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Online tax payment: How to use Challan 280 for e-tax payment?

[] We answer all your questions regarding Challan 280 – What is it? When is it applicable? How to use it?

For online tax payment or e tax payment, taxpayers must use Challan 280. This guide will explain Challan 280, when is it used, which income taxes are paid using Challan 280 and how to make online tax payment with Challan 280.

What is Challan 280?

Challan 280 is the Income Tax Department form, to pay income tax online and offline. To pay your income tax offline, take a printout of the form, fill the details and submit it.

Challan 280 is one of the many forms made available, for the purpose of online tax payment in India.

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e Tax payment challans

  • Challan ITNS 280
  • Challan ITNS 281
  • Challan ITNS 282
  • Challan ITNS 283
  • Challan ITNS 284
  • Challan ITNS 285
  • Challan ITNS 286
  • Challan ITNS 287
  • Challan Form 26QC
  • Challan Form 26QB
  • Challan Form 26QD
  • Form 26QB/ 26QC/26QD


When is Challan 280 used?

Self-employed, business people and working professionals, use Challan 280 to pay advance tax, self-assessment tax and regular assessment tax. Challan 280 is not applicable for salaried employees.


When is Challan 280 applicable?

Challan 280 is applicable when you want to pay:

  • Advance tax
  • Self-assessment tax
  • Tax on regular assessment
  • Surtax
  • Tax on distributed profits of domestic company
  • Tax on distributed income to unit holders

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E tax payment: How to pay tax online using Challan 280?

Step 1: Visit the official portal of TIN NSDL and select the ‘Challan 280’ option.

Online tax payment: How to use Challan 280 for e-tax payment?

Step 2: Select the relevant challan from ITNS 280, ITNS 281, ITNS 282, ITNS 283, ITNS 284 and Form 26QB (only for TDS on sale of property). Also select the type and mode of payment.

Online tax payment: How to use Challan 280 for e-tax payment?


Step 3: Enter PAN / TAN no. and other required details.

Online tax payment: How to use Challan 280 for e-tax payment?


Step 4: On submission of the information, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. You will be directed to your net-banking site.

Step 5: Log in to your net-banking and make the payment. On successful payment, a challan counterfoil will be displayed with the CIN, payment details and bank name. This counterfoil is proof of payment.

Note: To avail of the e tax payment facility, you are required to have a net-banking facility or debit card of select banks.

Remember, after making the online tax payment, file the same in your income tax return.

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Offline method of paying tax through Challan 280

Step 1: Download Challan 280 and fill in all the details.

Step 2: The duly filled form should be submitted, along with the due amount, to a bank branch.


Challan 280 download

To download a copy of Challan 280, click here.



What is Challan 280 in income tax?

Challan 280 is a form that can be used to deposit advance tax, self-assessment tax and regular assessment tax, online and offline. Formally known as Challan ITNS 280, this form is used for payment of income tax, corporation tax and wealth tax.

How can I get Challan 280?

Challan 280 is available on the Income Tax Department website – Challan 280 is also available at local income tax offices and with private vendors.

What is CIN?

CIN is the short for Challan Identification Number. CIN must be quoted in your ITR as a proof of payment. CIN has three parts: (1) A 7-digit BSR code of the bank branch where tax was deposited; (2) Date of deposit; and (3) Serial number of the challan

Who can use Challan 280?

Self-employed, business people and working professionals can use Challan 280. Challan 280 cannot be used by salaried employees since their employers deduct TDS on their behalf.

What is the difference between Challan 280 and Challan 281?

While Challan 280 is used for depositing income tax, including advance tax, self-assessment tax and regular assessment tax, Challan 281 is used for depositing Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS).

What is tax on regular assessment?

In case the Income Tax Department finds an understatement of income tax, it computes your income tax liability and asks for the excess tax. This tax is called tax on regular assessment. Tax on regular assessment must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the notice of demand.

Do I have to attach the e tax payment acknowledgement counterfoil with my ITR?

No, quoting your Challan Identification Number in your return, is proof enough.

I am an individual. I need to pay self -assessment tax before filing my return of income. Which challan should I use?

You should use Challan 280. As you are paying self-assessment tax, you should select the ‘Self-Assessment Tax (300)’ option under ‘Type of Payment’.

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