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Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: All you need to know

[] A Pollution Under Control Certificate is issued by the government, which certifies that the emission from a vehicle is under control and as per the pollution norms.

With global pollution levels on the rise, countries have been forced to fix emission standards for automobiles. Almost all cars and motorcycles registered in India must undergo emission tests to comply with the government’s emission standards. Therefore, it is imperative that you get your vehicle’s PUC Certificate. PUC full form is Pollution Under Control.

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What is a PUC Certificate?

A Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC Certificate) is an approval that emission from a vehicle is under control and as per the pollution norms. The document is issued by the government after a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s emissions level.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, a PUC certificate is now required to be carried while driving, along with a registration certificate, a motor insurance policy, and a driving licence.

Why is a PUC certificate required?

Apart from complying with traffic rules, there are a few important reasons why an emission certificate is required:

Mandatory as per law

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In accordance with the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, a vehicle must have a Pollution Certificate, which must be renewed when it expires. By failing to comply with this, you may be subject to penalties from the traffic police as well as the Regional Transport Authorities (RTOs). PUCs are government-issued approvals that your vehicle’s emission levels are within prescribed limits.

To curb pollution

Motor vehicle emissions that exceed permissible levels can be harmful to the environment and to people’s health. Hence, every citizen must adhere to the government’s pollution levels for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Obtaining a PUC certificate or conducting an emission test ensures that vehicles do not exceed permitted pollution levels.

PUC certificates: What are the costs and validity?

You should be aware of the validity and cost of the PUC of your vehicle.

  • A PUC certificate is valid for one year for a new car or bike. You will need to renew it on a regular basis.
  • The new certificate has a validity of six months for both cars and bikes. If the PUC test yields an adverse result, the validity of the certificate will be determined by that result.
  • If a car emits more CO2 than the permissible limit, the testing centre will notify the RTO, the Deputy RTO, and the Assistant RTO within one business day.
  • PUC tests are quite inexpensive. Depending on the fuel type and the vehicle being tested, the fee varies from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100.

PUC test procedure

  • With diesel vehicles, the engine is fully accelerated, and the pollution levels are monitored. Five readings are done, and the average is taken as the result.
  • Unlike with diesel vehicles, petrol vehicles may idle without applying the accelerator. This reading represents the final result.

Test criteria and certificate

PUC tests should be conducted on all vehicles within the following limits.

Vehicle Type Hydrocarbon measured in ppm CO Percentage
Two and three-wheeled vehicles (2 or 4 strokes) made on or before 31st March 2000 9000 4.5
Two and three-wheeled vehicles (2 strokes) made on or before 31st March 2000 6000 3.5
Two and three-wheeled vehicles (4 strokes) made after 31st March 2000 4500 3.5
Four-wheeled vehicles made as per the Pre Bharat Stage II Norms 1500 3
Four-wheeled vehicles made as per the Pre Bharat Stage II, Pre Bharat Stage III or subsequent Norms 750 0.5

Testing for PUC can be done at any authorised petroleum pump or independent testing facility. Certificates are also issued at the testing location.

How to download PUC certificate online?

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As part of the Parivahan online platform, the government offers the option to download pollution certificates online. You can download PUC certificates by following these steps:

  • To obtain a PUC certificate, go to the Parivahan website

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  • Enter the registration number of the vehicle (max 10 characters) and the last five digits of the chassis number.
  • Click on ‘PUC Details’ after entering the security code.
  • Your vehicle’s PUCC will direct you to a page that contains information about vehicle emissions and vehicle details if your PUCC is active. The emission certificate can be downloaded online by clicking ‘Print’.

What information does the PUC certificate contain?

PUC certificates contain the following information:

  • Certificate serial number
  • Licence plate number of the vehicle
  • The date when the test was performed
  • PUC certificate expiration date
  • Observations and readings from the test

What are the penalties for not carrying a PUC certificate?

If you do not carry a PUC certificate, you will have to pay a fine, just like if you did not carry a motor insurance policy. Consequently, you could be prosecuted under the Motor Vehicle Act, section 190 (2). Besides this, a first-time offender is subject to a fine of Rs. 1000/-. If it is repeated, a fine of Rs. 2,000/- must be paid.


Which vehicles need PUC certification?

The PUC certificate is required for any motor vehicle operating on Indian roads.

Is my PUC Certificate valid when I travel to another state in India?

Yes, the PUC certificate is valid throughout the entire nation.

How does the pollution check process work?

The pollutant testing centre will require you to take your car in person to conduct the tests. This is the only requirement for the pollution check.

How often should a car be tested for pollution?

PUC certificates are always included with new vehicles. They have a one-year expiration date. After that, you will need to recertify the vehicle periodically.

Is it possible to get a PUC Certificate online?

In order to receive a pollution certificate, your vehicle must be checked at an emission testing facility. When it is issued, however, you can download it via the Parivahan website.

If a PUC Certificate expires late, how much will it cost to renew it?

An expired PUC does not incur a late fee.

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