10 Vastu dosh remedies to balance the energy in the home

[] Follow these Vastu dosh remedies to balance the energies and create a harmonious environment at home.

The Hindu religion places a high value on Vastu Shastra principles used extensively in the construction of houses. This ancient Indian science sets safe architectural principles, and each rule directly influences the home and its residents. 

If you are building or acquiring a new home or workplace and want to avoid difficulties with money, health, and relationships, following Vastu principles is critical. A Vastu specialist can provide the finest Vastu solutions and Vastu dosh remedies to help you overcome issues in your life, even if you haven’t yet implemented Vastu in your home settings.

Vastu Shastra dosh is to blame for any troubles you have had after shifting into a new house or business. Vastu dosh remedies described in this article might help you prevent financial and personal difficulties by balancing the energy in your home. Let’s find out what these are. 

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1. Ruby Ganesh 

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If you want to infuse your house with an abundance of optimism and success, there is nothing better than having a Ganpati idol. The presence of a Ruby Ganesha idol bestows good fortune, prosperity, and pleasure in all fields of life on the individual. 

Having a Ruby Ganesha Idol in your house would help you get rid of anger and bad energy. When used in the family context, it encourages dynamic leadership. Ruby enhances mental awareness and is a beautiful gemstone for sharpening one’s attention. According to Vastu dosh remedy experts, the west, the north, and the north-east directions are the most acceptable directions to put Ganesh idols in residence.

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2. Peacock feather 

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The peacock feather is quite helpful in dispelling any negative energy or Vaastu dosh that may be present in the home. The removal of doshas is accomplished by putting eight peacock feathers together and binding them with a white thread. This is one of the Vastu dosha remedies recommended by Vastu experts. 

It is important to remember that the peacock feathers used as a Vastu dosh remedy from a specific area should not be considered a decorative item in the space. Alternatives include hanging a portrait of Lord Krishna and placing some peacock feathers on the feet of god’s mercy. Make sure they are pointing in the direction of the house’s northeast corner.

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3. Buddha 

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The Buddha is a pure symbol of peace and tranquillity in its manifestations. Vastu experts have recommended placing a Buddha in your house to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. If you like the experience of strolling in your garden on a calm evening, a Buddha is an excellent addition to your space. While meditating, you may also use fragrant candles or sticks to help you achieve more inner calm.

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4. Tortoise 

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Traditionally, the tortoise has been thought to be a heavenly being. In addition to representing the compass direction north, the tortoise signifies the number one and the element water.

Tortoises, according to Vastu Shastra, are considered to be powerful protectors. Keeping the tortoise in an appropriate location near your business or home entrance would enable it to act as a protective barrier in these situations. It shields you from all forms of bad energy.

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5. Pyramids

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The pyramid yantra, used as a Vastu dosh remedy, has recently gained enormous appeal among homes. It is a more miniature replica of a pyramid, and it may be created out of stone, metal, glass, or even cardboard. For best results, put the pyramid yantra on a table or shelf at the front door of your home to shield it from bad energy.

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6. Crystal balls

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Clear quartz is used to make crystal balls, which look stunning whether displayed in a home or office setting. These are beneficial because they magnify specific energy, ideas, or goals. Because these crystals can absorb any energy, it is critical to maintain them clean at all times. Various coloured crystals are used for multiple purposes, such as for good luck, love and relationships, and financial gain, amongst others.

7. Windchimes

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To avoid Vastu Dosh, you should set a wind chime with six or more rods on your balcony or in your yard. In today’s world, wind chimes are in almost every house, and they should not be dismissed as just ornamental items. While many individuals are just concerned with the aesthetics and appeal of a wind chime, others are concerned with the kind of energy they wish to draw into their homes.

8. Camphor crystals

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When it comes to removing Vastu dosh from your home, you may entirely depend on camphor crystals. Keeping two camphor balls or crystals in your house can help you if you feel that your job is becoming stuck or that things are not progressing as planned. Replace them when they begin to shrivel up. You will gradually become aware of a shift in your circumstances.

9. Horseshoe 

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The horseshoe is very optimistic, according to Vastu shastra, since it brings good fortune and money. If you hang it with the ends facing upwards, it will attract and hold all of the positive energy that travels through it as they pass. It is an excellent place to do it near the front entrance. It is best not to hang it upside down since it will drain the good luck from your house.

10. Himalayan rock salt 

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Himalayan rock salt crystals are very effective in eliminating negative energy. It is a famous tried and tested Vastu dosh remedy. If any negative energy is present in a space, it may be cleansed by placing a rock salt crystal in each of the four corners of the room. Ensure that putting it under running water will help remove negative energy, and this rock salt can also be placed near the ill individual to produce good energy for the person. Make sure to keep replacing Himalayan rock salt every 15 days.

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