How to follow a Vastu chart?

[] Once you have a Vastu chart for your home, you may rest assured that your family, yourself, and your property will be safeguarded from the destructive energies of the universe.

A Vastu chart depicts the guidelines to increase good energies and get rid of negative energies in and around a person or a location. Consequently, it is reasonable to claim that the Vastu chart for a home can bring about success for the family living there.

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As a house owner, you want to keep your family safe from all of the negative energy around them at all times. Once you have a Vastu Chart for your home, you may rest assured that your family, yourself, and your property will be safeguarded from the destructive energies of the universe.

Following the Vastu Chart, each room in your house has a defined space. The Vastu Chart can be used to determine the location of the rooms bearing in mind the norms and standards. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

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Vastu chart for each room 

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Pooja room

The 3 AM to 6 AM window just before sunrise is known as ‘Brahma Muhurta’. The Sun at this time is located in the north-easterly wing of the home at this moment. This timeframe is ideal for performing yoga, meditating, or praying because of the peaceful and quiet surroundings. As a result, the pooja room should be placed in the north-east corner.

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After Brahma Muhurta, the Sun climbs to an easterly position in the house where it appears between 6 and 7.30 AM. To maximise the morning sun’s beams, the East of the house should be entirely open and free of obstructions, making it an ideal location for bathrooms and windows. 


Between 7.30 and 9 AM, when the Sun is in the South-East area of the home, is the best time to cook meals. These beams kill the majority of bacteria without any resistance.

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The master bedroom should be situated in the southwest corner of the house since this is associated with good health, long life, and wealth. The best sleeping orientation is to the south, which means that the head should be pointed in that direction. Make sure that there isn’t a beam above the bed.

Children’s room

The northeast direction should be the orientation of the child’s room since this direction is associated with intellect, strength, and power. Making the bed face this way keeps the youngsters engaged in their studies and provides them with a boost of good energy.

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Living room/dining area

House members, after a long day of work, like to relax around 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. when the Sun is in the northwest corner of their house. Living rooms and dining rooms that bear footfall traffic and high mobility should be positioned in this section of the house.

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Benefits of Vastu Chart

Simple to use

Homes designed following Vastu Charts are virtually ideal in their structural design because they allow for the greatest movement of good spirits inside them. This is considered to be one of the most important applications of Vastu Shastra for living a happier life. This has been constructed in such a way that the individual who lives there will not have a difficult time adjusting.

The most efficient use of available space

Because Vastu Chart is an architectural idea, it can be quite beneficial in assisting house owners in making the most of their available space. The locations of the rooms will be optimal, allowing you to get the most out of nature and elements as well as the surrounding environment.

Proper ventilated 

Homes built in accordance with the Vastu Chart pave the way for excellent ventilation, which allows plenty of fresh air, natural light, and other benefits. 

Promotes active living 

Because it invokes the five elements and creates a living place that is clean and clutter-free, Vastu has the potential to improve your mental abilities significantly. A residence that is free of clutter and bright is an indication of a well-balanced and enlightened mind. It has the potential to increase happiness and mental well-being and can also help individuals maintain mental alertness throughout the day by increasing their awareness of their thoughts. The correct use of the Vastu Chart in a building allows its occupants to remain active and productive throughout the day.

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