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PF withdrawal forms: Which one should you use?

[] There are several PF withdrawal forms. A PF member has to use the one prescribed for his specific case.

An EPF subscriber may opt for PF withdrawal for a variety of reasons. Depending on the reason, he has to select a specific EPFO-prescribed form for PF withdrawal. This guide will help you understand the different types of forms used for PF withdrawal in different scenarios.

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PF withdrawal while still working in a company

EPF is a government scheme meant to act as a pension fund. However, even during employment, members have the option to withdraw from their PF account for specific requirements. They have to use the following forms to apply for PF withdrawal:

Form 19: To apply for advance or withdrawal from the PF account.

Form 14: LIC policy to be financed through PF.

Form 10D: To settle pension fund after crossing 58 years of age and having completed 10 years of eligibility service.

Form 10C: To settle pension fund after crossing 58 years of age without having completed 10 years of eligibility service.

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PF withdrawal when you have joined a new company

In case you have joined a new company, you may want to withdraw or transfer your PF money lying in an account of your previous employer. Listed are the forms that have to be used in such a situation:

Form 13: PF transfer from the old company to new.

PF withdrawal if you have left your company but have not joined anywhere

Those who have left their employment and are yet to find work have to use a different form for PF withdrawal.

Form 31: Final settlement of PF, having or not having completed 10 years of service.

PF withdrawal after the death of the member

After the demise of a PF subscriber, his nominees can withdraw money from the PF account, using the following forms:

Form 20: Final settlement.

Form 10D: Monthly pension.

Form 5IF: EDIL insurance amount.

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