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What is the EPIC number and how to find it?

[] EPIC number is the number on your voter ID card. We explain how to find this number

What is EPIC number?

EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identification Card. EPIC number is the number on your voter ID card.

The voter ID card not only serves the purpose of acting as proof of being a registered voter during elections, but it also acts as a proof of age.

Holding a voter ID card makes you eligible to cast your vote during elections of all kinds. The EPIC number is usually 10 digits long. Downloading the card is also possible if you wish to keep a pdf of your documents, including your voter ID.

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Benefits of EPIC

  • Serves as a faster mode for downloading or locating your Voter ID.
  • Serves as proof of being 18 years or older.
  • Can be printed at the convenience of the holder and kept for future purposes.

How to find EPIC Number on Voter ID Card?

The EPIC number is usually above your photo on the card. It is the same as your voter ID number.

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How to find EPIC number online if you do not have your Voter ID card

If you do not have your voter ID card with you, follow the steps below to find your EPIC number online:

  • Visit the official website for Electoral Search at

What is the EPIC number and how to find it?

  • Select the search by details option.
  • Fill in the details asked for.
  • Enter the captcha code correctly and click on the search option.
  • You should be able to find your name in the list below.
  • Note down your EPIC number.

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How to download Voter ID with EPIC Number?

  • Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal at

What is the EPIC number and how to find it?

  • Select ‘e-EPIC Download’ option on the homepage.
  • You will then be required to login, to proceed with downloading the EPIC card.
  • Once logged in, enter the e-EPIC number and OTP sent to your mobile number and complete the process by clicking ‘Download EPIC Online’.


What is EPIC number?

EPIC number is an individual’s Voter ID card number.

What is EPIC full form?

EPIC full form is Electors Photo Identification Card.

How many digits are there in EPIC number?

An EPIC number is a 10-digit alphanumeric number.

Can I download my EPIC card?

You can download a PDF of the EPIC card or Voter ID Card by visiting the National Voters Services portal.

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