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RERA Delhi: Everything you need to know

[] Know more about RERA Delhi to which developers and real estate brokers in Delhi have to register their projects and businesses with

What is RERA Delhi?

The Delhi RERA website enables you to see a list of authorised real estate developments, developers, and agents registered under the Real Estate Act of the state of New Delhi. Potential buyers of real estate in Delhi may now use the RERA Delhi site to get all of their information on the property they wish to acquire. 

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RERA Delhi: Goals and objectives 

The following are the RERA Delhi’s primary goals:

  • Real estate development and business in the NCT of Delhi are regulated and promoted to preserve honesty and integrity in real estate development and business. It mandates that builders and promoters provide property buyers and purchasers with complete disclosure of all project facts.
  • Its purpose is to safeguard the real estate industry’s customers’ interests and provide a dispute resolution process as quickly as possible.
  • To create the Appellate Tribunal, which will hear appeals from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and the adjudicatory officer on cases about the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Delhi.

No ads are allowed to be published if the project has not been registered with the Authority. No advance or deposit must be received before executing a purchase agreement with the purchasers. The Act makes it necessary for all real estate agents to register with the Authority.

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RERA Delhi: How to register as a real estate agent?

Step – 1: Visit RERA Delhi’s official website

rera 1

Step – 2: Click the “Register as an agent” link on the web home page” link highlighted in red.

rera 2

Step – 3: You will be presented with an agent registration page.  

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Step – 4 : Read the following instructions and enter all the details. 

Step – 5: Now submit the required fees to register successfully. 

RERA Delhi: How to Register as a promoter?

Step – 1: Visit RERA Delhi’s official website 

rera 4

Step – 2: Click the “Register as promoter” link on the web home page highlighted in red. 

rera 5

Step – 3: You will be presented with a promoter registration page.  

rera 6

Step – 4: Read the following instructions and enter all the details. 

Step -5: Now submit the required fees to register successfully. 

Documents required

  • Deed of conveyance
  • Design of the layout
  • Planned developments
  • Land encumbrances and their specifics
  • Financial documents such as income tax returns and cash flow statements are examples of this.
  • PAN card and Aadhaar number, among other things

RERA Delhi: When should a complaint be filed?

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A buyer may register a complaint with the RERA Delhi authority if a builder, developer, promoter, or real estate agent violates or contravenes any provision of the RERA Act. The following conditions apply to a buyer filing a RERA Delhi complaint:

  • Possession delay

If a builder fails to provide possession of a home on time, the buyer may file a complaint against the builder with RERA Delhi to get immediate control or a complete refund plus interest.

  • False advertisement 

If a customer was deceived by deceptive ads and opted to deposit money with the promoter, a complaint must be made against the developer, supporter, and endorsers  with RERA Delhi. 

  • Advance payment

A builder may request an advance payment of up to 10% of the cost of the building, apartment, or land. If a builder requests a deposit of more than 10%, the buyer may submit a complaint against the builder with RERA Delhi. 

  • Incorrect registration of the property 

All projects must be registered under RERA Delhi. The buyer may submit a complaint against the builder if the builder sells or attempts to sell an unregistered project. As a result, RERA Delhi registration is required.

  • When no specifics regarding the project

The RERA Delhi website must be updated with all project facts, including the project’s plan, layout, and government clearances. A complaint may be filed against a builder or developer who violates this clause.

  • Defects in the Structure

In the event of structural faults in craftsmanship or quality of services, the promoter will be required to reimburse the allottee for the sum paid. If the buyer is not refunded, they may submit a complaint to RERA Delhi. 

  • Transfer of ownership

A promoter is prohibited from assigning majority rights to a third party. If he/she is discovered to be transferring majority rights to a third party without the permission of a two-thirds majority of allottees, a complaint may be filed with RERA Delhi. 

How does the RERA Delhi complaint work?

If a developer is the subject of a RERA Delhi complaint, the RERA Delhi authorities will investigate. The RERA Delhi website may verify the information. Make your selection from the ‘Cases Before Authority’ menu. Depending on the kind of complaint, such as Suo Moto, general, or registration-related, the status of the cases may be examined.

Documents required to file a complaint: 

  • Booking form 
  • Contract of sale
  • The Buyer’s and Builder’s Communication
  • Letter of allocation
  • Payments provided to the builder as evidence

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