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Stamp duty and registration charges in Shimla

[] We look at what buyers have to pay as stamp duty and registration charges, for property transactions in Shimla

Just like property buyers in any other city, buyers also have to pay stamp duty and registration charges in Shimla, to get the asset registered in government records. Since these add up significantly to the overall purchase cost, buyers should be aware of the money they will be spending, to get the property registered in Shimla.

You are reading: Stamp duty and registration charges in Shimla

Stamp duty

Stamp duty on property in Shimla

Property registration in the name of Stamp duty as percentage of the property’s cost
Man 6%
Woman 4%
Joint 5%

Stamp duty for women in Shimla

To promote home ownership among women in the state, the Himachal Pradesh government offers rebates, if the property is registered solely in the name of a woman. This rebate is also applicable if the woman happens to be a joint owner of the property. Also note that for women buying properties in Shimla, the stamp duty is 3% of the property value since 2017.

Registration charges on property purchase in Shimla

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Irrespective of under whose name the property is being registered, the buyer has to pay 2% of the property value as the registration charges in Shimla. However, the upper limit on property registration charge is capped at Rs 25,000, if the property is registered in the name of a man and at Rs 15,000, if it is registered in the name of a woman or jointly in the name of a man and a woman. The property registration charges are the same in all other cities of Himachal Pradesh, as well.

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Property registration charges in Shimla

Property registration in the name of Registration charges as percentage of the property cost Upper limit
Man 2% Rs 25,000
Woman 2% Rs 15,000
Joint 2% Rs 15,000

Stamp duty in Shimla on other important documents

Here are the stamp duty rates on registration of other key property-related documents in Shimla:

Document Stamp duty
Gift 4%-6% of the deed value
Conveyance 4%-6% of the deed value
Lease Rs 200
Will Rs 200
General power of attorney Rs 100-200
Special power of attorney Rs 100
Agreement Rs 50
Affidavit Rs 10

How to pay stamp duty in Shimla?

Stamp duty in Shimla can be paid through various methods, including physical stamp papers, e-stamp paper, franking, notary stamp, revenue stamps and agreement stamps.

Stamp duty calculation

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The stamp duty will first have to be paid, to get an e-Stamp certificate and then, one has to book an appointment to register the property. Before you pay the stamp duty, you can calculate the amount to be paid using the online calculator of the Himachal Pradesh Revenue Department website,

From the drop-down menu of the page, select the deed type for registration and key in details including district, village, area type, financial year, tehsil, patwari circle and kanoongo circle. Now, enter the captcha code as provided and click on the ‘Proceed’ button.

[] What is the work of patwari

You will now be redirected to a new page, where you have to select the category type, from I, II and III. After you key in the details of the area, the market value of the property would reflect on the page. Now, enter the percentage of female share, if any. On the basis of the share details, the stamp duty will be calculated.


Is the stamp duty rate on property lower for women in Shimla?

Women pay only 4% as stamp duty charge on property registration, as against the 6% rate that male buyers pay.

What is the registration fee for conveyance deed in Himachal Pradesh?

Stamp duty on conveyance deed ranges between 4% and 6%.

How much stamp duty has to be paid for an agreement to sell in Shimla?

The buyer has to pay Rs 50 as stamp duty, for registration of the agreement to sell.

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