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Property card Pune: All you should know

[] Know everything about property card Pune including how to apply for it, view it online etc.

A property card is a legal document that proves who owns a piece of property. It offers vital information about the property, such as the carpet area, amenities, and bank debts secured against it. A property card in Pune does a similar function.

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Property Cards were introduced as part of the centre’s ‘SVAMITVA Scheme,’ which aims to empower the poorer sectors of society by allowing them to use their homes as a financial asset to obtain loans and other advantages. Let’s take a closer look at Property card Pune.

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What is a property card and a malmatta patrak/sampatti card?

A property card is a relatively new concept in real estate. A property card, which was introduced as part of the centre’s ‘SVAMITVA Scheme,’ is an official document that contains information on the property, such as ownership records, carpet areas and facilities offered among other things.

In Maharashtra, a property card is known as a ‘Malmatta Patrak’ or a ‘Sampatti Card.’ It is a crucial document used by local governments to keep essential records on any property located inside Maharashtra’s metropolitan borders. In rural regions, on the other hand, a 7/12 extract is regarded as a legitimate record.

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Property card Pune

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The Pune Municipal Corporation issues a property card to apartment owners in Pune. The property card of Pune Municipal Corporation offers a list of the owners’ holdings and other essential property information. Property card Pune is also known as Malmatta Patrak.

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Property card Pune provides the following information:

  • Name of the owner, as well as a brief history of ownership
  • The land’s City Title Survey (CTS) number
  • The land’s exact location
  • Number of plots
  • Land area in square metres
  • Litigation specifics (closed and pending)
  • Record of encumbrance and mutation
  • Details about the landowner’s loans from government entities.
  • Details about the land’s outstanding taxes.

Property card Pune: Features

A property card is a necessary official document for various transactional and verification reasons. Property Cards, also known as Malmatta Patrak in Pune, include ownership records, address, tax and loan information, and other information that assists the government in compiling a database of flat owners.

The following are some of the essential applications of a Property Card Pune:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Resolving Legal Disputes

In Maharashtra, obtaining a Property Card is a straightforward process.

Property Card Pune: How to apply?

The Maharashtra government has made applying for and seeing property cards incredibly simple. The property card application is gathered both online and offline for your convenience.

Application in Person

  1. Property Card applications can be submitted in person at the Maharashtra Land Record Department’s offices.
  2. Complete the application and attach all relevant documentation.
  3. Fill in any further information that is requested.
  4. After successfully verifying your application and providing papers, the authorities will issue your licence.
  5. The authorities will provide a certified copy of the Property Card in the Pune Suburban District after validation.

CTS number :

You will be asked to include the City Title Survey number in your application. A CTS number is a one-of-a-kind identity number assigned to your property.

Property Card Pune: How to apply online?

  1. The entire application procedure can be completed on Maharashtra Government’s Aaple Sarkar website:

Aaple Sarkar

2. You will have to fill out an application with his details on the website.

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3. You can create a user ID and set credentials. 

4. You can log in using the credentials and fill out the form accordingly. 

5. Click on ‘Apply.’

6. After applying, you will receive a confirmation number for future reference.

7. Through the portal you can also track your application status under the “Track your Application” section—the online property card Pune can then be downloaded and used for relevant purposes. 

Details required to apply for a property card Pune:

  • Ward number
  • City survey number
  • Final plot number and description, if any
  • Map
  • Vasalewar
  • Mutation number
  • Property card (Number of copies)
  • Enquiry Register Extract (number of copies)
  • Office order date and number of copies

Property Card Pune: What is the best way to view online?

The Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) portal allows users to see property cards online in Pune after completing the formalities. The Mahabhulekh property card, Pune, can provide you with all of the information you need about your home. To see a property card online in Pune, go to: http://www.propertycard.

  1. Visit the Mahabhulekh Property Card’s official website in Pune.
  2. Select your district by swiping down.
  3. After being redirected, pick your property information from the drop-down menu in the see property card area.
  4. The user may access their Pune Online Property Card.

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Property card Pune: How to download?

On, users may download their Property Cards. The applicant may get the property card online in Pune city by filling out the data regarding the property and the CTS number.

In Maharashtra, a Property Card has become an essential financial asset for the poorer sectors of society. Flat owners in Pune can get discounts on their homes if they have a Property Card. Obtaining a Property Card, on the other hand, necessitates a significant amount of documentation, and the laws and regulations are constantly changing.

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