5 simple ways to remove Vastu dosh from your kitchen

[] In this article, we discuss a few guidelines for designing a Vastu-compliant kitchen and some remedies you can implement, for kitchen Vastu dosh

The science of Ayurveda is linked with both food and health. What we eat, where we eat, and how we eat, are parts of this ancient Indian science. The written records related to this branch of science are more than 5,000-year-old and contain the wisdom on how to establish a balance between body and mind. For the well-being and prosperity of the family, it is also necessary for the kitchen to be located in the right place in a house. The correct placement and arrangement of a kitchen is a crucial aspect of Vastu Shastra, which complements Ayurveda.

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Below are a few guidelines mentioned for designing a Vastu-compliant kitchen:

Location of kitchen as per Vastu

Your kitchen should be in the south-east direction and away from the main entrance, to avoid bad energies entering the house. The kitchen should be well-ventilated, to prevent cooking smells from permeating every corner of the house. In case of a single-storey house, the kitchen must be situated on the ground floor. The second-best location for the kitchen should be the northwest corner of the house.

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Cooking direction as per Vastu: According to Vastu Shastra, one must face east while cooking or preparing food. If you face south, you may invite bad energies. Facing southwest will affect the harmony of the house. Further, facing west is believed to cause skin or bone-related problems while facing north may lead to financial woes. Cooking appliances like microwaves, ovens, gas stoves, etc., should also face east.

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If your kitchen is not placed in the recommended directions, ensure that the stone slab colour under the gas stove is in-sync with the five-element theory. For example, place a green colour slab if the kitchen is built in the north or east direction; consider yellow for northeast and southwest directions. Do not use a black colour slab in the kitchen built in the southeast or south direction.

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Vastu for placement of sink

The kitchen sink should be in the northeast direction of the kitchen. For a positive effect, the fridge and storage cupboards must be arranged along the southern and western walls. The gas stove and sink should not be near each other, as fire and water represent struggle and can lead to quarrel among family members. Separate them with a small stone partition or place a small flower vase between them.

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Kitchen and toilet placement as per Vastu

As per kitchen Vastu, toilets should not be in front, below or above the kitchen. It invites negative energies and affects the health of family members. Also, the two should not be separated by a common wall as it results in a Vastu defect. In case, you have a kitchen and toilet next to each other, paste a brown colour mountain poster on the common wall. Further, if a toilet is above the kitchen, use yellow-coloured bathroom tiles. If it is below the kitchen, use yellow floor tiles in the kitchen.

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Kitchen and ‘geopathic’ stress

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Geopathic stress in kitchens is an important aspect of Vastu Shastra. As women spend a lot of time in kitchens cooking, the earth under the kitchen must be clear of negative energies. If you think negative earth energies are present in your house, sweep the floor once a week with sea salt mixed with water.

Puja room in kitchen

In Vastu Shastra, the puja area should not be above the kitchen sink or stove. Such an arrangement could either lead to conflicts in family or bring differences between family members. The Puja area should be designed in a peaceful corner of the house instead of a kitchen. If you have no choice other than placing the temple in a kitchen, make sure it is in the northeast direction and not near the gas burner or sink.

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A Vastu-compliant kitchen ensures good health, prosperity and success. It is important to maintain a positive Vastu in your kitchen. If the kitchen is already constructed, seek professional help from a Vastu Shastra expert and adopt the recommended changes.

(The writer is a Vastu expert and founder, Vastu Wisdom)

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