of the flats ranges from 328 sq. feet to 724 sq. feet, and the flats’ super built-up area ranges from 425 sq. feet to 940 sq. feet.

The sale price of the flats ranges from INR 11,99,000 to INR 46,82,000, with the EMD ranging from Rs 1,20,000 to 4,70,000.

Online application procedure 

odisha housing board snipped

If you want to apply for the lottery to potentially gain your dream flat, visit the official website of Odisha Housing Board, Once you are there, you have to download and fill up the downloaded application form. After that, follow these steps :

  • After filling in the required fields, pay online via the payment outlet shown. All payments made in the online mode shall be made through the payment gateway of OHSB, with links made available on the OHSB website.
  • After successfully allotting your apartment, proceed to pay the allotment fees on the ‘click here to pay’ dialogue box.
  • After you fill in your details, pay the allotment fee.

The list of documents you would have to scan and send along are as follows:  

  • Receipt of the payment confirmation along with the transaction number in JPG format (less than 1MB).
  • Affidavit in the format prescribed in the application form in JPG/PDF format (less than 1MB).
  • Identity proof’s scanned copy in JPG format (less than 1MB).
  • Residence proof’s scanned copy in JPG format (less than 1MB).
  • Applicant’s scanned passport-size photograph in JPG format (300 X 400 pixel, size less than 2 MB).
  • Scanned image of the applicant’s signature in JPG format (300 X 150 pixel, size less than 2 MB).

In case of any queries regarding the online submission of your application form or need further help, feel free to contact the help desk of Odisha Housing Board or e-mail them at For your further convenience, provided below is a brief list of miscellaneous contact details :

  • +91 – 674 – 2393524, 2393525, 2390141, 2391542, 2393577. Try these numbers but do check the validity as it may change.
  • Fax address – +91 – 674 – 2393952
  • E-mail –,,

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