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Passport application: Different ways to apply for a passport

[] The process of applying for a passport has been greatly simplified over the years and passport application may be done online or offline

When it comes to applying for a passport in India, both, online and offline submissions are acceptable methods. The process of applying for a passport has been greatly simplified over the years and now, a passport application may be completed nearly completely online. There are specific conditions that must be met, before the procedure may be carried out. In India, requesting for a passport may be done in one of two methods.

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1. Online passport application service

In order to submit an application for an Indian passport online, an individual must first create a login on the Passport Seva portal, which can be found at and then go through the procedure outlined on that website.

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2. Offline passport application service

District Passport Cells (DPCs) and other Passport Collection Centers (PCCs) accept completed application forms, as well as the necessary supporting documentation, in person. Some Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) permit walk-ins without an appointment. It is necessary, however, that the application is made online first and that a receipt is brought to the PSK in person.

Passport application form types

While applying for a passport, an individual should know which the relevant form to fill is. The forms for online and offline passport application can be found under the ‘Forms and Affidavits’ section on the homepage of the Passport Seva portal at

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Passport application: Different ways to apply for a passport

Fresh passport

First-time applicants, or those who have never previously submitted an application for a passport and now want to do so, should use this form.

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Re-issue of passport

This is for someone who already possesses a passport but requires to complete the following tasks.

  • Renewal

It is possible that the passport is no longer valid or that it has already expired.

  • Modifications

It is necessary to make changes, make corrections, or make updates to the information included in the passport.

  • Replacement

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Because of damage to or loss of the passport, it is necessary to get a replacement.

  • Page extension

On a passport that is still valid, all of the pages that were available have been used up.

Tatkaal passport

This is for those individuals who are in immediate need of obtaining a passport.

Police clearance certificate

Passport holders seeking employment/long-term visas/residency/immigration should use this form.

Diplomatic/official passport

This is for an individual who often travels for official government business, such as ambassadors.

Identity certificate

This is for refugees who neither have Indian or foreign citizenship. It is also known as an alien passport and is often given to Tibetan refugees seeking asylum in other countries.

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