Guide to selecting the perfect Vastu wall colours for homes

[] If you plan to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your home, following certain Vastu guidelines will help you create a positive environment. Check these Vastu wall colours for home.

Our home, according to Vastu, is divided into various directions and sub-directions. Each section has a colour that works optimally with the respective space. However, unless you desire a home with a spectrum of colours, it’s tough to follow all ideas. You may be confused if you should use vibrant shades like red and yellow colour combinations or darker tints like blue and green wall colour combinations. With specific colour guidance and this detailed strategy to pick Vastu colours for different spaces, your work is guaranteed to be easy and enjoyable.

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Different wall colour combinations

Vastu wall colour suggestion for living room

According to Vastu, the living room colour should be serene white, bright yellow, healing pista colour paint, or relaxing blue. Vastu shastra house suggestions show that a beige-coloured living room will make you feel peaceful and comfortable, while tan may also be a good choice. Because your living room is usually the first impression guests get of your home, Vastu shastra tips for home advice against choosing dark colours in the space. Maintain a light-coloured palette and allow pleasant energy to pervade your home.

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Vastu wall colour recommendation for dining room

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Vastu experts recommend using warm colours like peach and light tones of pink or orange in the place where you connect with family over meals. You may also use soothing blue and green colour wall texture to help your family bond. Experts advise against using a white or black colour scheme. These tones might attract negative energy into the space and your family.

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Vastu wall colour suggestion for kitchen

The area ruled by Agni, the deity of fire, should be painted with colours that honour him. So pick an orange, saffron, yellow, or red colour scheme. Our kitchens, according to experts, should contain a tint of red – even a dining set in this colour is ideal for reflecting it. According to Vastu, the colour of your kitchen space should not be too dark and dreary. Allow the food to absorb positivity from light and cheery colours as you prepare in the kitchen! As a result, avoid colours like dark grey, brown, and black. Experts also advise us to avoid using blue and green textures in the kitchen. Blue signifies Varuna, the water deity, but your kitchen should have a colour that denotes the fire element.

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Vastu wall colour options for bedroom

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Vastu shastra for the house includes several colour suggestions for the main bedroom. According to Vastu, newlyweds should paint their rooms pale pink or crimson. The warm and relaxing character of such colours strengthens your relationship with your mate and aids in the prevention of disagreements. If you want to create a tranquil environment, we recommend softer tones of blue or green wall colour combinations. Brown tones are also a good choice since they express solidity and keep you grounded.

Vastu wall colour combinations for children’s bedroom

Vastu shastra for houses suggests that you choose the colour of your children’s room with care. It is best to surround them with relaxing colours that encourage creativity throughout their early years. Choose colours that enhance concentration, such as pale yellow or green colour textures. If your youngster is easily irritated, avoid using red in their room. While softer colours of blue can be used to create a peaceful impression in their bedroom, heavy blue should be avoided since it might bring health concerns for your child. 

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Vastu wall colour suggestions for bathroom

Experts recommend that your bathroom be painted in light colours such as white, pale yellow, beige, cream, and golden brown to increase the space’s cheerfulness. Light green colour combinations will offer a therapeutic touch to your bathroom, while blue tones are unquestionably a good choice as well. However, your bathroom is usually a small space; using a dark colour may make it appear even smaller.

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