Mirror direction as per Vastu Shastra: Tips for placing mirrors at home and office

[] Follow this guide, to know about the right placement of mirrors at home, as per Vastu Shastra. Also discussed are the dos and don’ts when including mirrors in your home interiors

Mirrors are important elements, not just for home decoration but also as per Vastu Shastra. People who want to make their home Vastu-compliant, need to be cautious about the placement of mirrors in their homes, as it can be a source of positive or negative energy. Mirrors have a great impact on the overall vibe of your home, which makes it important to take proper precautions while deciding the right position of mirrors in your home, as well as in office.

You are reading: Mirror direction as per Vastu Shastra: Tips for placing mirrors at home and office

Follow this guide to know about the right placement of mirrors at home. Also discussed are the dos and don’ts, when including mirrors in your home interiors.

Benefits of keeping mirrors at home and office

Apart from being a beautiful interior décor item, mirrors are highly beneficial when it comes to correcting or improving the Vastu of your home or office or shop.

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the maximum amount of energy enters a home or office from the main entrance door.

Mirrors perform a dual function – they attract positive energy and also repel negative energy. It depends on the placement of the mirror and also if the mirror is a concave or convex one.

A mirror can:

  1. Double the prosperity and improve health. The reflection of either cash, food or a beautiful view means doubling it.
  2. Attract good energy.
  3. Absorb negative energies.

Vastu tips for mirror placement in bedrooms

The master bedroom should be ideally located in the south or south-west direction, which is dominated by earth element. As a mirror is a water element and is associated with instability as per Vastu, it is not advisable to place a mirror in this room, as it will interfere with the energies of earth element and create chaos.

Avoid placing mirrors in bedrooms, as per Vastu, for good health and peaceful life. However, if you have to keep the dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom, it should not face the bed or reflect the person on the bed. Also, if possible, cover or conceal the mirror in a wardrobe or cover it with a cloth, when not in use. As per bedroom Vastu guidelines, a mirror should not reflect the entrance of the bedroom.

Avoid designer beds which have mirrors on the headrest as it may cause restlessness to the occupants. Similarly, adding a mirror to the false ceiling, will reflect the bed and floor. Avoid this arrangement as it may cause stress. Do not place broken or rusted mirrors in the bedroom, as it attracts negative energy. If you have a dressing room attached to the bedroom, place the mirror on the north or eastern wall of the room.

Keep a dressing table with a big mirror by the side of bed as this is ideal.

Vastu tips for placing mirrors at home and office

Dressing table Vastu

The dressing table is an essential furniture in modern bedrooms. East is a suitable direction for placing the dressing tables. Mirror in bedroom, as per Vastu, dressing table should not reflect the bed. It is essential to keep this point in mind when designing bedrooms. If the dressing table is placed in a separate room, then the ideal location is along the north or east wall.

Vastu tips for mirror placement in kids’ rooms

One should pay attention to the placement of mirror in kids’ bedroom, as per Vastu. For your children’s room, make sure that no mirror is placed in front of the bed in your child’s room. Since mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, this may cause restlessness in your child and amplify their stress. Mirrors can also sometimes create strange illusions, thereby, ridding the space of positivity.

Vastu tips for mirror placement in living rooms

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If your main entrance opens into the living room, avoid placing the mirror in front of the entrance or entry gate of the house, as it will reflect back the energy entering the home. However, you can place the mirror in the foyer, above a console table that will also add a welcoming touch to your home. Place a mirror on the wall opposite the window in the living room on the north or east wall, to maximise the lighting in the afternoon.

If there is a beautiful landscape outside your window, then, place a mirror opposite to that window such that the landscape is reflected in the mirror. This ensures that the positive energy and the beauty of the landscape are replicated inside your home, which brings in more positive energy and bliss.

Placing a mirror reflecting a dining table symbolises doubling of food and attracts wealth. While having meals, the entire family is reflected in the mirror. As per Vastu, this brings prosperity, enhances love and affection between the family members.

Vastu tips for mirror placement in bathrooms

Place a mirror in a well-lit part of the bathroom. Do not position it against the lights as you may not be able to see clearly in the mirror. Place the mirror on the north or eastern wall of the bathroom. You can place a full-length mirror on the door but it should be affixed carefully. Do not place the mirror directly opposite to the toilet. This can increase the negative energy.

Keep the mirror above the basin clean as the mirror can be stained with water marks. Dirty mirrors attract negativity.

Do not stick anything on the reflective surface like stickers or bindis.

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Vastu tips for placing mirrors at home and office

Vastu tips for placing mirrors in offices and shops

If you have a cash locker in an office or shop, you can place a mirror in front of it, to attract wealth and double the prosperity. Alternatively, you can keep the mirror inside the locker, in a way that it reflects the cash kept inside. Clean the mirror regularly and keep it stain-free. It should not reflect a distorted image of the locker. Also, avoid keeping a mirror such that it reflects your work desk, as it may double your workload.

Mirrors are a vital part of the Vastu design of any shop. Shops related to clothes, jewelry, watch, etc. all have large mirrors. Keep in mind while designing your shop and placing mirrors. If certain corners in the shop are already extended, and you place a mirror there, it will further extend the area of those corners leading to an energy inequality. Place the mirrors only in the zones related to the water element- North, North East or West. Mirrors can be used in the  stores to give the illusion of large number of customers and products. A mirror in the trial room should be in the east or north wall.

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Vastu for placement of mirror to attract wealth

According to Vastu Shastra, the north is the direction of Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth, when a  mirror is placed in the north it reflects the positive energy. Also, Vastu suggests placing a mirror in front of the locker. This enhances the financial gains. If the locker is inside the cupboard, then fix a mirror inside the door so that it reflects the locker.

A narrow staircase at home can reduce the luck of wealth and fortune. Placing a mirror on the wall that is going up a narrow staircase or even at the landing attracts good energy. Place a full-length mirror as it helps the energy of good luck to move up.


Vastu for mirror frames

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According to Vastu Shastra, the mirror or glass frame should not be too bright coloured as it promotes negative energy. Light and gentle colours should be used instead of darker colours. Avoid red, dark orange, or dark pink frames. Instead, pick colours like white, cream, sky, light blue, light green, brown, etc., for the glass frame. All mirrors must be framed in wood or metal. Unframed mirrors have sharp edges, which create negative energy that is bad for health.

Vastu tips for placing mirrors outside the house

You can improve the positive energy at your house, by placing a mirror in any outer part of the house, like a balcony or a lobby, if the view from there is splendid. However, note that the mirror should be placed such that the view is visible in the mirror’s reflection. This way it will reflect all the abundant light and energy.

Mirror in the garden for good luck

According to Feng Shui, a mirror can double the garden energy for abundance. A garden is considered an ideal place to use mirrors as they can reflect the auspicious energy of green plants, flowers, water fountains, birdbaths, or ponds. In Feng Shui, gently flowing water represents prosperity. It generates the power of luck and brings wealth into the home. Ensure the mirrors reflect positive elements like beautiful landscapes and not wilted or dying plants from the garden as they symbolise physical or mental exhaustion. When placing the mirror in the garden, make sure that it does not reflect the busy street, garbage can, traffic, or the neighbour’s home.

Vastu for mirror placement on walls

Mirror placement on the wall Effects and tips
North Avoid square-shaped mirrors
East Avoid round-shaped mirrors
North-east Ideal for round or rectangular-shaped mirrors
West Ideal for square or round-shaped mirrors
South-east No mirror should be placed here
South Avoid placing any mirror here
South-west Causes disharmony among family members

Dos and don’ts for mirror placement

Vastu tips for placing mirrors at home and office

  • Place mirrors or glass showpieces or other reflective surfaces, on the northern or eastern walls.
  • Mirrors should be placed at least four to five ft above the floor.
  • All reflective surfaces, including the television screen, should be placed in the south-east corner of the room. If possible, cover up the screen when not in use.
  • Always keep all reflective surfaces clean. Make sure the mirrors are stain-free and one can see a clear reflection in it.
  • The mirrors, when placed against the wall, should not be leaning forward. Always hang mirrors flat against the wall.
  • Do not place mirrors near the staircase.
  • Avoid mirrors in the kitchen. Avoid placing a mirror that reflects a gas stove or kitchen area.
  • Always prefer translucent glass window panes and doors, instead of transparent ones.
  • Do not keep the mirror near the study table as this may affect concentration.
  • Never place two mirrors opposite to each other. This is because the effect caused, will have a negative impact on the family. Always keep two mirrors far from each other or  in separate rooms.
  • Remember to always hang the mirror and not  keep it on any surface like a table or the floor.
  • Avoid oval and round-shaped mirrors and opt for square and rectangle ones.
  • If there is any beautiful landscape outside your window, then, place the mirror exactly opposite to that window, as it ensures the positive energy and beauty of the landscape is replicated inside the home.
  • You can place a mirror reflecting the dining table, as it symbolises the doubling of food and attracts wealth.
  • If you have mirrors in the bathroom, then, make sure there are enough lights around it.
  • Mirrors should have wooden frame.
  • Avoid transparent window panes in your home.
  • If your home has a cut in any corner, you can place a mirror in that direction.
  • Decorative items (that may reflect light), mirrors, wall clocks and glass showpieces, should be placed on north or east walls only.
  • When specific corners are missing in the construction of your home or apartment, they could be corrected by placing mirrors in appropriate positions. Two mirrors can be used but make sure that they should not have any distortions.
  • Keep mirrors and reflective glass objects clean at all times. Always make sure that mirror shows a clear picture or reflection of anyone standing in front of it.

Bagua mirrors

Feng Shui Bagua mirror has eight trigrams octagonal shaped wooden frame. It is believed that this Chinese amulet eliminates all negative bad energy evil eye and bad luck. It also attracts the positive energies in the house. Bagua mirrors are designed by Feng Shui experts according to calculations based on the Kua number and the date and year of birth etc. Baguas are placed depending on the direction of the building. It has the ability to prevent negative energy sources, such as corners, tall poles, trees and other flaws near the house.

Concave vs convex: Which mirror should you use?

A convex mirror is believed to reflect back negative energies coming towards your home. It is a very powerful and commonly used Vastu remedy. The convex mirror should be hung outside your house above the entry door. It will dispel the negative energy coming towards your premises.

As per Feng Shui, there are different uses of convex and concave mirrors. A concave mirror ‘sucks in’ the negative energy and neutralises it.

A convex mirror is used when you want to reflect back the negative energy pointing at your home, be it the front door or any windows. Such mirrors promote the endless bouncing of negative energy.

A concave mirror is used when negative energy needs to be neutralised by being absorbed.

Concave mirrors are more preferable to convex mirrors, because the negative energy is taken in, rather than being reflected outward, where it can affect those in the surrounding areas.

Negative effects of wrong mirror placement

  • The south-east is the direction of fire. Placing a mirror in this direction increases the chances of quarrels and tiffs.
  • Placing mirrors opposite to each other encourages restlessness.
  • Mirrors should not face north or east, as this reflects away the positive energy entering from these areas.
  • Mirrors facing the bed can create health problems for the occupants.
  • Mirrors facing the entrance or the entry gate of the house, reflects the energy entering the house.


Which direction should the mirror be placed?

It depends on the space you want to place it in. Check this article for more details.

Where should you place a mirror in the living room?

Avoid placing mirrors in front of the main entrance.

Can mirrors be placed in front of the main door?

No, mirrors should not be placed in front of the main door as it reflects the positive energy out of the home.

How should one keep hand mirrors in the cupboard?

Hand mirrors must always be placed with their face down. Extra mirrors must be stored in a way that their reflective side facing the wall or floor covered by a thick cloth.

Can one hang mirrors in the puja room?

Never place mirrors in the puja room as it magnifies the surrounding energy and the ambiance and disturb the calmness and peace of the place.

Can mirrors be used on the ceiling designs as per Vastu?

One must not use mirrors on the false ceiling design as it can cause stress and have negative impact on the occupants.

How many mirrors can one hang at home as per Vastu?

There is no Vastu rule on the number of mirrors at home. Mirrors can be used in multiple numbers as per the requirement. Never place two mirrors opposite to each other, according to Vastu. Also, ensure that more than one mirror is not combined and used as a big mirror. As the reflection will look fragmented which is not correct as per Vastu rules.

(With additional inputs from Purnima Goswami Sharma)

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